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Eckankar Continues To Dupe the Trusting & Gullible

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello pjr and thanks for the post! The LINK to CONFESSIONS in your post pulls it up just fine. I ll have to add it to this site s LINK page when I get the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2008
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      Hello pjr and thanks for the post!

      The LINK to CONFESSIONS in your post pulls it
      up just fine. I'll have to add it to this site's LINK
      page when I get the chance.

      Here's a 2003 Five Star Amazon.com Review of
      Confessions of a God Seeker:

      I find the two 1 star reviews of this book to be rather silly,
      and 1 dimensional. Eckists are really frightened of this book
      because it shatters the illusion of the world of Eckankar that
      was created for them and by them.

      The one reviewer complains that the author is too "cerebral"
      and yet one must use the mind for discernment. If one wants
      to judge on the basis of emotion or using the heart center
      then they will not go beyond the Astral Plane. One must use
      a conbination of faculties including nudges, common sense,
      logic, feelings, and knowingness. Also, I had "personal experiences"
      before, during and after Eckankar. I only just now discovered
      that the Masters and Mahanta were actually my own Self as
      God-soul. Therefore, true spiritual freedom is now experienced
      on a level never before attained!

      Another reviewer seemed to think that if one finds fault with
      Eckankar that something must be wrong with them rather than
      Eckankar. To pray, contemplate, or meditate on a daily basis
      is a process of dying daily it is said. Everyone has this ability,
      but one must have a pure heart and those involved in the Eckankar
      cover-up cannot be pure. People who try to use the excuse
      of it's only "human errors" are also overlooking the Eckankar
      spin that these three eck masters (Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp)
      are supposed to be the most spiritually advanced supermen
      on the planet or in all universes and Planes! Even to take the
      standards down several levels would show these three to be
      a pitiful selection! The reviewer goes on to say that if this
      (Eckankar) is made up then it's the best story ever and that
      he has fallen in love. Well, some people love to be in love,
      and need to have something greater to believe in than the
      Truth of who they really are (God-soul).

      It is easy to put someone on a pedestal as a hero or savior
      than to take responsibility for your own Mastership in this
      here and now! People don't need priests (clergy) or mahantas
      to continue the lies that attach them to dependency rather
      than the independency of spiritual freedom. Twitchell Westernized
      Radasoami Satsang and used "The Path of the Masters" by
      Julian P. Johnson as his guide. Ford Johnson points this out
      in his book and I have verified this information for myself.
      Take your time reading this book. It's better if you also take
      the time to verify the info given and contemplate on these
      revelations. I also highly suggest that this book be re-read
      after several months for further clarity.

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