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The True Organizational Structure of Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Etznab and ALL, This is interesting info. I was thinking that Klemp had sole authority, although, I still think he would have to to sell off and divide the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2008
      Hi Etznab and ALL,
      This is interesting info. I was thinking that Klemp
      had sole authority, although, I still think he would
      have to to sell off and divide the assets if he decided
      to dissolve the corporation. It is a non-profit and
      not private. Therefore, all members including those
      who could prove past membership (from old I.D. or
      via the ESC's membership files) ) would get a piece
      of what was left over.

      After the first year, if the person worked out, a new
      Board member would serve a three year term, but it
      would be at the discretion of the LEM.

      RESAs, also, serve three year terms at the discretion
      of the LEM. And a ESC staff member's employment
      is also at the discretion of Klemp as well.

      No where is the Mahanta mentioned in the legal
      structure of the corporation because the Mahanta
      is not to be associated with the Lower Worlds!

      However, when Joan does become the Co-LEM then
      she too should have the same corporate legal status
      as HK!

      Part of what I was referring to:


      d. The California corporation articles, filed April 14, 1975, were
      amended on June 20, 1985. (California was the first corporation
      in which trustee voting control was destroyed.) "Membership" is
      an empty word. Seizure of control from me was a prelude to
      seizure of control from the trustees. Trustee control was denied
      or destroyed in the following sequence:

      (1) California 06-20-85
      (2) Minnesota 01-30-87.
      (3) Nevada 12-21-87.


      b. The enunciated takeover policy was subsequently
      written into law. Two years after the subject meeting of
      higher initiates [1983?], Minnesota corporation corporation
      papers were signed by Klemp and notarized October 9,
      1985, (shortly after the Settlement Agreement with
      Sri Darwin Gross). The papers were actually filed January
      30, 1987. (Minnesota was the third corporation to be
      denied trustee voting control. It was formed as a
      corporation sole, unlike Nevada and California, both of
      which were governed by majority vote of trustees, prior
      to being amended by Klemp.) [....]

      This corporation shall have one member and that is the
      Living Master Member. The Living Master Member will
      be the only member having voting rights. The Living
      Master Member shall be the Living Master member
      and His Successors, a Corporation Sole organized
      under the laws of the State of Nevada ... or its succ-
      essor or assignee. [....]

      ARTICLE VIII determines successorship to be a Nevada
      corporation. Klemp can at any time dissolve the Minnesota
      corporation and transfer its assets to a corporation in Nevada
      "or its successor or assignee". This means for practical
      purposes that the corporation substantial cash assets can
      be transferred anywhere in the world, at Klemp's discretion.
      LR.S. policies governing non-profits declare they cannot
      inure to individual benefit but enforcement policy does not
      extend to many countries for lack of reciprocal treaties.
      Any transfer to an off-shore bank would remove whatever
      tenuous governmental controls remain. Personal Klemp/
      Skelskey control can be converted to personal Klemp/
      Skelskey ownership very rapidly under the Minnesota
      articles. [....]

      ARTICLE X makes the total control over assets referred
      to in ARTICLE VIII more explicit. Klemp can do with the
      organization's assets what he sees fit. He is the dictator,
      subject only to Skelskey's influence. No outsider can
      know what degree of influence that may be but Skelskey
      is the President of all three state corporations.This means
      he and Klemp are in a position to control everything that
      happens in the organization. No one can criticize them
      and remain a member. [....]


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