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Re: A Testimonial Without the Mahanta's Help!

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  • mishmisha9
    Thanks for sharing this story which is one of synchronicity. Obviously, the friend had to find that new job while it was available. Waiting to search for it
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2008
      Thanks for sharing this story which is one of synchronicity.
      Obviously, the friend had to find that new job while it was
      available. Waiting to search for it after her trip might have
      been too long--the job might not have been there for her.
      Also, now she can better enjoy her trip, because she has
      things worked out! I guess this is a classic example of "when
      a door closes, a window opens," and we all can be comforted
      by that thought when going through troubling times. I wish
      your friend the best! Very nice example of how things work
      out for people without the assistance or help of a mahanta. : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I'd like to share a letter from a long
      > time friend who is Not an ECKist!
      > There wasn't any help for her from
      > the LEM/Mahanta "as if" that would
      > have meant anything anyway! However,
      > wouldn't the following letter have
      > made a great ECKie story by simply
      > "plugging in" certain key words like
      > "ECK" and "Mahanta" or giving credit
      > to the "Inner Master" for the way things
      > turned out!
      > *******************************************
      > M:
      > "I had the day off for my big "60" birthday....
      > they called me from work and asked me
      > to come in. To make a long story short,
      > I was terminated.
      > To say I was devastated doesn't even come
      > close to what I was going through. I think
      > I've told you about how out of control
      > management was. In the 6 months I
      > worked there they had lost two RN's, two
      > LPN's and several exceptionally good nurse's
      > aides.....but the facility's head honchos
      > had their heads so far out in left field that
      > they weren't willing to accept the fact there
      > could be something wrong with their
      > management.
      > When I returned from Denver I had planned
      > on beating the bushes to find a new job.....
      > but never in a million years did I think
      > I would be terminated!! I can't tell you
      > the number of times I'd joke with my
      > co-workers wondering "when it would
      > my turn to get the ax or find another job".
      > To top it off, I had just spent a portion
      > of my modest savings for a washer
      > and dryer, plumbers, and drywalling, etc.
      > Anyway, this all came about on Friday.....
      > so I had to sit and worry myself sick all
      > weekend till I could go job hunting on
      > Monday. I had gone online and posted
      > my resume over the weekend and on
      > Monday drove to 8 facilities to pick up
      > applications.
      > When I got home there was a message
      > on my phone, a facility who had seen
      > my resume I'd posted. I returned their
      > call and went for an interview on Tuesday.
      > It's was a beautiful new facility. They
      > seemed interested and said they would
      > call me back with information on salary
      > etc. But I didn't hear back.
      > I was sitting paying bills online last night
      > and balancing my checkbook......to find
      > there had been a "direct deposit" to my
      > account. It didn't make sense......but the
      > deposit was still "pending" so I couldn't
      > tell where it had originated till today.
      > It was my first PERS payment!! From
      > everything they'd told me it would be
      > at least 8 weeks before I got it!!
      > And when I got my mail today my
      > electric bill had come (one of the bills
      > I was waiting for so I could pay it before
      > I leave tomorrow)...evidently after 6
      > months the electric company refunds
      > your deposit.....so I don't owe anything
      > this month......actually have a credit for
      > next month!! A big weight was lifted
      > when I saw that PERS money......and
      > the electric company was just a little
      > bonus!! LOL!!
      > Now to the good news (finally,huh?)
      > They finally called me from the facility
      > I'd interviewed with. I got the job.
      > It's about an hours drive from here.....
      > which is not a problem. The facility
      > is physically amazing.......amenities
      > all extended care would like to offer.
      > I'll be working three 12 hour shifts
      > (which I prefer....plus only having to
      > drive there 3 days a week will help
      > with the gas prices) 7pm to 7am....
      > and believe it or not, I prefer that too!!
      > No management around, plenty of
      > time to get your charting and documentation
      > done, and more time to spend with
      > your residents. I'll be making $1.60
      > an hour more.....and if your attendance
      > is good they add another 60 cents an hour.
      > So in 7 short days (although at the time
      > they were 7 very long days! LOL!!) I've
      > gone from being about as low as you
      > can go without a death in the family,
      > to being completely comfortable and
      > at peace. It's been one hell of a roller
      > coaster ride.
      > I'm looking forward to Denver even
      > more now. I have so much to celebrate
      > and be grateful for."
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