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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] HU CHAT Moderator - The ever so humble Dr. Brown!

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  • Drew van Rijk
    Oh gee, I think every Eckist on the continent was buying Km or Matol from yet another multi-level marketer..er Eckist I mean..LOL Reading the drivel from this
    Message 1 of 13 , Aug 1, 2008
      Oh gee, I think every Eckist on the continent was buying Km or Matol from yet another multi-level marketer..er Eckist I mean..LOL
      Reading the drivel from this Brown fellow, it reminds me of a long email I sent to David Lane once, I think I sounded too much like Dr. Brown when I think back. It is incredible to think how brain washed I was when I was in the clutches of Harold and his band of thieves.
      I should mention the David Lane was ever so polite in his response, he knew at the time there was nothing he could do to undo the brainwashing himself.
      I have given copies of Ford's book to the most brainwashed of Eckists I knew and they threw it out without opening a page, calling the book a test of faith from Harold and calling me a secret agent of the KAL, especially after leaving eckankar after 20 years and all those ridiculous initiations....
      I was not able to hear what David Lane was saying to me, I needed to time to mature before the words of Lane took hold. They only did when Ford left eckankar for I like him a lot. This Brown fellow is the same, he will evolve and discover the truth, or he won't. The ego like to cling to the 'initiations' as a badge of honor, for some it will take more time than others to really learn to seek the truth, that is just their place on the evolutionary ladder

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] HU CHAT Moderator - The ever so humble Dr. Brown!
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      HU CHAT Moderator - The ever so humble Dr. Brown!

      Hi All,
      I know Steve! I used to buy a liquid potassium
      "K" supplement from him... it was nasty! Later,
      Klemp put a stop to him and others selling
      their wares at seminars and EK Centers.

      These Eckists weren't supposed to be counting
      on other Eckists in order to eek out a living.
      That's Klemp's area of expertise in order
      to sell his books! After all, Klemp gets 50%
      royalties on all of his books even though
      most are filled with the stories of his chelas!

      I'll have to say that Steve writes much better
      than he speaks or appears in real life! I wonder
      if he thinks that he might be standing in line
      to take Klemp's place someday? He's delusional
      and arrogant enough to strut around and act
      the part... kind of like a taller version of John
      Rogers Hinkle! LOL!


      p.s. Here it is again for Confessions of a God Seeker:
      http://tinyurl. com/589tcr

      drubezarne wrote:
      Hi Liz;
      That's a very apt and funny description of Stephen -
      "the mental giant windbag". I was tempted to thank
      him for "saving" me from the clutches of the Kal, but
      why encourage him.
      Elizabeth wrote:
      > >
      Hi Liska, and welcome to the group!
      > >
      I see the famous Dr. Stephen Brown (the mental giant,
      wind bag) has attempted to grace you with his intelligence!
      > >
      Don't be too perplexed or give him more of your time...
      You won't accomplish anything but more drivel such as
      the below. Even eckists get tired of his mental dialog!
      He is basically looking at himself in the mirror, and only
      his reflection is impressed with him!
      > >
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -----
      > >
      Well, enough rambling. Here's the e-mail I got from the Hu-chat
      moderator. At the very least it's good for a laugh.
      > >
      Liška V Drubezárne
      > >
      ............ ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ....
      Letter from Stephen...
      Here's the e-mail I got from the Hu-chat
      moderator. At the very least it's good for a laugh.

      Dear Liska,

      I stand with you at a crossroads of consciousness and ask only that my
      words may serve you in the name of the Great Sugmad, the Divine ECK
      and the Eternal Mahanta. Face to face, eyes to eyes and heart to heart
      I gaze into the depths of your being and know that my Beloved WahZ
      will fill my words with his thoughts, my thoughts with his words and
      my heart with all the Divine Love it can contain in this moment that I
      might humbly share it with you.

      Your words are like those of a child who asks "Daddy, why can't I?
      Daddy, it makes no sense to me. Daddy, it won't hurt anyone. Daddy,
      why? Petulant and naively certain, you fail to grasp the consequences
      of your actions both to yourself and others. Yet, I am of the
      gatekeepers of the High Worlds of God and faced with the
      responsibility of acting with kindness and compassion that I might
      embrace the rhythm that perhaps opens your heart rather than closes it.

      You see, Liska, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp,
      loves you as his inner form of WahZ and as his outer form of Sri
      Harold Klemp. In like manner, he loves Ford Johnson as well. Yet, does
      Ford return this love or does he, like a lover seemingly scorned, find
      illusory solace in the clutches of blame and degradation all in the
      guise of his intellectual pursuit of truth.

      You see, I know Ford as do others who stood with him in the same
      Circle of Initiation. We watched this being attempt to embrace the
      teachings of the Great Vairagi ECK Adepts with his wonderfully
      developed mental body. We watched him begin the transformation from
      one who represented the Mahanta to one who represented himself. We
      watched his on the stage and in person as he demonstrated "the more
      than you" factor that left audiences with the memory of his greatness
      and uniqueness and not that of the wondrous relationship of the
      Mahanta with them.

      We were the knowing ones who patiently and unconditionally loved our
      Brother, accepted him for who he is and surrendered each perception to
      Divine Spirit, ever seeing him as Soul even when the transparency of
      his mental approach to the teachings of ECK within Eckankar were so
      puzzlingly evident to us. Like many who have turned from the House of
      the Mahanta, Ford is oblivious to his having done so, believing in his
      mind that its subtle protestations about the reality of this teaching
      is the frame of reference against which he judges it.

      Ford Johnson is a wonderful being, one who has chosen to continue his
      exploration of the Lower Worlds and to do so without accepting the
      Mahanta's great Love as the sum and substance of his being. He cannot
      now fathom the great secret that there is no difference between the
      Inner Master and the Outer Master and that his rejection of the Outer
      Master is his rejection of the Inner Master. Yet, this Soul, whose
      book seems to fascinate you, is not content with simply turning
      himself from the Mahanta, but feels compelled to bring his personal
      viewpoint, his compulsive identification with it as "the reality" and
      insure that all who are as he has concluded "manipulated and deluded"
      by the premises upon which the teachings of the Godman, Sri Harold
      Klemp, are built, are "saved" by him and his book.

      Ford was a Higher Initiate, empowered with spiritual responsibilities
      and given great gifts of consciousness so that he might serve as a
      Coworker with the Great Mahanta, WahZ. He evidenced, as you, a lack of
      discernment in his reaction to things and his choices both for
      himself, which is fine, and for others, which is not. He wrote to Sri
      Harold Klemp of a Second Initiate in the UK whom Ford believed was now
      the true Mahanta. Ford was disturbed by Sri Harold's response that he
      take a year off from his spiritual responsibilities and read the
      Shariyats. Unaware of the profound blessing of direct communication
      from this great Vairagi ECK Master, Ford was unable to open his heart
      in gratitude but instead gauged the gift according to his mind.

      You ask me why dear one and I now respond. Go within the temple of
      your being and there humbly sing your word or the HU and ask to
      understand these words. Do not bring your opinion to the inner sanctum
      of your being or your mental craving for truth, for it will elude the
      mind at every turn and leave you only with your own concept of it, as
      it did Ford Johnson. You who desire truth, bend before its
      responsibility and thus humbled by its majesty, observe it as
      yourself. For, you must become the truth you seek and cannot find it
      between the covers of any book written by another, even the Godman.

      Do not ask me to assist you in casting shadows upon the great Light of
      the Mahanta. If there is turmoil within your world and you desire to
      give your precious attention to the confusion of another, Ford
      Johnson, then do so with my blessings as that is of your concern
      alone. Yet, you will not do so on this forum for that is my
      responsibility. If you choose to struggle with truth, with the reality
      of the Mahanta and to allow Ford Johnson's illusions to enter into
      your house of consciousness, you are free to do so. Yet, I will not
      support this and have no desire to examine it as I have met the
      Vairagi Masters, traveled consciously to the Golden Wisdom Temples and
      come to know the reality of all that exists as my own truth.

      Do you see Liska, it is not necessary for one who drinks the Holy
      Water and quenches his thirst through experience, to wander aimlessly
      within the concepts of another who is no longer aware that he is even
      thirsty. Remember, you who are loved by the Mahanta, that it is this
      love for which you truly seek. Do not place your concepts of It as
      prison bars upon Its limitless and eternal nature, for in doing so, as
      with Ford, it is you who become imprisoned. In conclusion and in the
      finality of my time and attention given to this subject, why would I
      or any other student of WahZ seek to explore the confused ramblings of
      one whose mind emerged victorious in his conflict this lifetime
      between it and himself as Soul.

      I wish you well Liska. No one has banned you from this forum. Yet,
      until you demonstrate Viveka, you will remain on moderated status, as
      is everyone who first joins this forum. I have given you a great gift.
      Do with it as you will. Whatever choice you make, you are never apart
      from the love of this being whom Ford rejects. It is as always, your
      choice to accept or reject this love so unconditionally given by the
      Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp.

      Go with the Love of the Sugmad, the ECK and the Mahanta.

      Stephen (the humble)

      WOW! What Bull Shit!!!

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