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Re: Testimonial about Eckankar's Brainwashing

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liska and All, Thanks for posting this. I have a different take on resigning the EK membership versus letting it lapse. I let mine lapse and let them waste
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      Hi Liska and All,
      Thanks for posting this. I have a
      different take on resigning the EK
      membership versus letting it lapse.
      I let mine lapse and let them waste
      postage by sending me reminders!

      I too purged myself of most EK materials,
      but am glad I kept some for references
      to use on this site.

      After one leaves the EK mindset behind
      it is interesting to reread the EK works
      and stories with a renewed and clear mind
      which can not only see the lies of religion,
      but also the greater flaws in HK's presence.

      This clarity of Truth shouts out to the
      rational, focused, and uncluttered mind
      which has now helped to renew Soul.

      Yes, no one and no religion can ever
      take this hard won freedom away ever
      again! Truth and Freedom are tied together!


      drubezare wrote:
      > I found the following an interesting
      testimonial by a former eckist. It is just
      another example of the conditioning that
      occurs in Eckankar and how long it can
      take to shake it off. It's from the Truth Seeker BB.
      > Here it is...
      > All, I have to post this and I find it ironic that today - close to 2
      > years since my resignation from eckankar, I am feeling the most free
      > from the programming I subjected myself to - but that there are these
      > postings on TS still fighting to redeem the folly of paul twitchell.
      > Through hard hard work, I can understand how the mind will want to
      > hang onto something until an event forces it to move on. It is replete
      > in this world of tragedy and hurt where peoples, nations continually
      > inflict pain and hurt because their minds are not willing to let go of
      > old patterns. Therefore I shouldn't be surprised to see it occurring
      > on this bulletin-board as well. We can be so wrapped up in our
      > illusions that we will go to any lengths to validate them, even when
      > books published by Ford and David Lane show undeniably the folly of
      > such creations, as eckankar. The true spiritual traveler, in my
      > opinion, will take the true and real experiences had in God's Love
      > during their time in eckankar and use the sieve of discrimination to
      > keep the sacredness of the experiences from the partially malnorished
      > garden in which they were born. But, I have to celebrate. My freedom
      > comes from a lot of dedication to truth and hard-work. The truth that
      > was printed on those pages written by Lane and Johson, that if they
      > had not been published I would still be in the same mire. Do I want to
      > read the posts of Trky or SoulTraveler and get caught up in their
      > visions and experiences? No - I know they may have some truth to those
      > souls, but I can't close my eyes to what occurred physically. I guess
      > this is an important spiritual lesson to not ignore the physical as it
      > is the starting point of developing the spiritual abilities which
      > includes discernment and discrimination, something lacking in those
      > ignoring hard facts and attempting through 'pretzel' logic to validate
      > the creations of paul twitchell, darwin gross and now the legacy of
      > harold klemp. What I find most sad about my part in this, is my most
      > fervent participation in the teachings as a 'vahana'. I excelled in
      > public presentation and speaking (and still do to this day) and very
      > effectively got the 'message of eck' to large numbers of people.
      > Whilst I focused mostly on spiritual topics I would love to be able to
      > speak to each individual again and set them straight. However I
      > believe most of the participants of the workshops knew more than me
      > because in the 5 years that I did these, not one did join our local
      > eck group (which by the way continues to lessen in membership, not
      > grow). So, I have purged my life of most of the eck materials,
      > including pictures of masters I used to cherish. What I cherish now is
      > this hard-won freedom and the growing love I have in my heart for
      > myself and life as it continues around me, that I will let NO ONE take
      > from me at any level that I am aware. I am firmly of the mind that my
      > higher-self has worked with me, through the centuries to balance this
      > leger to bring freedom once again into my existence so I may proceed
      > again to the higher path - which includes freedom from the lies in
      > eckankar and those posted by eckankar apologists (no offence). One of
      > the remaining eckankar documents I will keep is a copy of a
      > resignation form I received from eckankar confirming my resignation on
      > September 29, 2003. This is something which will be a physical
      > testament, notwithstanding the emotional and mental trauma which had
      > brought so much growth, to the lies I left behind. Mark
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