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ECK High Initiates Need to Stay or Grow!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Klemp manipulates his chelas into a lifetime of servitude to promote his image to the public and to buy his books. In Chapter 12 of the Shariyat
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 8, 2008
      Hello All,
      Klemp manipulates his chelas into
      a lifetime of servitude to promote
      his image to the public and to buy
      his books.

      In Chapter 12 of the Shariyat Book 2
      Twitchell talks about 7th Initiates:

      "He now has the right to choose
      whether he will pursue the rest
      of the way on the path of Eckankar.
      There are five more initiations for
      him to take before entering into
      the true circle of the Adepts..."

      Twitchell talked of FIVE more initiations!
      ECKists should ask themselves, How many
      8th Initiates are there and why aren't there
      more? Why have 7ths hit a glass ceiling?

      According to PT's SHARIYAT there are FOUR
      More Initiations for Klemp's 8ths!

      Why is there NO FREEDOM from any creed,
      religion, or teacher for the EK 7th Initiate?
      Why does Klemp always turn it around and
      make it the chela's problem?

      Plus, Klemp stated long ago, in the FALL 1987
      "The Wisdom Notes," that "My work is mainly
      in the other worlds, simply because there are
      so many SOULS in them."

      Therefore, with Klemp, ECKANKAR became
      a Lower Plane Religion! This is one reason
      WHY HK imitated the Christian Religions with
      their ceremonies, and the fact that he was
      trained as a Lutheran Minister!

      However, The REAL TRUTH is that Klemp
      is a fraud and is incapable of "Knowing"
      anything on the "INNER." This is Why he
      relies upon his RESA Org and Initiate Reports
      to "Know" anything about his chelas!

      Klemp goes on in this Wisdom Note and
      states that, "Happily, 95% of the ECK
      initiates are truly aspiring for the GOD

      What about the JOURNEY being the true
      GOAL! Desires and promises in the next
      life are what fuels Religion while "rank"
      mostly fuels the ego.

      When does one NO Longer NEED to be a
      FOLLOWER? EK Chelas need those HIGHER
      INITIATIONS! Their EGOs need to feel 'superior
      normal' and these initiations are said to be
      "yardsticks" for spiritual growth- just look
      at those who are of "HIGH RANK." Most H.I.s
      act very aloof and "spiritual!"

      Plus, PT's Shariyats and Klemp tell these
      needy followers that they HAVE to HAVE
      this HIGHER INITIATION (the 12th) in order
      to reach this GOAL! Therefore, more service
      is needed!

      Some H.I.s have mastered acting "AS IF"
      they have a "Higher Con" and are good at
      looking the part and going through the
      motions. Some are very good organizers!
      Closer scrutiny will show that many have
      an arrested social development. Many ECKists
      make too many assumptions about their
      Leaders. Klemp is a Narcissist and a Fraud
      and this is "why" he can Never Accept Any
      Responsibility for Anything. It all comes
      back to the chela and never the fake master!
      Shit rolls downhill!

      Let's face it - Most EK 7th Initiates have been
      7ths for 20 plus years with Klemp in Charge!

      Both PT and Klemp contradict themselves
      too! In the SPRING 1986 "The Wisdom Notes"
      HK states that one must be a "Kevalshar,
      initiate of the 11th Circle..." to achieve spiritual
      freedom and then uses a Catch-22 from PT's
      Shariyat by stating, "Rebirth is gained in this
      world, which is the land of the SUGMAD....
      for the way to this rebirth in the land of SUGMAD,
      a guide must be found. It is only the Mahanta,
      the LEM..."

      However, if one looks up ANAMI LOK (pg.9)
      in the ECK LexiCon one will see that this is
      the 10th Plane and where SUGMAD Resides
      and the word associated with this plane is HU!

      Now, if one looks at the preceding 9th Plane,
      AGAM LOK, (pg.4) they will see that the ruler
      of this plane is AGAM PURUSHA - who is the
      SUGMAD with a "slight limitation."

      After reading this there should be a Light
      Turning On for most ECKists! This is WHY
      Twitchell (and Klemp), later, edited the
      SHARIYATS and WHY Klemp "slowed down"

      There really should be 100 NINTH INITIATES
      and 50 EIGHTH INITIATES by now... BUT for
      the fact that neither Twitchell or Klemp wanted
      to let these people go! They had too much
      experience conducting EK business, giving
      intros, and running the org to give them their
      spiritual freedom via higher initiation and
      handing them off to the SUGMAD!

      The scam almost caught PT and HK with
      their pants down, but all a religious leader
      has to do is EDIT! Too bad that Not Everything
      got edited! But when one has brain-washed,
      deluded, fearful and egotistical H.I.s, with
      an awe for those with a higher "spiritual"
      rank, it really isn't necessary to give logical
      explanations for contradictions in dogma.
      This is the way and weakness of religionists!


      prometheus wrote:
      > It looks like Klemp isn't the only
      > one selling snake oil and initiations!
      > These people also have meetings at
      > the base of Mt. Shasta where the space
      > aliens have an underground compound.
      > The EK Masters from Venus, Jupiter,
      > and Clarion, etc. should fit right in
      > with the others! Maybe they know one
      > another?
      > Dr. Joshua David Stone (Ph.D in
      > Transpersonal Psychology) talks
      > about the 12 steps to self mastery
      > needed for Ascension in this Life!
      > http://www.meaningoflife.i12.com/Ascension.htm
      > Note from Dr Joshua David Stone:
      > "A great many Lightworkers on this planet
      > are achieving their ascension and higher
      > levels of initiation and this is good and
      > appropriate. The Masters and I, however,
      > are very concerned about a growing trend
      > in the spiritual movement of great spiritual
      > advancement without proper integration into
      > the mental and emotional vehicles. This might
      > be termed the psychological level. What does
      > it matter if one is a 7th degree initiate and
      > yet is run by the negative ego, lower-self
      > desire body, inner child and the emotional
      > body?
      > This, my beloved readers, is more common
      > than you realize. The thrust of the Melchizedek
      > Synthesis Light Academy training course is
      > to rectify this growing imbalance in the spiritual
      > movement. I say to you now, my beloved friends,
      > that if this psychological work is not done,
      > almost all channeling and clairvoyant work
      > becomes corrupted and true liberation has
      > not been achieved, even if you have passed
      > the 7th initiation.
      > You may have achieved liberation from the
      > physical plane, however you will have to
      > reincarnate on the astral and/or mental
      > plane, and this is not true liberation.
      > I guide you to my books "Soul Psychology,"
      > "How to Clear the Negative Ego," "Integrated
      > Ascension: Revelation for the Next Millennium,"
      > "How to Release Fear-Based Thinking and Feeling,"
      > and "The Golden Book of Melchizedek" that
      > speaks directly to this most important subject.
      > All these books are available directly from
      > the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy
      > (818) 769-1181.
      > One other crucial point to realize on this
      > subject is that if the proper psychological
      > work is not done, as mentioned above,
      > the Masters of the Planetary and Cosmic
      > Hierarchy, and Spirit itself, will hold your
      > evolution at the end of the 7th initiation.
      > No matter how much spiritual work you
      > do, there is a ring-pass-not of spiritual
      > advancement if proper integration of your
      > initiations in the mental, emotional, and
      > psychological realm is not achieved. In other
      > words, movement into Cosmic Ascension
      > as opposed to Planetary Ascension will not
      > be allowed to take place. It is important to
      > understand that initiations have more to do
      > with the percentage of light quotient you carry,
      > and not necessarily with the development
      > of true Christ Consciousness and character
      > development within the psychological self.
      > As you know, the requirement for ascension
      > is the balancing of 51% of your karma. This
      > will indeed free you from the wheel of rebirth
      > upon the physical realms and open you up to
      > deeper advancements upon the inner realms.
      > This is not the total picture, however, which is
      > why this book is being written. There is, in truth,
      > much to be considered before "Integrated Ascension,"
      > involving all the bodies, is complete. "Integrated
      > Ascension" is what we are ultimately after, for in
      > order to fully ascend, all of the bodies and many
      > other quotients must be lifted up to GOD. In
      > a similar vein, the GOD force must also be brought
      > down by what is called the process of 'decension',
      > or anchoring spirit into the body (matter). Initiation,
      > leading to ascension, must therefore be seen and
      > embraced through a full spectrum lens.
      > Dr Joshua David Stone"
      > http://www.iamuniversity.ch/Eckankar-The-Science-of-Soul
    • etznab@aol.com
      I see a compound word here consisting of two roots: mlk - Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words king [Genesis 14:1, etc.]. Other definitions
      Message 2 of 5 , Sep 8, 2008
        I see a compound word here consisting of two roots:

        mlk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words
        'king' [Genesis 14:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: gov-
        ernor, chief, prince, a person with civil authority. Associated
        spellings/words: melek."


        tsdyq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words
        'just' [Genesis 6:9, etc.]; 'righteous' [Genesis 7:1, etc.].
        Associated spellings/words: tsaddiyq."

        Basically, I see "righteous king" in that word. Example:

        Mlkytzdk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word
        'Melchizedek' [Genesis 14:18], [Psalm 110:4]. Other
        definitions include: The King of Salem; the manifestation
        of Divine Justice and Judgement. Associated spellings/
        words: melekh-tzedek ['the king of justice'].

        It' a popular words these days I can tell you. And in
        some New Age circles. More than one author I've read
        has used this term. Not always in the same way.

        The first time I saw the word years ago was when in an
        old used book store. There were these pamphlets that on
        the cover said: "CHELAS OF MELCHESIDEK" LESSON
        ONE, TWO, THREE, etc. They were signed [in print] at
        the back: Your Guru, Doreal.

        The dates for these books is written in pencil on the front
        cover. The year was 1947! I don't have all the lessons, only
        a half dozen pamphlets or so, but there were at least 34 of
        them [I have lesson 34].

        Oddly enough, I recognized a number of the te
        rms and
        teachings in those books. Some of them were familiar to
        me from the teachings of Eckankar.

        Another place where I saw the word was in the name of
        an author called Drunvalo Melchizedek. He wrote some of
        the books about: "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life",
        Vol. 1 & 2.

        One has to consider the older Hebrew / Aramaic spelling
        is changed through transliteration to English. Here is an
        example: ts+d+q = Zadok. (2 Samuel 8:17, etc.) This word
        appears in around 50 verses in the Old Testament. Whether
        it was a "title", or a single "person" I am not prepared to say.

        Here is more trivia:

        tsdq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words
        'righteous' [Genesis 38:26]; 'clear' [Genesis 44:16]; 'justify'
        [Exodus 23:7]; 'righteousness' [Leviticus 19:15]; 'just' [Lev-
        iticus 19:36]; 'justifying' [1 Kings 8:32]; 'cleansed' [Daniel 8:14];
        'justice' [Proverbs 1:3]. Other definitions include: just, justified,
        aquit. Associated spellings: tsadaq, tsedeq, sadaq; saddiq,
        zaddik, zadok, sedeq, sedaqah."

        I just downloaded a free software program that allows you
        to search words in the Bible and where they appear. It gives
        the Hebrew along with the Greek and English spellings.

        Thought I had the link, but can't find it now. The program is
        called: ISA 2 Basic. If interested you can do a search. It's a
        free download.

        Hope this helps.


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        From: Elizabeth=2
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        Subject: Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Dr. Stone: 7th Initiates Need
        to Eliminate the Neg.

        >Dr. Joshua David Stone (Ph.D in Transpersonal Psychology)
        Hmmmmm so anybody can place "Dr." in front of their name and others are
        impressed!  LOL 
        >The Melchizedek
        What the muck a de muck muck is a Melchizedek, and does anyone really
        "Melchizedek or Malki-tzédek (מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶק / מַלְכִּי־צָדֶק, Standard
        Hebrew Malki-ẓédeq / Malki-ẓádeq, Tiberian Hebrew Malkî-ṣéḏeq /
        Malkî-ṣāḏeq), sometimes written Malchizedek, Melchisedec, Melchisedech,
        Melchisedek or Melkisedek, is a figure mentioned by various sects of
        both Christian and Judaic traditions. He is commemorated as one of the
        Holy Forefathers in the Calendar of Saints of the Armenian Apostolic
        Church on July 30."
        And Dr. Joshua David Stone web site says this:  "Melchizedek is an
        ancient Cosmic Being. Though he has lived on Earth, he was not born and
        did not die. He serves with great love power and authority on the
        cosmic level, not only Earth but our entire Universe. The Order of
        Melchizedek includes all who elect to serve as guided by the divine =0
        within them."

        Poor lost souls following the quack doctor Stone and his ascension
        masters.... They really should be following klempankar, it's a lot
        easier to pronounce!

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