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Re: The Two Faces of Klemp

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  • drubezarne
    Well, it s no wonder H.I. s in Eckankar are negative. Look at their role model Harold Klemp. He behaves and talks like the old testament God. Maybe it s time
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2 1:16 PM
      Well, it's no wonder H.I.'s in Eckankar are negative. Look at their
      role model Harold Klemp. He behaves and talks like the old testament
      God. Maybe it's time again to bring up some of Klemp's quotes. The
      Satsang 3 and 4 discourses have some real doozies.

      Along with Klemp's megalomaniac behavior and the secret money
      accounts, wouldn't you think more people would wake up? It reminds me
      of the matrix in which most people are asleep enjoying their illusions
      while their life energies are being drained by parasites.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > No, it's Not the two faces of the
      > Outer and Inner Master because
      > Klemp is Not a "Master" and does
      > Not have "Inner" higher powers.
      > HK is a two-faced hypocrite and
      > KAL agent. His chelas emulate
      > his delusional behaviours & negative
      > characteristics.
      > For instance- Look at Klemp's H.I.
      > Clerics and Spiritual Aides and their
      > two-faced Neg. behaviours and their
      > mean spirited & unloving words to
      > their fellow ECKists. They are two
      > faced because their words and actions
      > are Negative and Unloving, but will
      > sign off "In ECK" or "With ECK Love"
      > while wearing their ECK Cleric pins!
      > Some of these two-faced KAL agents
      > are long time H.I.s and are ECK Spiritual
      > Aides (ESAs)!
      > This lower ECK (KAL) Negativity is
      > condoned and expressed constantly
      > everywhere by Klemp's Higher Initiates.
      > And, this Negativity is expressed with
      > the LEM/Mahanta's Knowledge and
      > Approval on the ESC & Klemp,
      > monitored & approved, ECK Internet
      > sites of "Chela Chat" and "HU Chat!"
      > **************************************
      > Twitchell states at the end of CH. 11
      > of the Shariyat 2 that: "Man is subjected
      > to three illnesses which are manifest
      > and three that are hidden. He is anxious
      > to treat the manifest ills, but is ignorant
      > of those which are hidden."
      > However, the phony Mahanta (Klemp)
      > can't "Protect" or "Heal" his own special
      > H.I.s from their "manifest ills" let alone
      > from the "hidden" ones!
      > ***************************************
      > How can Klemp be oblivious to the
      > Negativity that is happening right
      > under his nose, unless, he is Aware
      > of it and is Condoning it! That would
      > mean HK's a conman and a KAL agent!
      > Or, is the All Knowing LEM/Mahanta
      > "Unaware" of what's happening?
      > That would mean HK's a liar and
      > a fraud and is Not All Knowing!
      > Either way it shows that something
      > is rotten and that HK isn't Who
      > or What he is claiming to be.
      > However, the Negativity being projected
      > (in plain sight) by these H.I.s is much
      > truer, honest and a more revealing
      > testimonial to Klemp's KAL like presence
      > and guidance than the impressions of
      > the EK Public Relations (PR) stories
      > being printed and sold. The ECKankar
      > H.I. Letter and Mystic World articles
      > and HK's books are giving distorted
      > and false impressions and are all talk!
      > None, but a few in EK (excluding the
      > Klemps), can walk the walk!
      > On another note- Klemp is all about
      > appearances. I'm sure that his salary
      > is as meek looking as he appears,
      > except, he has been dressing much
      > better lately! Anyway, one must also
      > consider the perks that he receives
      > and especially those royalties, 50%,
      > that Klemp receives on his books and
      > pictures (image) and other items.
      > How many books are made in a 1st
      > printing... 10,000? What are these
      > materials sold for... because he gets
      > half... after 27 plus years!
      > Even without his salary and perks HK
      > has millions socked away in book royalties!
      > Plus, look at all of that money in the
      > ECKankar treasury and in the 100 or
      > so Satsang Society treasuries! How
      > much is that? Shouldn't ECKists know
      > how much money there is just in case
      > some of it goes missing?
      > BTW-Isn't it possible that ECKankar
      > could be disbanded, or closed to the
      > public, as an "outer" organization
      > and go underground like in the past?
      > Could/would EK go private as another
      > "Secret Order?" Could/would this happen
      > prior to or after Klemp's death? Is "ECK"
      > to become a mail order/Internet religion
      > with a Temple in Conn. and CA. and MN.
      > with a printing/warehouse/headquarters
      > in MN.?
      > What would become of all of that lower
      > plane "ECK" money in the EK treasury?
      > It's hard to know since most of the EK
      > Board Members don't even know where
      > all of the money is or how much there is!
      > And, they're not allowed to talk about or
      > share what they really do know!
      > ECKists should always remember what
      > Twitchell said (in one of his rare and
      > unusual moments of clarity and truth):
      > "Always be skeptical--question everything
      > and everyone." [The Flute of God, page 9]
      > Prometheus
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