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Re: EK Healing: Letters to Gail Vol. 3

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Liska and All, Klemp is always coming up with a new scheme to resell something old and now it s his image! LOL! Yes, Klemp is now selling photos of his
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 17, 2008
      Hello Liska and All,
      Klemp is always coming up with
      a new scheme to resell something
      old and now it's his image! LOL!

      Yes, Klemp is now selling photos
      of his gaze! It's called the Tiwaja,
      or Gaze of the Master.

      The photo Klemp is selling of himself
      cuts off his chin and half of his forehead
      and his left ear. His skin is colorless and
      looks washed out and grey! And, there is
      a weak blueish hue around the right side
      of his head like an aura! HK's right eyelid
      droops, he's wearing glasses, and his lips
      are cracked!

      HK's photo reminds me of that one nasty
      little creature in Lord of the Rings that
      was trying to steal back his "precious."

      The 5X7 is $15.00 and the 8.5X10 is $25.00!

      ECKists, I'm sure, will enjoy the hypnotic
      effect... If they can just get past the cost
      and HK's goofy smirk!

      BTW- Why do ECKists need a (Physical Plane)
      picture of Klemp? All they have to do is visualize
      the "Orange Light" to Heal oneself. Visualizing
      is Free, whereas, Klemp's picture isn't! Remember,
      too, Klemp gets 50% royalties on each of his items

      Doesn't it seem that Klemp is taking ECKists
      back in time and in consciousness after 27
      years! Why do ECKists NEED to be sold a physical
      picture of someone's partial face in order to be
      able to Soul Travel? Can't ECKists "visualize"
      HK's image by now??? Too bad, so sad!


      drubezarne wrote:
      Joan Klemp has the healing solution!
      She wants all eckists to purchase the
      latest picture of her husband and stare
      into his eyes. Doing this will heal and
      also bring about all kinds of miraculous
      events including lightening the sick eckist's
      wallet while fattening her husband's.
      By the way, it appears that state leaders
      are asked to promote this healing special
      by bringing attention to it at regional seminars.
      I saw a picture of a slide presentation at
      our state's regional in which the photo they
      are selling was shown to the audience while
      a speaker explained why they should purchase
      this photo. The audience looked spellbound.

      prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > In Klemp's "The Wisdom Notes" SPRING
      > > 1986 Klemp states the following (excerpts):
      > >
      > > "Some ECK Initiates are Misusing ECK
      > > to Heal the Sick and are Charging a Fee
      > > for this service."
      > >
      > > ME: Klemp, also, charges a membership
      > > "Fee" (donation) for his "healings" too!
      > >
      > > HK: "This is Wrong. They are taking
      > > on Karma and will have to Pay for it.
      > > The KAL Government [America, etc.]
      > > of the Lower Universes has authorized
      > > Medical Schools to teach students to
      > > become health practitioners. Licensed
      > > Doctors, Dentists, and Other Healers
      > > are granted Relief from Certain Karma,
      > > This SAFEGUARD [insurance] is NOT
      > > available to someone who Heals out
      > > of Misplaced Sentiment of Improving
      > > the lot of the Downtrodden, BUT who
      > > has No idea of the Karma behind the
      > > Patient's Condition." [my caps & brackets]
      > >
      > > ME: Therefore, don't be a Good Samaritan
      > > and stop at an accident scene where you
      > > could affect the "Healing" of any accident
      > > victims! Don't give them any comfort, or
      > > attempt to "heal them" spiritually by chanting
      > > HU. Unless one is licensed by the KAL, for
      > > an equal parcelling out of Karma, it is Not
      > > recommended that ECKists demonstrate
      > > empathy, compassion, or responsibility toward
      > > others. These are the controlling fear tactics
      > > Klemp is using!
      > >
      > > HK: "Paul told of the ORANGE LIGHT in
      > > Letters to Gail 3. The information about
      > > it was released BEFORE the discourse is
      > > published because the need for it is great.
      > > BUT the Orange Light is only for one to HEAL
      > > himself, Not Others--especially for a fee.
      > > This puts oneself before the ECK."
      > >
      > > ME: Interesting! Klemp felt that the "NEED"
      > > for this "information," (on using the Orange
      > > Light to HEAL oneself), was so "GREAT" that
      > > it had to be released BEFORE the Discourse
      > > was published!!! This was expedited for the
      > > benefit of ALL ECKists!
      > >
      > > What's even more interesting is that ECKists,
      > > today, still don't seem to be able to HEAL
      > > themselves with this Orange Light... even
      > > after Klemp published this info in 1986!
      > > Why is that I wonder? Probably because
      > > it's all wishful thinking and mind over
      > > matter AND it is under the KAL (Klemp).
      > >
      > > But wait! There's more nonsense coming
      > > from Klemp!
      > >
      > > HK: "The Safest Healing is to tell the sick
      > > to see the BEST doctor available, and then
      > > have the patient WRITE to the Mahanta, the
      > > LEM, for the INNER SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE in
      > > Order To Make A Decision. This avoids ALL
      > > Karma."
      > >
      > > ME: ALL KARMA! Okay! Let's look at Klemp's
      > > choice of words. How is waiting for a snail-mail
      > > letter to be delivered to Klemp (and then waiting
      > > for a reply) Before making a decision on a Doctor
      > > lead to a SAFE HEALING or ANY? The Karma of
      > > waiting until it's too late to be Healed is on Klemp!
      > > It's idiotic and Klemp is an idiot to give this kind
      > > of advice. No wonder ECKists are screwed up!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
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