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Mark Twain and George Carlin & Rumi!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Mish and All, This was an excellent post on Mark Twain! It seems that Klemp loves to drop names and make it seem like anyone that has a positive
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 11, 2008
      Hello Mish and All,
      This was an excellent post on Mark Twain!
      It seems that Klemp loves to drop names
      and make it seem like anyone that has a
      positive influence for change is somehow
      connected to him via EK. What a lie and

      Twain was very anti-religion and this
      would have include Eckankar!

      In the Dec. 2002 The Mystic World of
      EK, (page 7) is a summary of Klemp's
      2002 EWWS talk where Klemp spoke
      of Twain. "Harji spoke about... Mark
      Twain and his battle to release people
      from thinking in terms of slavery."
      Right! Including ALL religions!

      Klemp has even stated that Twain was
      guided by the ECK Masters (like Columbus?)
      and yet Klemp states, "Mark Twain didn't
      even have the satisfaction of knowing the
      full message. Well, you in ECK today have
      it. You know about ECK..."

      Of course, Klemp is only talking about the
      Ruhani teachings that Twitchell handed,
      copyrighted and edited as his version of
      Spirit (ECK). Twain knew far more about
      Spirit, could write far better, and was a
      greater advocate for a change in World
      Consciousness than Klemp could ever
      dream of doing!

      But, do ECKists really have the full message
      and truth about the real origins of ECKANKAR?

      Read this about the God-Man:

      Klemp pushes Carnegie's book "How To Make
      Friends and Influence People" onto EK Vahanas
      as a "training guide."

      Once, when another Carnegie (Andrew) brought
      up the idea that America was a Christian nation
      Twain replied, "Why, Carnegie, so is Hell." [Time
      Magazine, July 14, 2008] And, so it is for ECKists
      too! Those Higher "ECK" Initiations.... aren't!

      Mish Wrote:
      TIME writer Roy Blount Jr. gave this explanation
      regarding Twain's gripes about religion and religious

      "What put Twain off about religion was its bossiness
      and its alignment with corrupt community values
      that people--those standing to profit--insisted on
      calling a higher power. The very expression 'moral
      sense' made him curl his lip. He denounced his
      own conscience, which frowned upon his anarchic
      instincts, his love of enjoyment, and made him feel
      guilty and rebellious . . . . "

      Actually, I think that Twitchell was influenced by
      Twain and tried to make himself into sort of a Mark
      Twain wannabe. Twit talked of the Mississippi
      River and grew up in a river town himself. One of
      Twain's closest friends was a minister named Joseph
      Twichell. Maybe the closeness of the spelling got
      Twitchell's attention too, and PT saw this as a hint
      coming from Destiny. The plagiarist and liar Twit
      certainly fell far from the Mark!

      But really, Klemp is such a fraud himself! He talks
      out of both sides of his mouth. HK planned his
      take over in a "Sound Proof Dark Room" with Darwin.
      The only aspect of "ECK" Klemp knows of is After
      It has split into It's Lower Negative aspect. HK's a
      poser and has to drop names because he can't
      even write on the same level of consciousness
      as others in the past have including RUMI and TWAIN.

      In the Dec. 2007 The Wisdom Notes Klemp quotes
      Mark Twain and Rumi. HK: "Mark Twain... 'The
      common eye sees only the outside of things, and
      judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through
      and reads the heart and the soul, finding there
      capacities which the outside didn't indicate or promise,
      and which the other kind of eye couldn't detect.'
      Twain was an instrument of truth, for much of his
      guidance came from ECK Masters."

      Yet, in his 2002 EWWS talk, HK states that
      ECKists in 2002 had a stronger and a "full"
      knowledge of "ECK" than what Twain had.
      So Why does Klemp quote Twain so often
      and in 2007? Apparently Klemp doesn't have
      the "full" knowledge himself! Such is the case
      with these wannabes.

      Even Rumi prayed to and was given inspiration
      and insights by a 2nd or 4th Plane God (Kal/Satan)
      according to Klemp in his Autobiography.
      Why, then, does Klemp quote Rumi so often?

      The Catch-22 game is to stay the Top Dog by
      associating other famous people with him via
      the ECK, but by still making HK's opinions,
      perspectives, and hindsight "twist" the highest
      and best view ever! Such is the delusion and con
      that Twitchell perfected and that Klemp continues!

      From Time Magazine:
      In the 1880s a British poet and cultural critic
      named Matthew Arnold visited the U.S. and
      was troubled by the way Americans appeared
      to lack any capacity for reverence toward superior
      men. "If there be a discipline in which the Americans
      are wanting," he pronounced, "it is the discipline
      of awe and respect."

      This isn't the case with American ECKists when
      Klemp comes on stage! The oohs and ahhs and
      giddy laughter show that ECKists have an awe
      and respect for King Klemp.They have Klemp
      on a pedestal like a monarch or dictator and
      they view his 4th Plane words as wisdom beyond

      Everything Klemp says is for those who, also,
      have arrested development or some dysfunction
      and can't stand on their own two spiritual feet.
      After how many years does it take for an ECKist
      to become their own Master? Oh, that's right it's
      all about those initiation numbers! What about
      all of those 7ths who have hit the glass ceiling?
      Where do they go and when... in the next lifetime
      or is after death the promise?

      And so it goes on and on into an endless round
      of B.S. for the typical ECKist to hang their fears

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