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Re: What Can Klemp Do?

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  • mishmisha9
    Okay--thanks, Prometheus, for providing a list of Klemp s accomplishments/ things that he has done for eckankar, but now I have another question: How much did
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      Okay--thanks, Prometheus, for providing a list of
      Klemp's accomplishments/ things that he has done
      for eckankar, but now I have another question:

      How much did Klemp pay out of pocket for any of
      this versus what his chelas have paid and continue
      to pay? Klemp's biggest accomplishment was to find
      an easy way to have other people's money pay for his
      keep on this planet that he has referred to as the
      ashcan of the universe. I guess we can say that Klemp
      is not only a user (taker) but also he's ungrateful. In
      fact, I think that has been a long standing personality trait
      existing since his childhood--he just didn't seem to appreciate
      who he was or where he existed, so he needed to grab
      onto a delusional star and make himself into something
      he is not! He's not a people person so it matters little to
      him how his actions affect others, including his chelas.
      It's all about Klemp, the greatest consciousness in the
      universe, so says he! But a thinking person would really
      not buy into this phony boloney!

      Maybe some other will come up with more of Klemp's
      accomplishments? Has he done anything really profound
      or worthy?


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hi Mish and All,
      > It seems that one can only "list" the tongue-in
      > -cheek accomplishments of the LEM in these
      > Lower Planes. It is impossible to "list" anything
      > of the Higher Plane Mahanta! Catch-22 again!
      > Anyway, here's a list of HK's LEM "accomplishments:"
      > 1. The ESC was moved to Minneapolis (an escape from CA.)
      > 2. Initiations were slowed down and capped off!
      > 3. The RESA org. & Hierarchy was created.
      > 4. Eckankar became the Religion of the L&S of God
      > (versus Sugmad).
      > 5. The Temple was constructed.
      > 6. The many "Guidelines" were put into place.
      > 7. The Vahana (missionary/servant) program was devised.
      > 8. The Outdoor Chapel was constructed (Why not outdoor/indoor?).
      > 9. HK paid for his entry into The International Who's
      > Who of Intellectuals (ninth edition) by imitating Twitchell.
      > 10. Klemp upgraded ($) the print department and colorized
      > EK publications.
      > 11. HK received book awards from a small group
      > of local independent publishers (Eckankar was a member).
      > 12. Klemp has overseen the rewrites and production
      > of many money making books, brochures, photos, tapes,
      > CDs, jewelry, etc..
      > 13. Joan was given her 9th Initiation and promised a future
      > LEM position by her husband.
      > 14. The new ESC was constructed.
      > This may not be a complete list but it does touch
      > upon the highlights of Klemp's career!
      > Please feel free to add something to the list!
      > *****************************************************
      > On another note:
      > What is the difference between Klemp and Jesus?
      > Klemp has mimicked Twitchell's Mahanta, but why
      > can't Klemp mimic Jesus? "Doing" requires more than
      > talk!
      > Most of us know that Jesus' disciples or early (and later)
      > followers were/are Not up to his example and teachings.
      > Jesus could, also, Heal the sick and raise the dead. JC
      > could give sight back to the blind, cure leprosy, and cast
      > out demons!
      > JESUS- "An ECK chela under Zadok, the ECK Master
      > in Judea, who gave him the basic fundamentals of
      > ECK, and out of this knowledge came what is known
      > today as Christianity." [HK's Eckankar Lexicon, pg. 103]
      > However, 2000 years later, 14th Initiate Klemp can't
      > even "HEAL" his Temple volunteers and ESC Staffers
      > or an H.I. "Board" Member of cancer! Catch-22!
      > Prometheus
      > mish wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi, All!
      > >
      > > We have spent a lot of time discussing how powerless
      > > and ineffective Klemp has been as an L.E.M./Mahanta.
      > > Perhaps, we should look for what he can do, beyond
      > > what has been imagined that he can do . . . .
      > >
      > > He certainly couldn't prevent the bridge collapse in
      > > Minneapolis area; he certainly can't control the climate
      > > up there to make it an easier and more comfortable time
      > > for chelas attending the seminars held up in the Temple
      > > territory . . . Springtime was miserably cold for that time
      > > of year--LOL! Chelas are still dying from cancer; they still
      > > suffer all kinds of pains and problems . . .
      > >
      > > For the record, let's give Klemp his due credit . . . if it is
      > > possible to credit anything to him . . . let's list it! Maybe,
      > > Klemp should create his own "resume" of his accomplishments
      > > as it would be fascinating reading. Maybe a chela could
      > > Ask the Master for a list of his accomplishments!!
      > > Inquiring minds would like to know--actually inquiring
      > > minds need to know . . . but chelas are discouraged to ask
      > > questions, aren't they and are just encouraged to operate
      > > on their imaginations, to base the unprovable eck teachings
      > > on faith!! : )
      > >
      > > So let's think about what amazing and wonderful powers
      > > Klemp has exhibited during his 25 plus reign as L.E.M./
      > > Mahanta--excluding what people have imagined he has
      > > done? I hope Eckists reading this site will join in this
      > > exercise even though they most likely won't post their
      > > answers here. This is an important question for them.
      > >
      > > Mish
      > >
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