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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Don't Shoot the Messenger!

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  • Ingrid
    Hello Unknown Eckist ;-)   Good that you hold reserves towards the movement. I m not thinking in spiritual categories any more and I agree with Prometheus,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2008

      Hello Unknown Eckist ;-)


      Good that you hold reserves towards the movement. I'm not thinking in "spiritual" categories any more and I agree with Prometheus, that our freedom has come in spite of eckankar and not because of it.


      By the way, I found a very telling exchange among chelas on Chelachat, the original title was "Gas price?". Those of you who are on chelachat may want to check out the whole thread - I have copied and pasted the 3 first posts on the thread.


      Take care, Ingrid



      Original post

      Didn't Harold mention that there will be a psychic wave about "global
      " in his last talk? Looks like some wave in form of pricing got
      to them regarding the broadcast of the WW.
      If you want audio and video
      it's now $85!



      What I can remember he talked about Governments and others will use the
      environment to spread fear in the society. He said the reasons behind it is
      to get hold of peoples money. He said don’t be afraid. Don’t let people
      scare you.

      My comment: Fear is one of the barriers to god realization. So if the
      government will try everything to get hold of your money DON’T WORRY. Money
      cannot give you god realization. The cannot take the spiritual exercises and
      your dreams from you.

      With love in ECK


      Response from author of original post

      if God-Realization could be bought ... It wouldn't be ;-)

      The gas-price-subject-line was more or less a tongue-in-cheek phrase on
      2 levels:
      At least in the US "higher gas prices" became a mantra of late for most
      everything -- like higher prices are the reason for bloated increases on
      stuff that is slightly related to oil if you stretch the psychic waves
      as far as you can. Then there is also the issue of pointing something
      out only to become affected by the exact same matter. Seems even a
      spiritual teaching is not excluded from this.


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      Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 10:18:22 PM
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Don't Shoot the Messenger!

      Hello All,
      I thought I'd share a private email
      and my response. Of course, I'll keep
      the identity of the sender anonymous.
      The original title was, The Definitive
      Test, but it seemed that Don't Shoot
      the Messenger was the real purpose.
      ************ ********* ********* *********
      "Having been a 2nd initiate in 1994
      followed by a lapse of 13 years, mean
      times gone round the block many times,
      it still puzzles me why the eckankar
      membership remains either constant
      or growing! During this period a personal
      gain in spiritual growth has blossomed,
      largely from working out my karma.
      Admittedly I have rejoined, but hold
      reservations on many things about the

      Also I have become aware of many
      others who are working extremely
      hard in raising their own consciousness
      and their fellow humans unheard of by
      the public. So why is there so much attention
      pain to Harold Klemp I ask? We are all
      given the gift of free will and choice,
      meaning the path chosen to enlightenment
      is both unique and a God given right to

      The ultimate test for enlightenment is
      what occurs on the inner planes, that
      is does that person have a communion
      with a being of higher awareness, which
      is demonstrably visible to others of a
      particular perception. Several have within
      these pages mention a new kind of freedom,
      so could this be in spite of Eckankar or
      because of it?

      The mystery religions are simply that
      and Christianity may well be classified
      within this definition. There is an explosion
      of new codes from both the old and new
      testaments, suggesting people nay scholars
      are finding their own truths through inner
      meditation and study?

      So in essence whatever path you travel
      try not to shoot the messenger, but simply
      enjoy the ride!"

      ************ ********* ********* *********
      [My reply]
      Thanks for your post. However, Klemp
      is an interloper and a fraud and Not a
      true messenger. He's the conductor on
      the train of delusion. And, I would disagree
      that Eckankar's growth is staying constant
      or increasing. Membership is decreasing
      as chelas discover that they don't need
      a middleman Mahanta to intercede for them.
      When chelas read his negative comments
      or see it in action on stage they begin to
      realize that something is wrong.

      Also, Klemp's primary focus is on increasing
      his dwindling membership numbers because
      more members mean more material sales and
      donations. Thereby, this is the true reason for
      the focus on Vahana work, Service, and Material

      Yes, we all have free will and choice, but
      when a RESA like Phil Morimitsu has no
      curiosity to read another RESAs book
      (Confessions of a God Seeker) what does
      that say about Eckankar's brainwashing
      methods? Is it a fear of facing the changes
      that may take place if one reads untold truths,
      as well as, another perspective of EK history?
      I think so! Plus, many ECKists at the ESC
      have no other job opportunities and,
      therefore, have to remain in order to survive.

      Have you read Confessions of a God Seeker?

      In regard to Christianity, has any other
      person, other than the three Mahantas,
      declared that "God" was actually Satan
      or Kal, and of the 2nd or 4th Plane? And,
      that they were of the 14th Plane!
      [Autobiography of a Modern Prophet, pg.

      Let's face it... all religions are full of myths
      and lies and are sold as Truth! Therefore,
      to thy Self be true!

      Yes, we former ECKists have a new found
      freedom as Soul IN SPITE OF Eckankar Not
      Because of Eckankar! Eckankar is a fraud,
      (it's true!), and we humans do live and learn
      despite the delays and road blocks designed
      by KAL as spiritual tests. However, Eckankar
      too is a KAL Trap that lines Klemp's pockets
      with money via the blood, sweat, and tears
      of his trusting and gullible chelas.

      I will say that Eckankar and other Eastern
      and New Age teachings did get me to think
      more about things that I had never explored
      before, but remember... Eckankar is really
      Ruhani Satsang and Radhasoami dogma that's
      been Westernized (Vegetarianism and the
      Virtue of Chastity were removed)! However,
      I soon found out that ECKists aren't supposed
      to think. Just like soldiers aren't supposed to
      think, but only take orders from those with
      a higher rank or position above them. Thinking,
      for oneself, is detrimental to being a good
      soldier and to being a good ECKist.

      I'm thinking that you need to read more of our
      archives and the LINKs, here, in order to truly
      know and understand our positions. We are
      our own Master Here and Now. True, we still
      are, and need to be, students of life too!

      What we definitely don't need is to be paying
      members (coin & service) of any church, like
      Eckankar that would (claim to) rescind our
      spiritual growth (initiations) if it didn't get
      that annual donation! But, isn't this typical
      of all religions... to threaten people via some
      sort of a withholding of divine promises and
      using fear tactics!

      BTW- I don't have a mystical connection with
      any spiritual Being on the inner planes except
      for my Self and Spirit. I don't worship men,
      the words of men, or those who appear as
      men (or women, etc.).

      Mine is a special relationship that goes far
      beyond the teachings of EK because those
      teachings are flawed. Even those teachings
      that weren't distorted were only Subjective
      (and intended for that individual only) and
      Not necessarily intended for massive "Group"
      study or worship! This is the con of religion
      and of PT's & HK's Eckankar!

      We all must find our own communication
      with the Divine without the interference or
      the distractions of (individual) subjective
      experiences that others are selling as generic
      valid lessons, discourses, or teachings by
      an expert "Master." Eckankar simply delays
      this process, of discovering each Soul's own
      Truth, from taking place.

      p.s. I did make some slight edits to my
      original response.

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