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Interesting funny "eck" stuff

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  • Elizabeth
    Funny the word chela (disciple in Eck) is often a derogatory word in India (as in sidekick ). If you want to piss an Eckist off, ask them about Sri Darwin!
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      Funny the word "chela" (disciple in Eck) is often a derogatory word in India (as in "sidekick").
      If you want to piss an Eckist off, ask them about Sri Darwin!
      "Ek Onkar" is a popular mantra among Sikhs
      The stupidest religion is Eckankar. Daydreams become the "ancient science of soul travel." Pheeuw!

      Eckankar is not yet a thousand years old and it is not a world religion.....   ;-)
      Eckankar: If I reject Sri Harold Klemp's teachings, I am doomed to start the reincarnation process all over again in the next life as mere plant fungus...
      If you ask "Wah-Z" (the spiritual form of the human "Living Eck Master") for help or just hum "Hu" (eckankar's rip off of "Ohm") everything will be all right.
      Does the 90% inner and 10% outer eckankar excuse apply to this myth? 
      Some interesting info on Madame Blavatsky whom PT read and followed for a time, have a similar vision for his eckankrap?
      ....."One might wonder why, if Theosophy is so ancient and universal, it was so unknown until 1875. Madame had an answer. This was due to "willing ignorance". We humans have lost "real spiritual insight" because we are too devoted to "things of sense" and have for too long been slaves "to the dead letter of dogma and ritualism." "But the strongest reason for it," she said, " lies in the fact that real Theosophy has ever been kept secret." 
      What was this "Ancient Wisdom" which the theosophists promised to share? It is truly an eclectic compilation of Hindu, Egyptian, Gnostic and other exotic scriptures and teachings, neo-Platonism, and stories like the Atlantis myth. These are philosophies and stories for those who shake and quiver at the sound of such words as secret, special, spiritual, enlightenment, transformation, esoteric, occult, divine, ancient wisdom, cosmic, vision, dynamics, golden, Isis, mysteries and masters.
      ...and eckankar's main web site discussing those eck masters; can you really believe any of this?  LOL They even claim your experiences with guardian angels are eck masters.....   <give me a break>  it's similar to Sylvia Browne claiming she knows the names of your angels!  ;-) 

      The present Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp, studied under Paul Twitchell, who studied under numerous teachers. This unbroken chain reaches back through time. There have been countless ECK Masters in this lineage (also known as the Order of Vairagi Adepts or the spiritual travelers). Some have been historical figures, but most have worked silently or with small groups.

      Much has been written about guardian angels. In fact, there have been so many reports of angelic visitations that national research groups have been formed to record and investigate the phenomenon. Sometimes these angels appear physically during a life-threatening episode, then disappear. Other times, accompanied by blue or white light, they appear in an inner vision or a dream. Sometimes they appear as invisible friends to children. One common thread in all these appearances is that, through the experience, people's lives were changed for the better.

      Many times these guardian angels are ECK Masters.

      Who Are the Spiritual Travelers?

      The spiritual travelers are agents of God, vehicles for Divine Spirit. These ECK Masters will not interfere in the sacred state of consciousness of another being without his permission. They all work in harmony with the Living ECK Master of the time to assist those Souls who are ready to awaken to their true nature and destiny. More . . .

      Meet the ECK Masters

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