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Re: Yes... BUT...

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz and All, At one time ECKists were told to keep our Spiritual Experiences Private! Look at how many times, especially in Roundtables, where sharing was
    Message 1 of 9 , May 7, 2008
      Hi Liz and All,
      At one time ECKists were told to keep our
      "Spiritual Experiences" Private!

      Look at how many times, especially in
      Roundtables, where sharing was like
      throwing one's pearls before swine!

      Then, Klemp changed all of that because
      he needed "stories!"

      Yet, even after more than 25 years under
      Klemp rule Many H.I. ECKists still don't have
      Lucid Dream experiences, Nor do they have
      any VALID/HIGHER "spiritual" experiences.
      But, they act as though they are as happy
      as clams! Good for them! Not!


      p.s. I wanted to mention this concerning the
      Helen Frye Post. Remember, too, when this
      negativity was taking place between Darwin
      and Helen, in 1979, that DG was the LEM/Mahanta.
      And, DG soon gave Klemp the 8th Initiation
      (1980) and a year later (1981) the 9th and
      Six months later DG gave HK the 12th (LEM)!

      "Elizabeth" wrote:
      > Hi Prometheus and all,
      > I wasn't going to comment, because to me it was pretty obvious what this
      > women did concerning YOUR experience.
      > It is very common for members of klempankar to "borrow" another's experience
      > and retell it as their own.... Mostly because it sends home the message
      > these experiences are real if you want them... Yet when I was a member for
      > over 30 years, I didn't find too many that were having awe inspiring
      > experiences!
      > During many round table / workshop gatherings there was always the "I'm so
      > spiritual" types.... Which IMHO can really make someone insecure about their
      > own spirituality when comparing themselves to the holier than thou wannabe!
      > I can honestly say that I did and still do experience many forms of psychic
      > phenomena, including telepathic dimensions. We all potentially can, as it
      > is part of our make up as soul / spirit! And, yes even I have had my own
      > spiritual experience / story stolen by a local eck member/s and repeating it
      > at HI meetings as his / her own! On the flip side, I have had an HI share
      > with me that she has never had a spiritual experience! She had never
      > experienced seeing the light nor hearing the sound current! At a point in
      > my life when I was still just a lowly 4th initiate, I reassured this HI lady
      > friend that not all spiritual experiences are inner..... Not everyone has
      > those grand inner "blow your socks off" type experiences you can take back
      > and share. IMO a very small number of people can actually say they have had
      > these experiences. And another small amount will share an experience with a
      > group of fellow eckies and they will in turn tell YOU what you experienced.
      > LOL they are always looking for the new spin on normal everyday life
      > experiences, MOST will in an attempt to validate, make it an eck experience.
      > For example, when I was 5 I had to have my tonsils removed due to disease...
      > Just before they were to put me out I was so panicked I had an asthma
      > attack and stopped breathing. I lost consciousness yet was "awake" to know
      > that an old man with long flowing white hair was standing next to the
      > operating bed to take me somewhere. I sat up on the bed and stepped out of
      > my body, took the old mans hand and..... Next thing I knew he was
      > returning me to the bed in another area of the hospital... It was later
      > explained to me it was the recovery area. The old man had to force me into
      > my body, and I went kicking and screaming. I didn't want to return. When I
      > was actually aware of my surroundings again, I started asking where the old
      > man was.... The nurses and the gentleman in the bed next to me had no clue
      > what I was talking about.
      > I don't recall where I was taken, all I recall was knowing I had gone
      > somewhere, and realizing that death was not all that scary after all. When
      > we first joined eckankar I was 12, just about to turn 13. By that time I
      > had had numerous OBE and unexplained phenomena. So when joining eckankar,
      > it clearly had answered some of my life long questions.... (Maybe I had an
      > mental illness LOL) Not to mention the fact my little NDE when I was 5,
      > got twisted around into "being prepared" for the path in the same year PT
      > brought the teachings to the public (1965), not to mention the fact I was
      > blessed to have had an eck master looking over me during my NDE. (rolling
      > my eyes) Wasn't I lucky? LOL
      > Why do you think Klempankar asks that the members keep their inner
      > experiences private? Why do they claim the teachings are 90% inner and only
      > 10% outer? Why do many of the eck members sound like mental cases......
      > LOL
      > Hey I'm not knocking anyone's real or imagined spiritual experiences, but I
      > think they got the formula a little backwards. Life and all of it's
      > wonderful experiences are 90% outer and 10% inner. Real experiences happen
      > with your eyes WIDE OPEN! Spiritual experiences happen right in front of
      > our faces every single day, though as members we were told to look to the
      > inner for these. So while they are sleeping and dreaming up those wonderful
      > inner temple trips with fake masters, (most likely brought on by
      > subconscious data being taken in daily by numerous feeds like TV, radio, or
      > just someone else's garbage being spewed forth) I'm OUT HERE enjoying the
      > pressure free life of an ex eckie. ;-)
      > -------Original Message-------
      > From: prometheus_973
      > Date: 5/7/2008 12:18:19 AM
      > To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Yes... BUT...
      > Hello All,
      > Rather than having "experiences with telepathic dimensions"
      > it could be that my friend, like with Twicthell and now Klemp,
      > was just a wannabe and stole my experience and made it her
      > own!
      > Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!
      > But, I will say that at times our awareness allows some to sense
      > the multi-dimensional influences which affect groups of individuals
      > simultaneously.
      > Prometheus
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