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Re: Who is more powerful KAL or the LEM?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Jivat and All, I too would choose God (Kal) over Klemp! Here s A Seed For Contemplation from Harry s The Language of Soul that he had posted on
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 17, 2008
      Hello Jivat and All,
      I too would choose God (Kal) over Klemp!

      Here's "A Seed For Contemplation" from
      Harry's "The Language of Soul" that he had
      posted on Eckankar.org.

      "The Holy Spirit often works through professional
      medical people to help US out when WE're in trouble.
      After all, all Healing comes from Divine Spirit,
      No Matter what It chooses as Its instrument."

      Of course Divine Spirit could, also, choose a non-
      professional as "Its instrument" since It is Not limited
      to man's laws, unless, Klemp is speaking of the KAL!

      Since "Holy/Divine Spirit" is Unlimited and can choose
      Its "instrument" why then isn't the Living ECK Master
      (HK) a Divine Healing Instrument of Spirit (the ECK)?
      Isn't it true that Klemp states that he is One With
      the ECK (Divine Spirit) and is, in fact, the ECK Itself!

      So, once again, Why doesn't Klemp (the LEM and
      Outer Master) Heal the Outer Bodies of his chelas
      directly (physically, emotionally, and mentally) versus
      these EK chelas having to pay "professional medical
      people" to "help" (heal/treat) them when "in trouble?!"
      How many ECKists get quality treatment from these
      "professionals?" Wouldn't chelas (H.I.s) avoid the quacks,
      missed diagnosis, and save money via the Klempster
      (the LEM) healing them! Why not just bypass the
      "professional" middlemen and go directly to the
      Source... Klemp, the 12/14th Plane LEM! Doesn't
      the "L" Word in LEM stand for "LIVING!" Isn't the God
      of the other religions a 4th Plane God (i.e. Kal/Satan)?
      And, doesn't He create miracles that Heal people!
      Why, then, can't the 12/14th Plane Living (with us)
      ECK Master (Klemp) heal his H.I.s from cancer, etc.?!

      BTW- Why does Klemp include himself by
      saying that the Holy Spirit works via "professional
      medical people to help 'us' when 'we're' in trouble?"

      If Klemp is Who and What he claims then Why is
      HK contradicting his own EK Lexicon definition given
      for the Divine LEM and Mahanta! Klemp is supposed
      to be the Divine ECK! HK claims he is the ECK (Holy
      Spirit), and one with It, while all other chelas (8ths and
      9ths included) aren't! However, if this was true Why
      would Klemp need eyeglasses, chiropractic treatments,
      and other treatments by "professional medical people?"
      Klemp, the wannabe, is giving us more double talk, lies,
      and trickery. At the most he's a minor KAL agent Who
      is impersonating another saviour!

      Wake up ECKists! Klemp needs to justify his medical
      treatments, too, by saying it is via the Holy Spirit, but
      what makes the EK experience any different from that
      of other religious believers? What, then, makes the LEM
      more special than any other preacher? Nothing, except,
      HK lacks empathy, is delusional, and leans toward New
      Age cures/products! Klemp's words, the ECK Scripture,
      dogma, and propaganda create what people need.

      ECKists should ask themselves Why they need to,
      so desperately, grab at straws and believe in another
      fake religion! But one with an old scrawny poser (HK)
      as a "Living" Guru/Master and Divine Saviour!!! What
      a joke! Twitchell is still laughing his ass off!!!


      Hi All,

      I have been quite busy in the last few weeks, but
      I'm not giving up posting in this group. Here is just
      a note of humor for now. Let's imagine for a minute
      that Eckankar tells the truth: Black Magician Klemp
      is the true representative of God in all the universes
      while Kal is the equivalent of Satan and rules the
      lower worlds. Let's imagine that I should choose
      which one to serve. Well, I would definitely choose
      Kal Niranjan (actually not a joke)!


      prometheus wrote:
      > Klemp's Black Magic focus is the current "Spiritual
      > Exercise of the Week" on Eckankar.org. HK once
      > called Darwin Gross a Black Magician, but his own
      > lies, lack of abilities and unfulfilled promises show
      > that Klemp is the real Black Magician via Catch-22!
      > HK's transition plans were even concocted, by his
      > suggestion, in the Sound Proof Dark Room, where
      > HK worked, with Darwin! [Soul Travelers of the Far
      > Country, Ch.7]
      > Klemp continues to use superstitions and the Fear
      > of "Black Magic"and Black Magicians for his benefit.
      > Klemp mentions the elusive Mahanta, but what about
      > the LEM (HK) and his so-called powers and abilities
      > within the Lower Worlds? Klemp can't deliver because
      > he's a fraud!
      > [My caps]
      > The Forces of Black Magic are Powerful in AFRICA.
      > ECKists there ask me, How can we become strong
      > so that no force of Kal, the Negative Power, can
      > harm us?
      > First, do not look for Trouble or Anger Anyone who
      > has these Powers."
      > ME: Why Does Not Klemp caution non-Africans not
      > to look for Trouble or Anger Anyone who has these
      > Powers?
      > HK: "BUT IF the Powers of Darkness are thrown against
      > you, put your full attention on the Mahanta [me, HK]
      > and sing, or chant, HU. See a shining light around you
      > through which No Evil can penetrate, and know that
      > the Mahanta in the form of a Blue Light stands by your
      > side."
      > ME: This same HU technique was used by Graham. And,
      > high ranking ECKists have used this with no results.
      > The "Blue Light" mental/vocal chanting and visualization
      > represents the Mental Plane where KAL is in charge. When
      > does the LEM protect ECKists in these Lower Worlds?
      > HK: "Study what The Shariyat says about how to overcome
      > the Dark Forces. It is important to understand what in your
      > emotions has opened the door for this Power to Attack."
      > ME: So, Klemp is, basically, saying that these African
      > ECKists are very "emotional" (i.e. Astral) and they've
      > brought it (Kal/negativity) to themselves!
      > HK: "Always remember that the ECK is stronger than
      > any force in the Lower Worlds. Only one who surrounds
      > himself with Its presence, and knows that the Mahanta
      > is with him, will be Safe." [The Spiritual Exercises of ECK]
      > ME: What does the LEM do to protect ECKists? Isn't any
      > LEM of the 12th Plane and isn't the KAL of the 4th Plane?
      > **************************************************
      > Re:
      > Who is more powerful? Is it the 4th Plane KAL
      > (God), or the 12th Plane Living ECK Master (LEM)?
      > I recently saw on the news where northwestern
      > Minnesota had some tornado damage. Can't the
      > LEM "protect" people within a hundred mile circle
      > of the Temple of ECK?
      > If one would put HK's claims into perspective then
      > these 27 years of Klemp's reign should be seen as
      > a "historical" point-in-time where a "Living God/man"
      > has walked the earth! LOL!
      > And, Klemp claims to be even more powerful than
      > KAL the 4th Plane God of all religions (i.e. Satan
      > according to the EK Shariyat and Klemp's "Autobiography"
      > pg. 385.) Therefore, Klemp (the 12th Plane LEM) has
      > power over all forms of Karma and of everything in
      > the Lower Planes. Why then wouldn't HK, the LEM,
      > thwart Satan's negative actions and karmic responses
      > via the LEM's Grace?!
      > This, of course, doesn't involve the "inner" Mahanta.
      > This recourse, for the LEM to correct, only involves
      > the outer and Lower Planes. So, once again, why was
      > there bad weather during the EK Springtime Seminar
      > and tornadoes within 100 miles of the "spiritual" Temple
      > of ECK?
      > The LEM's position doesn't make sense when put to the
      > test and is placed into proper perspective. That's because
      > Eckankar is just another fake religion that requires belief
      > and faith in someone "greater" than you. The use of promises
      > and vivid imaginations give hope to those who are fearful
      > and feel powerless. I thought most ECKists were more
      > intelligent, or has ego gotten in the way!
      > Prometheus
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