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Klemp & The Mahanta's Guidance

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  • prometheus_973
    What is the duty and job of the Mahanta? It s to provide a service of Guidance for ECK Chelas! Isn t that the Mahanta s true mission! Unfortunately for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2008
      What is the duty and job of the
      Mahanta? It's to provide a service
      of Guidance for ECK Chelas! Isn't
      that the Mahanta's true mission!

      Unfortunately for ECKists, Klemp,
      the Mahanta, has become likened
      to a Third Rate "inner" GPS guidance
      system. And, HK has reversed the

      But, What is the Mahanta's "duty"
      to chelas?

      ECKists are paying (annually) for
      a "reversed" (one-sided) service
      agreement on their Mahanta GPS!

      If the Mahanta "GPS" system doesn't
      work properly and is Non-responsive
      for requests, or won't turn on, Why
      is that ALWAYS the fault of the chela!

      Would Garman or Tom Tom tell their
      customers to use their "imaginations"
      or that service problems were "always"
      their fault! What does the "Manual" say?
      Wouldn't these companies take responsibility
      for their products? So Why doesn't Klemp?
      Too bad that the "Lemon Law" doesn't
      apply to ECKANKAR for some form of
      Consumer Protection!

      And No, the ESAs are Not Service Techs
      or Customer Service Reps! It always comes
      back to the customer and never the provider!

      As LEM, Klemp, is selling other & different
      products than he is as the Mahanta! HK's
      selling ($$$$$) annual memberships
      (required for initiations), books, jewelry,
      CDs, tapes, etc., etc., AND "Inner Guidance"
      either by the Mahanta, or under his direction
      with his employees/associates.

      As the MAHANTA HK is supposed to be
      providing a service for "Inner Guidance"
      into the "higher" worlds of ECK!

      So how's that working out for ECKists
      after 27 years?

      Other than a lot of self-hypnosis, via
      preconceived expectations and visualization
      of ECK Masters, this is the only kind
      of delusional & self-fulfilling "prophecy"
      that Klemp has to offer ECKists!

      Really! What should happen when
      ECKists fulfill their part of the membership
      agreement and Klemp doesn't fulfill
      his? Or, is Klemp's responsibility and
      duty to ECKists really spelled out all
      that clearly with one's EK membership?

      Service, by ECKists, is always being
      sold to them, but Why are the results
      of these "selfless acts" only "testified
      to" by a handful of the Same People,
      over and over again?

      This is, also, the real reason Why
      Klemp NO LONGER mentions real
      names, or any names at times, in
      his redundant PR stories and articles.
      HK has the same people over the
      years writing these testimonials!

      Therefore, this Mahanta Higher Plane
      GPS system isn't even close to what
      a (Mental Plane) video game has to
      offer chelas or that of a real Physical
      Plane GPS system!

      As Below So Above, should apply to
      the Mahanta as well! After all, when
      Lower Plane inventions, service agreements,
      and guarantees can out perform
      Eckankar's LEM and Mahanta...

      Well, it's something for ECKists to
      contemplate upon.

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