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Re: kirpal singh & How to Spot a Counterfeit Master

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  • drubezarne
    Leanne: Yes, read the Sant Mat literature because there s a lot of wisdom in it and it will teach you how to meditate. Whenever the literature mentions the
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 4, 2008
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      Yes, read the Sant Mat literature because there's a lot of wisdom in
      it and it will teach you how to meditate. Whenever the literature
      mentions the Master just substitute the word God because there is only
      Soul and God. You don't need anyone getting between you and God.

      I believe in teachers, but not Masters who act as intercessors between
      you and God. If you look for a teacher, then observe their actions and
      words very carefully. A true teacher should never indulge in the 5

      Walk away as fast as you can from any Master that exhibits the following:

      1. Anger - He criticizes and finds fault in his students, other
      religious/spiritual paths, other leaders of spiritual/religious paths,
      and his former students. See the previous thread from Harold Klemp's
      article about the Fox in the Henhouse. He also lectures on the
      mistakes of others and points out their defects. He scolds and blames
      others for all that goes wrong. He takes offense easily.

      2. Vanity - He loves long titles like Sri Harold Klemp, The Mahanta,
      The Living Eck Master and he constantly reminds us of this title and
      how much power it carries. He loves his position of power and will
      even create a hierarchy that places him ever higher and more removed
      from his followers.

      Vanity and Anger go hand in hand because vain people are often bossy,
      scold, and like to find fault in others, but never in themselves.
      Their view is that they are infallible. A vain person like Harold
      Klemp imagines he is calling attention to his own virtues by pointing
      out the faults of others. In actuality he is only revealing his own
      shortcomings. If he is opposed, he will try to punish that person. See
      Ford Johnson's book which tells how Harold punished Graham by taking
      away his initiations and how he disciplined Ford and other H.I.'s.

      Self proclaimed counterfeit Masters like Klemp enjoy making public
      speeches, are eager to see their name and picture in print, and like
      to remind us of their godliness.

      3. Greed - This is a common passion of many self-proclaimed Masters.
      One of the signs that shows that they are suffering from it is their
      lack of pity, love, and kindness. Anger consumes and greed hardens.
      Some of the ways greed makes itself known is when counterfeit Masters
      like Klemp misrepresent themselves and their established religious
      path by cover ups such as make-believe explanations that hide the
      truth, lies, trickery, falsehoods, and concealing their finances.

      4. Attachment - A Master who exhibits concern or anxieties about the
      direction his religion and some of his followers are going, surely
      suffers from attachment. Attachment is the king of procrastination.
      Look how Klemp put off telling his followers the real truth about the
      extent of Paul's plagiarism. He even delayed having the truth come out
      by making up a fairy tale story of astral libraries. When you see him
      write so much about his illnesses and his trivial daily routines, it
      shows his attachment to the physical body. When Harold Klemp urges his
      followers to do service, he is only promoting an attachment to duty.

      5. Lust - Maybe someone else can take over here.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Leanne Thompson
      <le_anne_thompson@...> wrote:
      > Is kirpal singhs successor still giving initiations? Is that path a
      safe one to study / be on?
      > Thanks
      > Leanne
    • vicchaiken
      What is the difference between Eckankar, Christianity or any other religion. At the foundation none of the claims are provable and all have to do with buying
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        What is the difference between Eckankar, Christianity
        or any other religion. At the foundation none of the
        claims are provable and all have to do with buying
        into a set of beliefs that are taken on faith which use
        the power of rationalization and ignorance to bind
        the follower to the system. Read The God Delusion.

        Kevin Kinnamore wrote:
        > My brother is in prison in Oregon. He is trying to get his life
        > straightened out. He is really trying to get to know God and
        > wants to be a good person and please God. He is not as mature
        > as most people his age. He is also under-educated.
        > Our mother is an Eckist and is sending him her "propaganda".
        > He asked me in confidence if I could help him find out if it
        > is some sort of cult.
        > Now, I am a Christian, and I could tell him about Jesus Christ
        > and what Christ has done for me. But, that is not what he wants
        > from me.
        > And i don't want to go behind my mothers back and knock
        > her religion.
        > Will someone direct me on how to help him. What I can send
        > him, or what someone else can send him. He is in a state prison
        > and is easily misled.
        > Could someone help me out??
        > ************************************************************
        > Dear Kevin,
        > Others cannot tell you what to do. Perhaps, you should do as
        > your brother has asked and let the chips fall where they may
        > with your Eckist mother. Is Eckankar a cult? YES! Is EK as dangerous
        > as Other (past and present) Cults? It Could become very deadly
        > if Klemp becomes more unstable! Eckankar, however, has been
        > deadly, dangerous and controlling, in varying degrees, over the
        > years for many Eckists. All religions are similar... only the dogma
        > varies.
        > I suggest that you read the site's message archives and the LINKs,
        > as well as, download Ford Johnson's book "Confessions of a God
        > Seeker."
        > http://tinyurl.com/589tcr
        > Thanks for your inquiry!
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