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Letter of Light Oct. 2008

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  • prometheus_973
    This article is from: Young * Vahana on page 2 and is titled, Being an ECK Vahana, by Bobby XXXXX, age 16 Johnsburg, Illinois. I have been working at ECK
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      This article is from: "Young * Vahana"
      on page 2 and is titled, "Being an ECK
      Vahana," by Bobby XXXXX, age 16
      Johnsburg, Illinois.

      "I have been working at ECK booths at
      fairs and expos in Illinois. I've served
      by setting up and taking down booths
      and working one of the shifts. I have
      been doing this for three years now,
      so that is a total of about ten booths."

      ME: Well, that must mean that he's an
      expert, of sorts, with all of that "experience."

      BOBBY: "I've noticed that the events have
      their differences and their similarities.
      Some expos are more focused than others.
      On one hand, there are fairs that are for
      the general public, usually held outdoors;
      there we do get visitors to our booth, but
      most people are there for the fair. On the
      other hand, there are spiritual expos, where
      everyone expects to see booths like ours.
      More serious seekers appear at the spiritual
      expos, but there will always be seekers at

      ME: Sure, there will be seekers at both events,
      but to say that the more "serious" ones will be
      at the "spiritual" (psychic) expo is inaccurate.

      Long ago I visited the EK booth at a state fair,
      bought a book, then visited the local EK center,
      and then joined! It's true, however, that these
      other "public" and free events aren't conducive
      to presenting a New Age religion (cult). That's
      why the Body, Mind, Spirit Expos and other
      Psychic Fairs work best for the presentation
      of Eckankar.

      Most RESAs and local Eckists should have
      learned these lessons by now! The RESA/
      mahanta consciousness in some local areas
      seems to be slightly retarded and behind
      the times. Plus, the psychic fairs do present
      a friendlier crowd to sell your wares to, but
      they are so caught up in hodge-podges of
      metaphysical New Age crap that this too
      becomes a, mostly, pointless exercise and
      definitely a waste of Satsang Society resources!

      True, it is good vahana training for Bobby and
      others, but is the cost worth it? It seems like
      Klemp is promoting this useless activity by
      printing this story in this Letter of Light.

      But, what were the costs for Local ECKists?
      If there was an expenditure of Satsang money
      I'll bet that the funding of these events would
      stop. The booth was probably paid for by either
      one or two local (high profile) chelas who feel
      very important. But, How many new members
      joined as a direct result of the booth? Where
      are these stats? This is tracked!

      Basically, the EK booths are just more "busy work"
      to keep the local Eckists happily distracted and
      feeling good about their religion, and themselves.
      Chelas need something to do, and this, also,
      places the EK spotlight upon certain "leaders"
      and these people will be promoted faster (in part)
      by their RESA.

      BOBBY: "... My favorite part of working at an ECK
      booth is meeting a serious seeker who really listens
      and can connect or relate to what we have to say.
      I also discover new truths and spiritual insights
      myself while serving ECK in this way."

      ME: I've set up, torn down, scheduled time slots,
      paid the fees, etc. and worked probably 40 four
      hour shifts at various booths over the years.
      Actually, that's a conservative number!

      Bobby worked one shift, but at sixteen he's got
      a good start into EK brainwashing! Bobby, however,
      overlooked one basic EK Booth Guideline. That's
      for the Vahana (Bobby) to "Listen" to the seeker
      and Not for the seeker to "listen" to Bobby! If Bobby
      is reading this he'll have a another new "insight!"
      Besides, ECKists shouldn't judge and assume that
      the one "listening" and who seems to be open to
      and agreeing with everything being said is the
      "serious seeker." Sometimes the real "serious seeker"
      has already read some things and just wants to
      get a first impression of what an ECKist looks like,
      behaves like, and to watch their body language.
      Are they selling something, preaching something,
      or presenting something?

      Anyway, Eckankar has honed its sales skills over
      time and still catches people in their religious
      trap. I just wish they'd be more open and honest
      with people from the very start. Tell people of
      the importance of the initiations and that a 5th
      will take, at least, 15-18 years and that volunteer
      service and missionary work is important and
      necessary for promotions. Also, that a set annual
      donation payment is required in order to maintain
      those initiations.

      p.s. Thanks to G. for sending this to me.
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