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Re: The Fox in the Henhouse

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Drubezarne and All, It s clear! Klemp and his cohorts are the Goose- Stepping (Nazi), Schizophrenic, Big Muddy Booted, Antagonistic, Ego driven Foxes
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      Hi Drubezarne and All,
      It's clear! Klemp and his cohorts are the Goose-
      Stepping (Nazi), Schizophrenic, Big Muddy Booted,
      Antagonistic, Ego driven Foxes outside of the EK
      henhouse! Klemp allows Stephen Brown, Doug Marman,
      and many others on HU Chat and elsewhere to do
      their dirty work for him while turning a deaf ear
      and blind eye toward it all. Eckankar is truly of the
      Lower Worlds!

      If ECKists are to believe the hype that (the 14th Plane
      LEM and FULL Mahanta) Klemp "KNOWS" Everything,
      Everywhere and, especially, about his chelas and H.I.s...
      then Why doesn't HK "know" who the FOXES are and
      Why doesn't HK do something about it? See, if it doesn't
      make sense then it's usually Not true!

      Klemp has No special Powers or Abilities. If anything,
      he has fewer because his true consciousness and
      ethics are lower than that of the True Spiritual Seeker
      and of Soul. Klemp is a deceiver/con-man and wannabe
      who has misrepresented himself just as Twitchell and
      Gross did before him. Klemp's, also, as vain as Twitchell
      and that's why he copied the PT's Who's Who thing.
      Except, it was 1935 and Twitchell was 27 years old
      at the time of his Who's Who experience. Klemp was
      already the LEM/Mahanta for 20 years when his vanity
      got the best of him and he paid to be placed in Who's Who!

      BTW-I've added some caps and bracketed comments
      to Klemp's words in the H.I. Letter below.


      drubezarne wrote:
      This is a reprint from the December 2006 H.I. Letter.
      Notice how Harold is really talking about himself -
      the fox in charge of the henhouse. In this letter to
      all the higher initiates, he is encouraging all of them
      to report any suspicious behavior to their RESAS
      (Harold's handpicked stool pigeons). Thus, he spreads
      paranoia, suspicion, isolationism, fear, and divisiveness
      among his followers.
      If you ever wonder why eckists are so judgmental
      and why there is so much fear in this religion/cult,
      then look no further. Here is a prime example of
      where it comes from.
      "Dear Brothers of the Leaf,
      There is a (H.I.) Fox outside the (EK)
      Henhouse, and it bears watching. You
      are a Guardian of the Henhouse (Not
      the Shariyat!), helping your RESA in
      making sure the ECK chelas (lower
      initiates) in your area receive fair treatment
      from those who are Above Them (in Rank
      or) in some service to ECK.
      These lovers of truth and the Mahanta,
      the Living ECK Master (Me) deserve fair
      treatment (treat me better!). Most ECK
      leaders show them (me) that courtesy.
      However, a few do not (like prometheus,
      Joan, Marge, and Marion).
      Much of the ECK work is borne by chelas
      (lower initiates) who do so out of pure love.
      There is No Remuneration Involved (Except
      for Higher Initiations, Cleric, Initiator, ESA,
      Board, and RESA Positions).

      Their spiritual blessings are great, far greater
      even than receiving a Pot of Gold filled
      to the brim (So why do ECKists buy Lottery
      Tickets or Play the Slots?). So they represent
      (the) love (for self... ego).
      The Fox stands for Power (did he hold the "Rod"
      too?). He is Ruthless and sees A House Full of
      Chicken Dinners (if the EK chickens were Eagles
      they could have flown away!). He feeds on the Weak
      and Helpless (that's their karma!), on those who
      cannot defend themselves (doesn't Klemp state
      that he Heals and Protects ECKists! Another Lie!).
      Now, what kind of a (henhouse) Guardian would
      it be who stood by and let the Fox, a Power Seeker,
      satisfy his pleasure? (He would be just like Klemp!)
      Someone Who Knows What Is Going On,
      is in a position to do something about it,
      but purposely shuts his eyes to the problem
      out of fear, perhaps, of offending the perpetrator
      Is An Accomplice Of The Fox. How Could He
      Not Be? (Why doesn't Klemp "Know What Is
      Going On?" Could it be all a lie? Why does Klemp
      sound so helpless and weak and unknowing,
      unless, Eckankar is all a Lie!)

      [Okay, now I know that Klemp is talking of himself,
      except, he can't see this either! Klemp allows the
      nasty comments on HU Chat and Chela Chat, etc.
      and turns a deaf ear and blind eye towards it all!
      Why doesn't Klemp do something? Is he afraid! HK
      demoted Graham to a 1st Initiate... demote some
      others! But No! It's more than that! It's In Plain Sight!
      HK is talking this way because he has No Control and
      needs Help, therefore, he's a phony and false Master!]
      I was Thinking (not contemplating?) about
      this constant struggle that exists Between
      Love and Power, Even Among ECKists.

      You look at such people (my H.I.s) with their Goose-
      Stepping Tactics (Nazi) and you wonder about them.
      Sometimes they almost seem to be Schizophrenic
      (maybe they should be locked-up in a mental
      institution or maybe they've had a God-Realized
      experience), with Opposing or Antagonistic
      sides. On One Hand, they are ever so Loving and
      Helpful. But On The Other, they are Tromping
      on the Rights of Others with Big, Muddy Boots.
      Yet they can't see themselves. (And you can't either!)
      Don't WE all find it easier to Spot a Blemish
      in another instead of ourselves (but your supposed
      to be above that as the highest consciousness known
      to mankind!). Behind the Big Boots is the Ego. It is
      Out of Control and can thus do a great deal of harm.
      These Goose-Stepping (Nazi H.I.)) people Love Power,
      Not Love. It is disheartening to see them (at the ESC?).
      They Intrude Into The Domain of Others (restrooms?).
      Deep within a File Cabinet they come across A Vague
      Rule that, if taken Out of Context, says the others
      are Not in Compliance with it. (This is what the
      moderators on HU Chat were doing! Keeping a "file"
      on people. The Catch-22 here is that the Internet
      ECKists have No RESA to answer to! Although, you'd
      think that HK and the ESC would be overseeing
      it all! Strange, that the ALL KNOWING MAHANTA
      needs to have ECKists to squeal on other ECKists...
      the Foxes!)
      This steps on people Lower in (EK Chicken)
      The Pecking Order, who must keep Silent
      (via The Law of Silence). Long ago, as a Vahana
      in the (corn) field, I happened into a neighboring
      Mahdis's area to give an introductory lecture.
      This was In The Old Days, when the Rules Were
      Not Always Drafted Very Well (Compared with
      today and the volumes of Guidelines to read!).
      That Mahdis complained to the ECK Office.
      So I found that the better part of valor was
      discretion (to keep the anger and frustration
      within?), and thus Wisely Kept Out of that area
      (with tail between the legs). What struck me
      was that the area wasn't growing! (Maybe it was
      being prepared on the "inner" first. Why criticize
      and judge? This is what Foxes do... right?)
      This Mahdis used up so much energy protecting
      her turf (from nutty Harry?) that she had neither
      the time nor energy to do an adequate job of ECK
      Vahana work in her very populous area. It was sad.
      She would Not do it and acted like a bucket of cold
      water when others did show initiative (This is what
      RESAs still do today with and without Klemp's blessings
      or knowledge!).
      One such person can do so much Damage
      to an organization, especially to one like ECKANKAR
      (a religious scam), because it places a lot of Faith in
      (free) volunteers and their love for the Master. (Isn't
      there also "Faith" that the Mahanta can actually "Know"
      something without having people writing or calling
      in information!)
      These Foxes-Power Eaters (mostly 7th Initiates)
      are extremely Stubborn in their determination to
      Dominate others (shit rolls downhill). If they could
      only see themselves (look in the mirror Harold!).
      Their (and Klemp's) motto: "My way or the highway."
      Other approaches they favor include Becoming Overly
      Familiar with an Intended Victim. Then they take control
      of the other's life (How does that work? Is this a sexual
      thing or stealing a spouse away?). The Goose-Stepper,
      the Fox, is thus guilty of violating the ECK precept of
      allowing others to have their freedom (Is that the Law
      of Non-Interference that Klemp violates so often?).
      Such a person thinks his Ego is Under Control
      (just as Klemp assumes) as much as that of
      another. He Licks the Boots of those above him
      (and kisses their ass) in the hierarchy and
      expects those below him to Lick His (but this
      is the EK initiation pecking order that Klemp
      practiced himself!). He is truly Schizophrenic
      (Sometimes it takes one to "know" one!). He
      and His Like are (not so) Few in Number,
      but They Do So Much Damage to the ECK Missionary
      Effort (isn't that called Karma?). They are like an
      Atomic Bomb exploding over a city (not to worry
      though... the mighty Mahanta will save the day,
      or can he?).
      You may get Reports of a Fox Operating in a Satsang
      Class (or on an "unofficial" EK Internet Chat Site?),
      as someone in charge of ECK intro talks, or in other
      important ECK activities (like as moderators?). Keep
      your eyes and ears open (while I ignore the problem).
      Find out if anything is behind the Rumors (isn't that
      called gossip?), and inform the local ECK leadership
      or the RESA (but what if they are the FOXES too!).
      Keep in mind that ECK chelas (Lower Initiates)
      are precious Souls. They deserve love and respect
      (try to act like you're really listening to them and
      that their words are important). They're serving
      ECK out of love, Not for a pot of gold (Well, maybe
      a Gold Leaf!). Sweep the way clear of a Fox (like
      StepHEN Brown?). Allow the ECK chelas to Serve
      (and clean too!). Let them (fold and) unfold (tablecloths),
      so that their spiritual reward can be (imagined to be)
      greater than any pot of gold (at the end of the
      rainbow or down the yellow brick road to the land
      of oZ with a phony wiZZard behind the curtain).
      Now, do you really think God or any of God's
      representatives on earth would speak this way?
      If you are still in doubt read this quote from
      his own Master Paul Twitchell...
      "He (the Shab - 7th initiate in Eckankar) never
      finds fault or blames others, either to their face
      or behind their back, no matter what the
      provocation may be. He does not speak ill, and
      he never lectures others concerning their shortcomings".
      Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book II (the bible of Eckankar),
      page 64, by Paul Twitchell
      Here's what Julian Johnson said in The Path of
      the Masters (the book that Paul Twitchell plagiarized
      over 400 paragraphs from) when he described
      a true Master...
      "He never criticizes nor scolds nor abuses
      nor lectures, not even the vilest of sinners.
      The Master teaches that the habit of criticizing
      others, or faultfinding, is one of the most
      serious weaknesses. Besides, it advertises
      both the vanity and the ill temper of the
      faultfinder." The Path of the Masters, Julian
      Johnson, p. 182.
      Liška V Drubezárne
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