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Re: Both Klemp and Maybury Miss the Mark!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Andrew, Welcome to the site! Yes, it seems Klemp has/is running out of ideas as to how to promote Twitchell s CONvoluted religion! One would think that
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 22, 2008
      Hello Andrew,
      Welcome to the site! Yes, it seems Klemp
      has/is running out of ideas as to how to
      promote Twitchell's CONvoluted religion!

      One would think that this current negative
      World situation is fertile ground to plant the
      seeds of religious hope/promises for a better
      (after) life to come. Perhaps HK could suggest
      a better use and refocus of one's imagination
      in order to hide and ignore while denying the
      true tests of reality that Klemp, too, has no
      control over! Eckankar and other religions
      should be growing in large numbers due to
      the fearful masses of humanity!

      But, what's the point for these New Age ECKists
      or anyone to continue to believe in Klemp and
      other preachers or religious promises, as well as
      secular leaders?

      All religions (including Eckankar) are redundant,
      and fraudulent. Klemp's old time (Lutheran) religion
      and Christian/Radhasoami/New Age twist of Eckankar
      is a complex blend of more crap! Each on its own
      is crap and blended together is just a more CONfusing
      remake/CONversion of lies, myth, and fantasy.

      Twitchell based Eckankar upon other false teachings
      (Radhasoami and Ruhani Satsang) and the FACT That
      These "Resources" Too Are False, is overlooked by ECKists!

      Instead, Eckankar apologists focus on denying PT's
      plagiarisms Without looking at the Radhasoami/Ruhani
      "Living Master" similarities to that of Eckankar's LEM,
      and to the similar claims/distortions surrounding the
      "Master's" powers, etc.!

      The true seeker eventually realizes that he/she must
      become their own master without the permission
      of others.

      BTW- Here's an interesting article that I saw this
      morning that shows Why people are feeling lost,
      out of control, and fearful of the (very) near future.



      Andrew wrote:
      So true...Klemp has run out of ideas and has
      actively promoted flawed thinking from other's
      for a long time. There is nothing here to learn
      from. At least Darwin could pen a few good
      lines himself, but all have been easily surpassed
      by simple and pure thought stripped of the
      dogma by writers like Eckhart Tolle and his
      comtemporaries... After of 20 years in Eckankar
      I look back and see it as a step to where I am
      now but I wince when I see the brainwashing
      of current members...
      prometheus wrote:
      > >
      Both Klemp and Maybury Miss the Mark!
      > >
      Baby-Boomer Maybury "discovered" these Two
      ECK Spiritual Laws before LEM Harry Klemp!
      Why is that?
      > >
      Are these two "laws" by Maybury really all that
      > >
      Isn't the first (1) of Maybury's & Klemp's two (DO)
      "laws" more KAL like (lower plane) in nature, thus,
      involving things or words and acts of a generalized
      > >
      Where's the "LOVE the Lord your GOD with all your
      Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength?!
      > >
      And, isn't the second of Maybury's & Klemp's two
      "laws" a rewrite of "Love your neighbor as yourself,"
      BUT without the LOVE!
      > >
      Actually, neither of Maybury's & Klemp's Two Spiritual
      Laws include the word LOVE! They begin with DO and
      DO NOT!
      > >
      Klemp does a lot of talk about love, but look at the Two
      Spiritual Laws HK has adopted from Maybury!
      > >
      It's no wonder (to me) that KLEMP is even more clueless
      than Maybury! ECKists need to believe in something,
      but is Klemp the best they can do! Pitiful! WAKE UP!
      > >
      It's okay to question and disagree with what one hears,
      sees, and reads regarding Klemp's leadership views!
      Sometimes "Change" must first come from the individual
      ECKist and Not from the entrenched views of those in
      the upper echelons of the Hierarchy (i.e. pecking order,
      multi-level marketing (ziggurat) pyramid). This is, also,
      why many EK Leaders have rebelled and disregard the
      ESC/HK Guidelines!


      1) DO all you have agreed to DO; and

      2) DO NOT encroach upon another's person or property.


      1) LOVE the Lord your GOD with all your Heart, Mind,
      Soul and Strength; and

      2) LOVE your neighbor as yourSelf.
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