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How Every Story Can Become ECKie...

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, These are Crazy Commute Stories I found on the Internet. With just a little tweaking and some EK jargon thrown in these too could become just like
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2008
      Hello All,
      These are Crazy Commute Stories I found on
      the Internet. With just a little tweaking and
      some EK jargon thrown in these too could
      become just like the ECKie stories Klemp tells!

      I'll insert bracketed [ ] comments to show how
      easy it is, and to show that one doesn't need
      a Mahanta/middleman to intervene for protection
      or for spiritual insight! It's all just a silly sham
      and is somewhat laughable if it wasn't for the
      harm being done to those gullible and trusting


      "The commute to work can be a lot of the same:
      Get from point A to point B, whether by car, public
      transit, or even bike or foot. Except sometimes,
      an odd event happens along the way that makes
      your ordinary ride extraordinary.

      We asked Monster members about the oddest,
      most amazing, craziest things they've seen during
      their commutes. While not all the stories are for
      the faint of heart, they're definitely entertaining."


      "Last summer, I was driving in slow-moving traffic
      on the Washington, DC, Capital Beltway when I
      noticed a small pickup truck behind me was weaving
      back and forth and having a hard time staying in its
      lane. As the truck got closer to me, I looked in my
      rearview mirror and discovered why the driver was
      having such a hard time keeping his vehicle on the
      road. He was playing the flute! [It was an ECKist getting
      in a last minute rehearsal for a creative arts gig] To
      make matters worse, he was reading sheet music that
      was laid out on his dashboard." [Good thing that the
      Mahanta was protecting the both of them!]

      "The first commuting day from my home to UCLA,
      I was driving home and the traffic came to a complete
      stop! All the negative [KAL] factors of being in traffic
      were in full force: hot weather, bumper to bumper and
      a 5:30 p.m. commute time with what seemed like half
      of the state of California. As we approached the fire
      engines and all the other emergency vehicles, I thought
      this must be a very big accident. It was on the opposite
      side of my commute home. So as I approach this big
      accident, I look where the vehicles are, and there is
      a plane that had landed. Though it didn't look like it
      hit anyone, there were many cars whose sudden stop
      caused them to take up many lanes to avoid hitting
      or getting hit by the plane. Two and a half hours
      later, I got home." [If he had been just a few minutes
      earlier he could have been involved and injured or worse!
      The Mahanta protected him once again!]

      "I was on the F train going from Brooklyn to Manhattan,
      about 10 a.m. The train was full, and a man got on
      at Delancey Street. He was about 60, wearing a worn
      but clean suit and tie, scuffed shoes and a trench coat,
      and he was carrying a shopping bag. As soon as the train
      pulled out of the station, he walked over to the doors
      and faced them like he was looking in a mirror. From
      the shopping bag, he removed a Chinese takeout soup
      container of water and began pouring it over his head.
      [He then started to sing and hum The Little HU Song]

      From his pocket, he took out a small bar of soap
      and began washing his hair. He took out another
      soup container of water and rinsed out the soap.
      Then he washed his face and also took a few ice
      cubes from his pocket and kept rubbing them over
      his face for several minutes. At this point, we had
      just passed the Broadway-Lafayette station. He
      splashed the remaining water over his head and
      face. The floor was quite wet, and he took off his
      trench coat and shook off the water, placed it neatly
      over his arm, put the soup containers back in the
      shopping bag and got off at West Fourth Street. He
      dumped the shopping bag in the garbage can on
      the platform and proceeded on his way, looking
      refreshed and clean." [It's important to be clean
      when showing up for that 6th initiation!]

      "Driving to work one morning, I looked over at the car
      next to me, and the guy was brushing his teeth! Where
      was he going to spit?" [The Mahanta would let him know...
      be spontaneous in the here and now!]

      "While driving through a school zone in South Florida,
      I noticed the driver in front of me was driving rather
      erratically. She swerved from one side of the lane to
      the other and back. Fortunately the speed limit was
      only 15 mph, and she was only doing about 10.
      I passed her, and as I went by, I noticed she was
      smoking. In between puffs on her cigarette, she was
      using an asthma inhaler. She had the inhaler in one
      hand and the cigarette in the other and was alternating
      between the two while switching hands on the steering
      wheel -- thus the erratic movements of her car."
      [Was this years ago when Millie was visiting Fran?]

      "One morning as I and about 5 million other cars were
      stuck on 101 North in Phoenix, I happened to glance
      over at a blue Honda. There was a girl on the cell phone,
      which isn't unusual. What was unusual was that she was
      shaving her legs. That's right. She had one leg up on the
      dashboard and was using an electric shaver to free her
      gams from nasty little hairs. I looked away and looked
      back, thinking my Starbucks had been spiked, but, no,
      there she was, talking on the cell phone and shaving her
      legs. I've seen people read, eat a salad and even tie a tie,
      but I've never seen anyone performing acts of personal
      hygiene in their vehicle." [One has to look sharp for those
      EK intros and the Mahanta was clearing the way!]

      "I work in Center City Philadelphia and take the SEPTA
      R5 Regional Rail line in from the suburbs. On the ride in,
      we go past West Philly, which is a bit run-down. A few
      blocks on that stretch are particularly bad, complete
      with boarded-up buildings, burnt-out cars, etc. While
      taking the train this morning, I was looking out the window
      and saw a boat lying in the middle of the street. Yes,
      a boat. It was white, about 12 feet long, mostly intact.
      But that's not the strange part. The strange part is that
      someone sprayed graffiti on the side of the boat that read,
      "3 hour tour?" [This was a message from Rebazar after
      crossing the Ocean of Love and Mercy... notice the "3"
      (Principle of) and "tour!"]


      "I saw a person driving down a major highway with a
      speed limit of 70 mph holding a bowl and eating cereal
      with a spoon while driving with his knees. It was 7:30
      in the morning, and traffic was trying to get around him
      as he tooled along at about 60 mph." [Another ECKist in
      their own little world and listening to one of Klemp's seminar

      "A homeless man on the subway line going to Oak Park
      suburb of Chicago proceeded to take all his clothes off
      until he was naked and then turned them inside out and
      put them all back on." [Was this an Unknown ECK Master
      or was it Klemp stripping once again!]

      "Last year's highway construction resulted in several standing
      detours, some of which went through some rather questionable
      neighborhoods. One morning as I was driving through one
      of these areas, a "lady of the evening" was standing along
      the shoulder of the road and raised her top -- flashing all
      of us commuters on our way to the office. Needless to say,
      it was a new morning eye-opener to go along with the
      morning cup of coffee." [Or was this a Waking Dream via
      the Mahanta to remind an ECKist to stop at the store after
      work for some milk!]


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