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Klemp's Tiwaja (Divine Gaze) Doesn't Heal!

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp is selling pictures of his Glazed Gaze (the Tiwaja). Why doesn t this Divine Gaze, or the Outer Darshan Heal ECK Chelas and High Initiates from their
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 20, 2008
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      Klemp is selling pictures of his Glazed Gaze
      (the Tiwaja). Why doesn't this "Divine" Gaze,
      or the Outer Darshan Heal ECK Chelas and High
      Initiates from their Health "troubles?"

      I'm sure that some of these physically "troubled"
      (sick) H.I. Staffers have seen and spoken to
      Klemp at the ESC. One H.I. who recently died
      of cancer was on the EK Board. He saw & spoke
      to HK often. Why didn't HK's Tiwaja Heal him of
      his cancer? I know, it was his karma... Catch-22!
      But doesn't the 12/14th Plane LEM have power
      over the 4th Plane God of all other religions (i.e.
      Kal/Satan) and the Lords of Karma? Isn't a 7th
      initiate above Karma anyway!?

      The following definition for "TIWAJA" doesn't put
      restrictions upon it nor does it have any other

      *HK: "Tiwaja. Also Tiwaga. The gaze of the Master
      which Has The Power To Uplift and HEAL All Things;
      one of the mighty acts of God granted to one who
      becomes a CHANNEL for Spiritual Power." [EK Lexicon]

      Hmmmm. Could it be that this is WHY Peter Skelsky
      and Joan go to visit ESC Staffers in the hospital rather
      than Klemp visiting them! If Klemp visited them and
      gave them his Divine Gaze and they weren't Healed
      then what would this say about Klemp's Divine Powers!

      Here's "A Seed For Contemplation" from Klemp's
      "The Language of Soul" that he had posted on

      *HK: "The Holy Spirit often works through professional
      medical people to help US out when WE're in Trouble.
      After all, all Healing comes from Divine Spirit,
      No Matter what It chooses as Its instrument."

      However, Klemp as the LEM is the so-called Living
      "Instrument" for those members of the Eckankar Religion!
      Why doesn't HK Heal Chelas and H.I.s of cancer, etc....
      because he can't... HK's a phony master! He's all Talk!
      Gazing at Klemp's picture or one of Jesus or Buddha
      has the same effect for the religious believer!

      prometheus wrote:

      Hello All,
      Klemp is now selling photos of his gaze!
      It's called the Tiwaja, or Gaze of the Master.

      The photo Klemp is selling of himself cuts off
      his chin and half of his forehead and his left ear.
      His skin is colorless and looks washed out and
      grey! And, there is a blueish hue around the right
      side of his head like an aura! HK's right eyelid droops,
      he's wearing glasses, and his lips are cracked!

      The 5X7 is $15.00 and the 8.5X10 is $25.00!

      ECKists, I'm sure, will enjoy the hypnotic effect...
      If they can just get past the cost and HK's goofy

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