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Re: Ford's BBs are really getting cuckoo!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Ingrid, Talking with Paul Twitchell (Peddar Zaskq, Z ) is more fun now! ... Z, I have heard that at an HI retreat, people were singing Z instead of Hu
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 15, 2005
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      Hi Ingrid,
      Talking with Paul Twitchell (Peddar Zaskq, "Z") is more fun now!

      "ctecvie" wrote:
      >Hello Prometheus,
      > I enjoyed your encounter with P. T. or "Z". :-) While speaking of
      Z, I have heard that at an HI retreat, people were singing "Z"
      instead of Hu ... is this a new tactic to anchor HK even more in the
      subconscious of Eckists?

      *** Yes, it is a new brainwashing method of personal worship for HK
      who is both LEM and Mahanta (Inner Master, Wah-Z, or Z like in
      Zaskq). "Z" is not really a charged word, therefore, it does
      indicate a personal and non-detached connection for the zealots or
      unwary. And, it's another method of entrapment to prevent Spiritual
      Freedom through the attachment and need for a "master" (either outer
      or inner or both!).

      > >> I recently had a conversation with P.T. (aka, Peddar Zaskq) and
      he told me that "Sant Mat and Eckankar and all of this Living Master
      stuff, (that he got from "The Path of the Masters" by fellow
      Kentuckian Julian P. Johnson), was just a big pile of crap!" "Z"
      (Zaskq) went on to say that "it was all a lot of fun and everyone
      reads into things according to what they want to believe." He also
      said, "sure I had to Westernize Sant Mat because how many Americans
      want to become vegetarians and chaste!

      > Oh yes, that's no fun! So better have this westernized form ...
      very clever. ;-)) I preferred that as well, at the times. :-)

      *** Yes, I tried the vegetarian thing for three years, but could
      never (or want to) do the chaste thing! Actually, a true Master can
      live with and experience all those things in the field of action
      without fear or guilt or the loss of spiritual consciousness. Only
      those who have not yet reached this stage have to continue to do
      these other disciplines! Unless, they just enjoy it or choose to
      follow these habits.

      > >>Anyhow, Peddar "Z" (He claims he went by this before Klemp!)

      > Well, who plagiarized whom in this case?? ;-)

      *** Well, Gross gave Harold the Wah part of the Wah-Z but Klemp
      liked the "Z" and probably did get the idea from the name Zaskq.

      > >> says to "have fun in life and don't take all this stuff too

      > I like this conversation of yours, Prometheus! I think if I can
      have one, too, I would want to have one of those, too! :-))

      *** Go for it! It's like automatic writing when channeling this
      stuff! Whose to say it is or isn't true? What is real what is a lie
      what is imagination what is a joke or a scam? Maybe it can be all of
      these or a combination... or not!

      > >> I did at one time, but finally wised up!" (And), "the Cliff-
      Hanger thing was all about being your own Master as Soul!" In any
      case, P.T. (Z) went on to say, "much of this has been written
      before... anyone or anything can be a spiritual teacher from one
      moment to the next, but Soul will always be Its own Master!" I
      finally got a word in edge wise and was able to ask what he thought
      about Harold? Peddar just gave out a very loud and uncontrollable
      one syllable laugh of "Hah!" and then covered his mouth and chuckled
      while shaking his head from side to side!!! His laughter was
      contagious and others joined in!

      > Do you think Harry would like to hear that? I guess not! I think
      you could forget all the initiations you ever had should you ever
      contemplate transmitting this journal to Harry. ;-))

      *** Did you mean Harji Klemp? Yes this would probably anger HK if he
      got wind of this! I would hate to hear his comments after what he
      said about that Temporary Postal Clerk! But, don't kill the

      > >> That was all I could get out of him! I saw a brief flash and
      then recall him saying something else and then I immediately came
      back here (physical reality). Let me just say that this was a
      spiritual experience of the highest level! I'm filtering out most of
      what happened just to communicate this brief experience in common
      language. I doubt if many Eckists (Klemp included) could have even
      handled a tenth of what took place on the Inner Planes with me,
      Paulji, and SUG, et al!

      > Ah yes - too strong! :-) Good that it was you who had the
      experience, Prometheus! :-))

      *** Yes, it was quite interesting. However, I did want to limit and
      filter what was experienced (LOL!), and Not go into an extraneous
      disingenuous diatribe like those Eckists (and others) do on Ford's

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