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Re: Eckankar: July 2005 Youth in ECK Letter of Light (1)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Ingrid, This plea for truth seems to fall on Klemp s deaf ears! ... comment. This is the first question of the three... feel free to second guess the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 12, 2005
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      Hi Ingrid,
      This plea for truth seems to fall on Klemp's deaf ears!

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Prometheus,
      > this is sooo interesting once again! :-)

      ### And Fun! Freedom from Crap-in-Eck is sooooo good!

      > <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:
      > > I found the Q & A interesting and thought I would quote and
      comment. This is the first question of the three... feel free to
      second guess the "master" or give a better response to the question
      than HK's!

      > Ah ... I think this won't be too difficult to find a better
      response to the question! ;-))

      ### I wonder if the Eckists reading this will visualize their own re-
      write of Klemp's answer? Do they dare! Or, maybe they could test
      their own level of God-Realization by doing so?

      > > (1)
      > > [Q] Kim:
      > > "For a long time I have been wanting to find the connection on
      the inner that the ECK works always talk about but I have trouble
      finding. This has caused me to sometimes doubt ECKANKAR. I know it
      is my fault because I don't do my spiritual exercises regularly,
      While in Eckankar, I did my spiritual exercises faithfully every
      day, no matter what! When I first heard that people didn't do them
      regularly, I was amazed! I liked to do them but didn't have much
      experiences either. So, not finding the connection has nothing to do
      with how often the spiritual exercises are done! but I have recently
      realized that I don't do them because I'm so scared that nothing
      will happen and all my doubts will be justified,

      > Ah, well - yes, do trust your intuition, please! :-))

      > >which would turn my world around since ECKANKAR is such a strong
      foundation of it. How can I overcome this problem?" --Kim, age 19

      > Don't worry Kim! Having the world turned around is quite
      beneficial because we learn a lot of new things. Just go ahead and
      try it yourself! :-))

      ### Yes Kim, free yourself from dogma, guidelines, and other
      limitations of expression! Know that SPIRIT and SOUL aren't copy
      protected words of the Eckankar cult, but are real none the less!

      > > ***I find it interesting that this young person denies that the
      problem is with Eckankar, but that's what we all did for all of
      those years! Instead, we once again see that Eckists will accept the
      guilt and shame and even the fear!

      > Yes, the guilt is never with Eckankar! For them, it's a plain win-
      win situation. It's incredible to see how uniformized Eckists are -
      you know them by their talk! By far the most of them mean well and
      really do their best to fulfill what is asked from them! That's what
      makes me so furious at times - they are used and abused to satisfy
      an old (HK) man's greed to be worshipped. He feeds himself on this
      psychic waves!

      ### Yes, HK does use people for his own misdirected motives. I can
      see why this young person is confused, but Eckists much older than
      her are just as confused when reading about the inner eckperiences
      of Phil Morimitsu or James Davis (who left Eckankar), and are
      wondering why they aren't having these experiences as well. What's
      wrong with me(?) they ask.

      > > *** HK could tell this young Eckist that sometimes it only seems
      that nothing is happening, but on the inner there are many things
      happening and many things unnoticed and not to worry.

      > Many, many things happen on the inner and most often go unnoticed!
      This is a blessing in my view because that liberates us to enjoy
      life and to do what has to be done in any given moment.

      ### Yes, this is where "knowingness" comes in along with a sense of
      peace and a release from fear. One still needs to use good
      judgment, caution, and common sense however!

      > >*** The truth is there are things that happen on both the outer
      and inner with SPIRIT but it has nothing to do with Klemp or his
      phony Mahantaship!

      > HK won't tell them because this would rob him of many a
      follower ...

      ### True! Klemp needs his followers more than they need him!
      Except.. I'm sure that Klump has a lot of money squirreled away for
      retirement! I'll bet he and Joan take a lot of cruises!

      > > [A] Klemp:
      > > "Dear Kim, Fear is such a thing, isn't it? It takes all the fun
      out of living. During World War II..."

      > > ***Okay, I'm not going to quote Klemp word for word it's too
      boring. However, I find it unusual that Klemp talks about President
      Roosevelt and his "Fireside Chat" yada yada to a 19 year old! Why
      not put this message in a present day context? That's not asking too
      much is it? Okay, it is for a fake master living in the past isn't

      > It's definitely too much. But when has Klemp ever used a present
      day context? Before I dropped out I found that soooo boring. There
      was that famous WW 2003 talk where he didn't say anything that made
      sense. I was still a member at the time and remember very well that
      I was impatient and wished it was over! I didn't understand a thing
      but thought of course that this was my fault! Only later when I read
      the messages on ET I found out that apparently this was a memorable
      talk because it definitely did not make sense at all! At the time I
      even asked the fellow members of my eckist yahoogroup about if they
      had had difficulties to understand the talk, and they said no. So I
      thought it definitely was me who had a problem! :-)

      ### Well, can an Eckist admit that their Mahanta is losing it! How
      can that be if he trully is "higher" and "greater" than the "God"
      that all other religions worship! Where does that leave you? Sh_t
      out of luck I guess!

      > > [A] Klemp:
      > > "So what can overcome fear? Self-confidence! Ah, but how do you
      get what you haven't got?

      > But Klump!! She has more self-confidence than you think - but of
      > course this is scary for you, so don't let her get away!!

      ### Right, she's beginning to figure out that something is wrong,
      but how can it be her and not the authority figure that she and her
      family worships? Could all of these people be wrong? Well, just look
      at how many voted for G.W.! Now compare that to the number of people
      in Eckankar!

      > > This is your challenge, Kim. If a cook wants to make soup,
      doesn't she have to put something into the pot?

      > And why is the cook a "she"? Ah yes, I know - women can't become
      the mahanta, the LEM! So they need to guard the home and the
      hearth ... or so. Isn't that so?

      ### Well, just look at how many women actually run things in
      Eckankar. There are many more women involved with the organization
      than men. The upper hierarchy of men are positioning themselves.

      > > In your case and in that of every ECKist there must be even a
      little bit of trust in the Mahanta, the Inner Master. Yes, that's
      the leap of faith."

      > I would say it's the leap from a bridge and an attempt at suicide!
      Remember your own story, Klump!

      ### Yes, quite a leap, but Not one of faith! Why did a good swimmer
      choose the shallow end of the bridge near shore and with a cable
      running into the water to grap hold of? It was just being nutty and
      putting a spin on it because the incident was a matter of public
      record and would be discovered eventually. So, beat the critics to
      the punch and put a beneficial spin on it... of course!

      > > ***Yes Kim, "someday," once you face this fear of Not having the
      lies of Eckankar and Klemp in your life, and start to follow your
      intuition, and develop Self-confidence, "you'll wonder why you ever
      waited so long." Ironically, one can sometimes find tiny tiny bits
      of truth in Klemp's own words!

      > There's even a great chunk of truth in those words! But not
      intentionally of course - HK isn't even aware of what he is saying
      here, it seems!

      ### Klemp doesn't see what he is saying most of the time. And, who
      would dare question him? Even the Pope is said to be infallible when
      sitting on The Throne of St. Peter! And, according to the Eckankar
      dogma that Twitchell created and Klemp promotes... the LEM/Mahanta
      is the right hand of the SUGMAD (the God of Gods). But, saying so
      and actually being ALL THAT are two very different things! Enjoy the
      delusion while you can Mr. Klemp... your house is built upon sand!

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