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Re: Elaborately Ornate Is Putting It Mildly!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, When I was an Eckist I appreciated it that Klemp and company were building things to last and for it to look nice. An Eckist doesn t want it to be
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      Hi Mish,

      When I was an Eckist I appreciated it that Klemp and company were
      building things to last and for it to look nice. An Eckist doesn't
      want it to be over-the-top, but where is the point of balance?
      However, it seems that Klemp did go over-the-top with the spiral
      staircase and the other ornate features of the new ESC (Eckankar
      Spiritual Center). And, for Peter Skelskey to have that high end
      French Provincal furniture in his new office is definitely over-the-
      top! I would really like to see a detailed financial statement from
      Eckankar. What do people at the ESC get paid, how about health care
      and retirement? What other kinds of property does Eckankar own...
      how about investments? If Eckankar owns stocks and bonds are these
      environmentally friendly companies and responsible in other ways, or
      do these companies create a negative impact on both people and
      nature? Why don't Eckists care to know these details? Because
      Eckists are taught to be passive and to trust that Klemp (the
      Mahanta) is making all of these decisions... or is he?

      mishmisha wrote:
      > I wonder if Harold has bothered to thank each and every chela who
      donated so generously for the construction of that very elaborate
      ornate great hall at the Eckankar Spiritual Center. I have seen some
      of the photos, and believe me the railing itself is the most
      detailed I can remember ever seeing. It certainly cost a pretty dime
      for sure. It is gold in color but not sure what the actual finish
      is. Doesn't matter as it looks quite expensive and over the top! I
      think, personally, that Harold should change his suit color from
      blue to gold! : )

      ***Yes, a god suit... (I meant gold) for Klemp would look nice and
      be more appropos! Since Klemp was almost a farmer and almost a
      Luthern preacher... maybe a combination could be done. Maybe gold
      bib overalls... with navy blue pin stripes! Or, maybe a white
      suit... with wide navy blue stripes! Oops! That might look too
      realistic of the truth!

      > After seeing these photos, it makes me wonder more what kind of
      vacations Harold and Joan indulge in--or is it possible they have a
      second home someplace nice, like in a more beautiful and sunny
      clime? Well, probably not, they both look too pastey for that! : )

      ***Yes, Liz had some interesting thoughts on this. Yachts! That's
      why it would be nice to see where the all the money is. Didn't
      Eckists learn anything from the Darwin Gross eckperience (2nd not
      972nd LEM)! If Klemp wants to be truthful and honest, where Gross
      wasn't, then why not make the financial information and the records
      open to the membership (if not the general public), or does Klemp
      have these locked up in a "sound proof dark room." Eckists, though,
      are too brainwashed to even care and only have backbone when posting
      on the Internet! Question authority!

      > But do you ever wonder what Harold does for fun beyond competing
      with kids playing Ms Pacman at some arcade near home? Oh, the life
      of being the L.E.M. of the greatest religion on earth! It must be
      terrific, indeed!

      ***I'm thinking that he spends a lot of time on the Internet gaming.
      Oh, by the way... I'm now thinking that Klemp is around 61 years of
      age (1944). Too bad he's not forth coming with this and other minor
      details even in his autobiography.

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