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Re: Another Twitchell Plagiarized Book Available Online

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  • drubezarne
    Prometheus Thanks for posting that Goldsmith link and all the work you re doing to bring out the truth about the pernicious nature of Eckankar and its leader.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 7, 2008
      Thanks for posting that Goldsmith link and all the work you're doing
      to bring out the truth about the pernicious nature of Eckankar and its

      I plan to scan and upload the final two books mentioned on:


      They are Neville's The Power of Awareness and Awakened Imagination.
      ESA will then have the links to all the known plagiarized books that
      Twitchell used to start his own religion. If anybody knows of others,
      please let me know so that I can scan and upload them.

      Because consciousness is easily conditioned through suggestion, many
      eckists think the Mahanta and the Eck Masters are real. Twitchell who
      had trained under Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology learned all
      the tricks of hypnotism and autosuggestion. He used these very
      effectively when he formed Eckankar. For example, throughout the
      writings he urges his followers not to read any other works except the
      ones he wrote for at least the first 2 years. He knew this was enough
      time to condition the consciousness so that it would accept any of his
      suggestions willingly.

      To make sure the autosuggestions stuck, Twitchell reinforced it with
      dire warnings and threats should anybody have the nerve to leave
      Eckankar or dare criticize him. He even went so far as to warn H.I.s
      that they would have to reincarnate in the mineral form if they dared
      to leave Eckankar.

      The subtle mind control continues today under Klemp who wants to keep
      all followers dependent on him. He does this by slowing down
      initiations and refusing to say that at some point one doesn't need a


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hi Liska and All,
      > I posted some of Goldsmith's book to
      > show people Not Only his writing style
      > but the subject matter and terminology
      > he used as well. I can see why he was
      > Twitchell's favorite author because he
      > was once mine as well. At one time I
      > had ALL of his books!
      > BTW- I posted the link!
      > Below, Goldsmith talks of: contemplative
      > meditation; the stilling of the mind; our
      > inner Source; Grace; the Word; Divine
      > Love; the still small voice, etc.
      > Prometheus
      > CH IV, page 46
      > "... the gateway through which truth finds
      > entrance to our consciousness. The mind
      > is in the instrument through which we can
      > be aware of the spiritual wisdom of the ages -
      > Scripture and spiritual literature and teachings.
      > It is through the mind that we discipline the
      > body and that we seek to discipline our thoughts;
      > it is the mind that keeps itself stayed on God;
      > it is with the mind that we think spiritual thoughts;
      > it is with the mind that we ponder the deep
      > things of the Spirit. This pondering, these thoughts
      > and words, we call contemplative meditation.
      > The words may be spoken or they may be thought,
      > but they are only a step leading to meditation
      > itself. Since it is almost impossible for most of
      > us to keep thoughts from swirling about in the
      > mind and since it is difficult to bring about
      > a complete cessation of thought, the practice
      > of contemplative meditation helps us reach
      > a state of consciousness in which we find ourselves
      > ultimately in a complete silence. A weight goes
      > off the shoulders, and perhaps for ten, twenty,
      > or thirty seconds we are so still that not a single
      > thought intrudes. That stillness at best, however,
      > is a very brief period, but regardless of how brief
      > it is, in those few seconds we have attained our
      > contact with God, and that is all that is necessary
      > for that moment. Then we resume our conscious
      > thinking and are ready to go about our business .
      > When we sit down to meditate, we must seek
      > to hear only the word of God, desire only the
      > feeling of God 's presence, only the reestablish-
      > ment of ourselves with our inner Source, and
      > nothing beyond that. Then, when we feel the
      > assurance of the Presence, our meditation is
      > complete: the Word becomes flesh, and the
      > Spirit felt within us becomes tangible as individual
      > experience.
      > It is when we think we know what things
      > we have need of that we are making our
      > greatest mistake because we are measuring
      > our needs in terms of our previous or present
      > experience, and are looking upon life as a
      > continuation of our past, the same, monotonous,
      > dull way of existence, except wit h possibly the
      > addition of a little more health or money;
      > whereas, when the Spirit of God takes over
      > in our consciousness, It fulfills Itself at Its
      > own level. That fulfillment may carry US
      > off into a new country or in to a new activity -
      > business, artistic, professional, or social -
      > because we have no way humanly of knowing
      > the
      > Page 47
      > will of God any more than we know the ways
      > of God. But God's will can work through us
      > if we surrender ourselves and realize:
      > Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things.
      > I take no thought for the form in which
      > that Grace should appear; I take no thought
      > as to how Thy will should work in me, or
      > Thy ways. I seek only Thy grace. I am content
      > to relax in the assurance that Thou art omniscience,
      > all-knowing intelligence, divine, infinite, all-
      > love, and I can trust myself more to the infinite
      > Intelligence that governs this universe than
      > I can to my own judgment as to what I need,
      > or what I would like to do, or how I would like
      > to live. Certainly, I can trust myself more to
      > the care of divine Love than I can to my own
      > finite sense of love which is not even as a grain
      > of sand in comparison with the nature of that
      > Love which is God.
      > With each meditation there must be this
      > surrender of ourselves to the Spirit within,
      > together with a realization that God's grace
      > is our sufficiency and that we are in meditation
      > for the express purpose of receiving the comfort
      > of His presence. Nothing greater can come to
      > us than the still small voice of assurance because
      > then we know that all of Infinity is pouring Itself
      > out for us, all of Omnipotence, and in that
      > there can be no power apart from God.
      > Once we know the nature of God, even in
      > a measure, doubt and fear seldom enter
      > our consciousness because to know the
      > nature of God means to realize Omnipresence:
      > God, here where we are now-hereness, nowness.
      > Knowing that, we relax in it, and we have nothing
      > more to do than to let there be light: let there
      > be light in our life, let there be love, let there
      > be health, strength, and abundance, just let.
      > We do not try to make it so because, understanding
      > the nature of God, we know that it is God 's will
      > to provide all good.
      > My customary method of entering contemplative
      > meditation is to open my ears for a second for
      > a subject to be given me, and if it does not
      > Come quickly, then I take the word God. In
      > my first meditation early in the morning before
      > I am out of bed, I attempt to align myself with
      > the presence and power of God so that my day
      > will be God- governed, and not man-governed :
      > a day of spiritual fulfillment, not...."
      > drubezarne wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Prometheus
      > >
      > > Could you post the following book in your
      > link section? It is Joel Goldsmith's A Parenthesis
      > in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life.
      > >
      > http://www.archive.org/details/AParenthesisInEternity
      > >
      > > Twitchell was greatly influenced by Joel
      > Goldsmith's writings and lectures. As with
      > many other writers that Twitchell admired,
      > he would plagiarize their works. Goldsmith
      > was no exception to the Twitchell plagiarizing
      > obsession. Read this work and see for yourself
      > how Twitchell even copied Goldsmith's style
      > of writing. It's quite an eye opener.
      > >
      > > Twitchell once told a friend that Goldsmith
      > was one of his favorite writers.
      > >
      > Regards
      > Liska
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