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Another Glimpse At Joan Cross Klemp's Pre-ECK Life

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Since the 2008 EWWS is this week I thought I d repost this to give some insight into who 9th Initiate Joan Klemp really is, especially, if she gets
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 21, 2008
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      Hello All,
      Since the 2008 EWWS is this week I thought
      I'd repost this to give some insight into
      who 9th Initiate Joan Klemp really is,
      especially, if she gets that 12th Initiation
      and ECK Mastership over others whom are
      more deserving.


      Mish wrote:
      This has been posted before but it is interesting
      to re-read and also for anyone just starting to
      read the posts both new and old here. Also, since
      we are now discussing Klemp's relationships,
      it seems fit to look at Joan as well.

      A glimpse at Joan's pre eck life.... before she
      got lost in eckankar. To make it easier for the
      reader, here's the snippet about Joan from the
      article found in the link:


      ------[Look at- "66 FELIX ACADEMICUS"]

      "I wouldn't call cults a main dish on the church
      picnic table, but I did pick at one dish when a friend
      disappeared into the black hole of Eckankar.

      When I came to Clemson, I was assigned to Professor Bob
      Cross for mentoring. Bob and I hit it off from the start, but
      what fascinated me most about Bob was the relationship
      he had with his wife. The two were inseparable. Fortunately,
      there were no children, for a Cross child would have found
      the competition stiff for parental love.

      At work, they asked for and received one office with facing
      desks. At home, they read science fiction and took long
      walks together with their poodle.

      Perhaps I missed the warning signs, but Bob missed them
      as well, for we were both stunned when Joan announced,
      "Earth is the hell for all planets circling Alpha Centauri."

      She, for one, was moving to California to have her astral
      shoes "resouled" as the new editor of the Eckankar Journal.

      In her spare time, she and her fellow Eckankar disciples
      planned to travel to various planes of the Sugmad and serve
      their Eck master.

      In 1997, some twenty years later when I read of the thirty-
      nine Heaven's Gate suicides, I scanned the list of the deceased
      fully expecting to find Joan's name among those tailing the Hale-
      Bopp comet. Fortunately, Joan's name was not among the missing.

      About the only cult that impresses me now is the Frisbeeterian,
      not to be confused with the Presleyterian, which is interesting
      to me only in an academic, pop culture sort of way.

      The former faction believes that when someone dies, the soul
      goes up on a roof, and no one can retrieve it. It makes as much
      sense as leaving a devoted husband for the unexplored Sugmad."

      [end of article]

      I had originally posted this article. I forget the author's name
      but I posted it as well. It's fascinating to know that Joan left
      a high academic circle of life for the the eck cult. It must have
      been a shock to her first husband with whom she appeared
      devotedly close that she would so readily leave him, but then
      it appears that she found his replacement when she began
      working so "closely" with Klemp at the eck headquarters.
      I wonder if they share the same office and have their desks
      facing each other . . . and if they have a poodle, maybe named
      Suggie or something. . . .



      As for Klemp's [35 year old] daughter and his [3]
      grandchildren who knows how close those family
      ties are, but it had to be tough being the child of
      a godman! Must have been very puzzling and confusing
      for a kid.
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