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Another Look at the 2008 EK Springtime Seminar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Here s another look at Klemp s simple minded B.S. ECKists really need to change their perspectives and a new paradigm shift will naturally follow.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 26, 2008
      Hello All,
      Here's another look at Klemp's simple
      minded B.S. ECKists really need to "change"
      their perspectives and a new paradigm
      shift will naturally follow. H.I.s could try
      an experiment (as proof and validation)
      and look at HK's words more clearly and
      without bias or color "as if" Klemp is Not
      really what he claims to be.

      Just see what happens! Actually, if it works
      correctly one's face should become flush with

      Next, ECKists just ask themselves... "How could
      I have been so blind and stupid! I fell for another
      religious con," or something along that vane!
      Then, again, it might have more to do with being
      "vain" and those position titles and initiation numbers!
      This does more to muddle the H.I. mind than
      anything else!


      prometheus wrote:

      Will the 973rd LEM (little Harry) finally mention
      the passing of the 972nd LEM, Darwin Gross,
      at the Oct. 2008 EWWS. If HK does mention it
      will he then shift the topic to the appointment/
      passing of the "Rod" to the new 12th and 974th
      LEM, his wife, Joan?

      There, now, seems to be an opening since Darwin
      was never expelled by the Order of Vairagi EK Masters!
      I wonder... When will the "Mahanta" spot become
      vacated by Klemp (upon death like the Pope)?

      Besides, we only have HK's word that he is a Mahanta,
      and who can really trust his 4th (Mental) Plane explanations.
      Actually, every LEM is a fake Mahanta! After all, Twitchell
      created the title in Jan. 1969! I guess EK is anything and
      everything a "follower" and "believer" wants and needs
      to believe. LOL!


      prometheus wrote:

      Klemp mentioned that he has fun making up names
      (like Twitchell did). HK has a book of names that he
      uses to substitute for the names of real people. PT
      used the fictional names of Rebazar Tarzs and Sudar
      Singh in place of the real Kirpal Singh. Klemp has fun
      doing much the same.

      Klemp also mentioned the somewhat passe Far Side
      cartoon by Gary Larson and a stupid joke about horses
      voting but only being able to say "nay." HK had to explain
      the joke which made it even more stupid... because it's
      so obvious and old. Klemp lives in the past!

      BTW-This was HK's first time (out of three) he mentions horses.

      Next, HK has a second story about horse, a boy, his friends
      and a Zen Master. The story was a very stupid and narcissistic
      one because the "Master" (HK) judges the boy with, "We'll see"
      as though he is hoping more bad things will happen to the
      boy. Thus, he can boast to everyone of his wisdom and
      prophecy with, "see... I knew it!" Only Klemp is, also, on
      a karmic timetable of "We'll see!"

      Klemp mentions that "tension if good" and "this is the nature
      of karma." Later on in his talk HK states that "tensions shape
      us, make us, and bake us until we are done" like Krispy Kreme

      Klemp also said something about the Holy Spirit (not the ECK)
      manifesting as the Light and Sound and compelling someone
      to take on the appearance of some human form in order to
      communicate with the seeker's state of consciousness. Therefore,
      the Holy Spirit could manifest many different Masters for
      many different Seekers of different states of consciousness!
      The sounds HK mentioned were the same ones Twit mentioned
      around 1965.

      Oh, Klemp mentions "surrender" in two different stories.
      So, it would seem that ECKists aren't doing enough of this
      either! However, this applies to, mostly, 6th initiates!

      Klemp later mentions that he had fun picking the name
      HaRUNI (like HaHaRUMI) from Nigeria and that he also likes
      to pick "spiritual names." I wonder... did Klemp enjoy picking
      his own "spiritual name?" Darwin picked the "WAH" and Klemp
      picked the "Z!" That was fun wasn't it!

      In the car/garage story Klemp mentions Click and Clack
      who were once on PBS radio, I think, back in the late 1980's
      and early 1990's. Who knows maybe they're still on! Klemp
      is always living in the past. I think this story is, also, two years
      old as well!

      Toward the end Klemp for the third time mentions a horse
      in a stupid story and the "nay" thing again! What humor!
      No really, the story is stupid because neither this ECKist
      or Klemp know anything about relationships. Deena was
      projecting human characteristics upon her horse and felt
      the horse didn't love her when he said "nay" (for no) and
      walked away from her. Deena (all teary eyed) said, "That's
      okay, I love you with all of my heart and being." The horse
      came back to her.

      And Klemp states, "This was an expression of Divine
      Love with no strings attached and this is the way it is
      with human love too" and that "people shy away from
      love with attachments. It's a form of White Magic!" First,
      this ECKist is stupid, lonely, and needy and typical of those
      Klemp is looking to control via surrender, materials sales,
      and Vahana work which equals $$$!

      However, HK uses a form of Black Magic because he has
      "Strings Attached" to everything ECK like that next Settler
      Position via Training, ass kissing, brown nosing, guidelines,
      etc.. And there are "Strings Attached" to that next Initiation
      and "Level" of CONsciousness! :-)

      ECKists Should Not Ever Forget Klemp's comments in
      the March 2008 H.I. Letter about 8th Initiates being upon
      the "threshold" to "Spiritual-Realization" versus "God/Sugmad-
      Realization." If these aren't NEW "Strings Being Attached" then
      what is?! This is Bait and Switch... Black Magic! Tell them
      more stupid stories Mr. Klemp, but don't expect as much
      laughter as the last time... at least from your H.I.s!


      prometheus wrote:

      Klemp's Springtime Seminar talk had no surprises.
      Klemp was typically dull and redundant while dwelling
      in the past. And, of course, he had the minimum of
      two "African" stories in order to placate Eckankar's
      large Nigerian community.

      BTW-This is just a brief review... more later!

      Of course there was another automotive story of
      a car breaking down (ho hum) and of a mechanic
      who received "divine" inspiration on how to fix it
      in a dream with a "White" guy who can't even do his
      own brake job! Maybe it was more a "Zen" thing?

      More horse'in around? Maybe we're on the "threshold"
      to seeing another horsey... you know like in The Four
      Horsemen of the...! Read into it anything you want...
      fill-in the blanks, connect the dots, imagine and
      Second Guess the Mahanta's (HK's) generalized &
      non-specific ramblings. That's what he's counting
      on as chelas are distracted more and more as time
      goes by and by. Other religious leaders play the same
      game with their blind, deaf & dumb believers. Why do
      ECKists imagine they are any different from the rest
      of the ignorant masses? They've lost their perspective,
      but have too much time invested to give it all up... it
      really comes down to ego not being able to admit to
      mistakes or to let go and let Soul!

      I really liked the story HK told about the "financial planner"
      using her "expertise" to help battered women to overcome
      their "anxiety" attacks. Apparently her real "expertise" was
      similar to a typical fundamentalist "Bible Thumper" when
      she had the woman chant HU. The results were the same
      as prayer. Read the thousands of Christian testimonials!
      So, what does this tell us about the HU chant and prayer?
      Both seem to have the same physical, mental, emotional
      and even "spiritual" results! Really, just Google it!

      Oh, btw, Klemp said something about a woman in Florida
      being an Eco-tour guide and how these tours attempt to
      leave as small of an environmental "footprint" as possible,
      and even try to improve upon things in the environment.

      This is B.S.! I Googled this and saw where one Florida
      eco-tour leaves Orlando, FL. (by BUS) and drives the
      people to Naples, FL for a boat ride where they look at
      the expensive homes and some dolphins. Then the Bus
      takes them to Marco Island for high-speed Air Boat rides
      in the Everglades... the Bus eventually takes them back
      to Orlando!

      Now how does this large Bus and the large Boat and the
      High-Speed Air Boat rides leave a small environmental
      footprint? Just look at the fuel used and the emissions put
      into the air! These "Eco-tours" are just a Florida Tourism
      thing! So, Why didn't the "All-Seeing & All-Knowing" Mahanta
      "see" and "know" this? Doesn't HK have any intuition or a 360
      degree view or any special powers and awareness? Nope!

      Many ECKists will think that this is a trivial point I'm making,
      about these so-called "Eco-Tours" but chelas should really
      think about it. If Klemp isn't able to show any real (unimagined)
      proof of his claims then Why give him Blind Belief? ECKists can
      give anyone and everyone the benefit of the doubt forever,
      especially, when they are desperate and needy!

      It was interesting, too, when telling this story that the
      tour guide (Ginger) needed to have prepared herself
      "spiritually" rather than "physically" and this is the reason
      as to Why one tour was cancelled.

      Why is it always about Klemp or his ECKists instead of
      being about others? There are more sides to this story
      than the one Klemp is giving! What were the children
      and their parents going through in order to better prepare
      them for this "eco-tour" as well? Klemp's narrow-minded
      one dimensional view is also very self-centered and
      a narcissistic way of looking at life. Eckankar is becoming
      more and more like other do-good feel-good religions!

      Anyway, after these comments Klemp responded to a baby
      crying in the far back corner of the hall by saying, "Yes, I
      understand." Of course, How could Klemp "understand?"
      Unless, HK was relating to the possibility of a soiled diaper
      and his need for a "restroom" break!

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