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Re: Klemp Uses 2nd, 3rd & 4th Plane "Principle of Threes"

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I thought I d bring this back up to show that Klemp hasn t brought anything new to Eckankar. Chelas had more hope during Twitchell s time at the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2008
      Hello All,
      I thought I'd bring this back up
      to show that Klemp hasn't brought
      anything new to Eckankar. Chelas
      had more hope during Twitchell's
      time at the helm.

      Actually, Klemp has brought less
      to EK Chelas with his Christianized
      version of Eckankar which has them
      chasing their tails with more false
      promises like their former religions

      > In "Ask the Master," and elsewhere, Klemp
      > continues to use the Lower Plane, KAL,
      > "Principle of the Threes." Klemp always
      > chooses to answer either THREE questions
      > or THREE ECKists in his writings and talks!
      > Where's the "Change" to a higher "Principle"
      > of consciousness for ECKists?
      > Shariyat Book 2, Chapter 12:
      > "The Ahrat is the initiate of the THIRD Circle...
      > Those who have taken this initiation come
      > under the CYCLES of the THREES in which,
      > accordingly, EVERY PHENOMENON, EVERY
      > which come UNDER the KAL NIRANJAN.
      > These Forces are the POSITIVE, the NEGATIVE,
      > and the NEUTRALIZING Force. They appear in
      > the Second Field of Initiation; that is, the
      > initiation of the SECOND CIRCLE... Within the
      > SECOND INITIATION they are recognized as
      > THREE ROADS, or paths... The aspect of the
      > NUMBER of THREES is that it is directly
      > connected with the evolution of consciousness
      > ...
      > Man's behavior has always been triggered
      > by FEAR. This knowledge alone about him
      > has been used throughout history to degrade
      > him... Thus the THIRD INITIATION will begin
      > the true unfoldment of the consciousness
      > into true spirituality...
      > The initiate of the FOURTH CIRCLE is the CHIAD...
      > Mind, Consciousness, and Intelligence are the
      > Ruling Factors upon this Plane. The Outward
      > Manifestation of these THREES is thought..."
      > ********************************************
      > On another note-
      > Sharon Wrote:
      > BTW, the "lexicon" is simply a reprint of
      > the old ekult "dictionary" from the early
      > 70's, I didn't totally compare both books
      > but just skimming them, they looked
      > identical. One thing I remember is that
      > ekult has 9 "trinities", yep Twitch stole
      > from everywhere but hyped what he stole
      > to make ekult the biggest & bestest...
      > ME: Hi Sharon,
      > Actually Klemp not only stole from Twit's
      > plagiarized info but also added to and edited
      > it for his own EK LexiCON.
      > HK deleted and/or changed many of PT's
      > Dictionary entries and added several others.
      > Most, not all, of HK's new entries are concerning
      > the New 12 Spiritual Years now celebrated.
      > I've discussed some of Klemp's Lexicon
      > changes in posts that can be found in the
      > archives which are titled under "EK Lexicon."
      > For example, Klemp added "Arahata, The
      > Year of the." However, what is more interesting
      > (check PT's EK Dictionary) is that Klemp also
      > added "Ancient One. The Mahanta."
      > Klemp also added the following:
      > "Aluk, Temple of the. See Jartz Chong;"
      > "aluminum;" "Anami Purusha;" "Ahura
      > Mazda." There are many more examples
      > without getting out of the "A's!"
      > In many cases Klemp is simply tying up
      > the loose ends of Twitchell's "research"
      > and is Not really adding anything New.
      > For example, Klemp adds the definition
      > for "Armaiti" which is mentioned by PT
      > in his definition for "Amesha Spentas."
      > BTW- HK's & PT's "Armaiti" can be found
      > on page 51 of The Path of the Masters as
      > "Spenta-Armaiti."
      > PT's & HK's "Amesha Spentas" can be found
      > on pages 50-51 in The Path of the Masters
      > as "Amesh Spenta."
      > Prometheus
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