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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Synchronicity, Etc.

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  • etznab@aol.com
    E.S.A., I m giving the links to these posts for context. http://thetruth-seeker.com/vanillaforum/comments.php?DiscussionID=1400&Focus=1400#Comment_1400 ....
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 4, 2008

      I'm giving the links to these posts for context.


      People are fascinated with the fatherly figure of a wise
      adept that can answer all questions and give out only
      words of truth. People want to have a strong leader. A
      history of achievements that supports the leaders cause
      is paramount in getting the individual to delve deeper into
      the mystery of the Ancient teachings. Eck having its
      historical roots embedded in almost all the world teachings
      did not have a direct history for itself. The seeker needed
      something to look back onto. The seeker needed to point
      out to others or himself of the truths that existed through-
      out the ages of the Light and Sound. It is to the credit of
      Paul's imagination that the invention of fictional and non-
      fictional legends such as the Eck Masters were brought
      forth to be an example of the Light and Sound and its
      historical achievements in the past. In Paul's mind it was
      not the messager that was important as much as the
      delivery and the message itself. Using his knowledge of
      the Great Masters of the past, the Eck Masters were
      created to each bring about a part of the contributing
      truth to the Eck Teachings. ...."


      The impression I got from that post was the author
      believed that Paul Twitchell simply made some things
      up. This is a point I have tried to discuss on A.R.E.
      (the posts still weren't posting the last I looked).

      Here is another example:

      "[....] 3. Did Paul Twitchell copy other writers works?
      Yes. Well, I guess I can give yes or no answers some-
      times. 4. Did Paul Twitchell use other writers words
      and put his Eck masters names on them as if the Eck
      Master were saying them? Yes. [....]"


      I believe that was a quote by Doug Marman,
      from the TS post: A Few Responses (it's hard
      to tell because TS hasn't so far transcribed all
      the information, apparently).

      That last question and answer is something
      I have attempted to discuss with Eckists for a
      number of years. Example: "Did Paul Twitchell
      use other writers words and put his Eck masters
      names on them as if the Eck Master were saying

      Someone apparently asked these questions
      and Doug answered them. I believe.

      As for Patti Simpson and her "active" status,
      I believe that someone [Doug?] answered this
      question years ago as well.

      "[....] I know that Patti does still feel very fond
      feelings toward Paul, but she is also not active
      in Eckankar. Past that, I would rather she answer
      the rest for herself. [....]"


      I'll have to check if Patti answers this. Maybe
      something will come out during her talk at the
      Monterey Conference today.

      BTW, I wonder if A.R.E. posts will come back
      up after the conference? That would be a funny
      coincidence (just kidding), IMO.


      P.S. To verify it was Doug who wrote the TS post
      "A Few Responses" (and probably the one: "More
      Responses") I'm basing it on this:



      Response to Doug Marman's "A Few Responses"
      : Truth Leads Us To The ONE

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      Subject: Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Synchronicity, Etc.


      For the post Classic Example sent to A.R.E.

      several hours ago that never appeared (not that

      I can tell as of 10:20 a.m. C.S.T.) I went ahead

      and created a temporary transcript page. Here

      is the link:



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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Synchronicity, Etc.

      Besides the October 4th event in Monterey,

      I believe the Higher Consciousness Society is

      having events on October 12th and November 8th.

      The latter the annual HCS gathering, I believe.

      The Eck Worldwide seminar is later this month

      too. Someplace I wrote a post on A.R.E. about

      relative synchronicity of events taking place

      in 2008. I tied them in with a little history

      about Pluto and when it moved from one sign to

      another. (Patti Simpson was listed as an astro-

      loger. I wonder if she will be touching on the

      subject of Pluto today?).

      I'm not sure if the links will work, but I

      will try and give links to the A.R.E. posts so

      that I don't have to copy, paste and edit line

      breaks for posting here at E.S.A.

      [BTW, hope I guaged the sentence length right

      here so it doesn't come out with broken lines.

      My apology if this is the case.]

      Here is just one of the links with

      data about Pluto. Look at the dates!



      As most of you know, my Eckankar "Trivia"

      timeline was discontinued some time ago, but

      I have a general summary of world history on

      another timeline that was not. (It's more a

      "timecapsule" of historical events really).

      On that timeline I went ahead (the other

      day) and added Pluto data from at least the

      year 1914 (when Pluto "entered" Cancer)and

      2008 (when Pluto "entered" Capricorn).


      [Pick a year and page search for Pluto]

      Pluto is slow-moving and takes over two-

      hundred years to orbit the Sun. I started

      looking at its "movement" from one sign to

      the next on account of the fact it has not

      been "in" Capricorn since America was born

      over 200 years ago.

      (I'll type short sentences

      in case these want to come out


      Anyhow, I looked at "movement

      of Pluto in context to Eckankar

      events. Here is a short list just

      in case the link doesn't work:

      [* Marks years when Pluto was at

      17 degrees]

      1914 - Pluto Cancer

      1939 - Pluto Leo

      1957 - Pluto Virgo

      1965 - Pluto Virgo*

      1971 - Pluto Libra

      1978 - Pluto Libra*

      1983 - Pluto Scorpio

      1990 - Pluto Scorpio*

      1995 - Pluto Sagittarius

      2002 - Pluto Sagittarius*

      2008 - Pluto Capricorn

      I'm not a professional astrologer,

      but from what I remember the influence

      of Pluto is "believed to be" felt on a

      generational level and the lessons take

      years to work out.


      P.S. When the A.R.E. posts come up,

      take a look at one called "Classic

      Example". It's partly a response to

      a poster using the name "jryancl..."

      who I believe might be the same as

      the A.R.E. poster "JR".

      About half way down the following




      this person (so far their only A.R.E.

      post for all of 2008) appears to enjoy

      making reference to my state, my neigh-

      borhood, my house and my family. After

      explaining "you do not seem to have read

      much of any of the writings in ECKANKAR,"

      and asking "What have you written from

      your own discoveries in your own words

      based on your own experiences?"

      My answers can be found under the

      A.R.E. threads "A.R.E." and "Classic

      Example" (posted yesterday). Whenever

      they come up on the board that appears

      to have been idle for over 15 hours!

      If they don't post I'll try to put them

      here on E.S.A.

      Sorry for the length of this post.

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