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Membership Passwords & When Did Rebazar First Appear?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I really don t know and probably no one will ever know when Twit first dreamed up and wrote about Rebazar... except for maybe Gail. PT probably
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 5, 2008
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      Hello All,
      I really don't know and probably no one
      will ever know when Twit first dreamed
      up and wrote about Rebazar... except for
      maybe Gail.

      PT probably included RT in one of those
      early Orion articles. However, the date
      doesn't really matter in the grand scheme
      of things. One can't nail down every tidbit
      of history.

      Afterall, Rebazar is a fictional character
      ... all EK Masters are fictional! RT was
      based upon PT's real master Kirpal Singh,
      but Kirpal was no more special than you
      or me and neither is Klemp!

      Therefore, the origins of Eckankar which
      is Sant Mat, Radhasoami, and Ruhani Satsang
      is crap as well! LEMs, Popes, and World
      Leaders are just opportunists who have
      a following with their own special interests.
      They, also, have been in the right place
      at the right time, and someone had to fill
      the vacant position! Look at how Klemp
      positioned himself at the ESC with Darwin!
      Positioning oneself opens the doors of
      opportunity, and for those working and
      manipulating behind the scenes... the
      dumber the better! HK and GW have a lot
      in common!

      PS- No I don't get to listen to EK talks for free,
      but if you still have some EK friends you could,
      maybe, go to their house to listen to the next
      broadcast with them. Some ECKists get together
      "officially" and "unofficially" in order to save money
      (or to collect donations) and to discuss the talk
      afterwards. Go to an "unofficial" broadcast...
      these are more fun! Still, one would need to be
      careful not to criticize Klemp's idiotic remarks
      openly/directly. This is when one needs to "surrender"
      their honesty. This is, also, when the "Law of Silence"
      works in Klemp's favor... again!

      Etznab wrote:
      The question was: "And, when did
      Rebazar Tarzs first appear in print."

      This is what I am looking for. A
      real live tangible artifact. A written
      record of the name preserved over time.

      The earliest records I know about
      are for the year 1964. I don't doubt
      there could be others, although I don't
      recall any.

      All of the Eckankar books I've seen
      (or heard about) that mention Rebazar
      Tarzs have a copyright date post-1964.

      Has anybody seen the name Rebazar
      Tarzs in print prior to 1964? This is
      closer to what I wanted to ask.

      Thank you for those passwords. Do you also get
      the passwords to the talks to listen and criticize
      for free?


      I think one would probably be better off looking into
      radoshami or sudar singh since eck copied from them.

      prometheus wrote:

      > Hi Leanne,
      > Welcome to the site! Perhaps you could have
      > an H.I. friend scan and email or snail mail you
      > the info you are seeking. Or, you could have
      > an H.I. friend buy and mail you the H.I. books
      > you want to read.
      > I don't have any. I pitched them out! Anyhow,
      > those EK H.I. books are highly overrated! Really!
      > There's nothing of a "spiritual" nature, or of a
      > "higher" consciousness found in any of the EK
      > books, especially, those coming from Klemp!
      > IMO- There are books everywhere that will help
      > a person up to a certain point, (with pieces to
      > their puzzle), but eventually comes the time when
      > one writes/lives their own "inner" book of wisdom.
      > Back to the topic-
      > You might want to read the various H.I. Letter
      > excerpts, here, in the archives. These will give
      > you an overview of Klemp's consciousness, and
      > of his mindset that carry over to the H.I. Books.
      > Although, reading about HK's past USAF experience
      > and his ego driven spin of his fantastic ping-pong
      > matches and his judgmental remarks would do this
      > as well! It's true that HK wasn't the LEM when those
      > events happened, but he WAS when he wrote about
      > those matches and his thoughts in his Autobiography.
      > It should be pointed out that Klemp never apologizes
      > for his past (youthful) arrogance or of his negative
      > judgments and opinions of others!
      > Anyway, at one time I too was curious and thought
      > that there were untold Jewels of Wisdom within the
      > pages of those H.I. Books! There wasn't! This is EK
      > brain-washing! People tend to want what they can't
      > have.
      > Actually, I was given permission and told that I could
      > read all of the H.I. Books available "before" I became
      > an H.I., and was loaned all of them to read! It was
      > disappointing for a spiritual seeker, but interesting
      > for one needing to climb the initiation ladder.
      > Anyway, I really don't know how else one would
      > go about this quest, unless, former H.I.s are selling
      > these H.I. books on Ebay.
      > If you want to read some regional chela pages
      > or print off the latest H.I. Guidelines then I'll
      > repost those current "user names" and "passwords"
      > for you.
      > The H.I. Guidelines (H.I.G.) are updated from time-
      > to-time, whereas, some H.I. Books are of an older
      > "Twitchell" philosophy and past consciousness. The
      > H.I.G. are by Klemp and Company and give more details
      > and specifics (concerning leadership methods and
      > behaviour) than the H.I. books do.
      > The H.I. Leadership books are mainly used to brainwash
      > (inspire) via leadership/group philosophy. The Guidelines
      > use specific "field-tested" and "approved" techniques.
      > Prometheus
      > ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ****
      > This is for ECKANKAR.org MEMBERS ONLY Site Entry:
      > [From June 2008 The Mystic World]
      > user name-june2008
      > password-eck
      > ***For H.I. Only Info:
      > [From The H.I. Letter]
      > user name-june2008
      > password-corner
      > BTW- This is The Year of BLESSING
      > ************ ********* ********* ********* *********
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