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Sedona Legend (EK 8th Initiate) Helen Frye web link

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz and All, Helen Vanderbilt Frye was an ECK Eighth Initiate! She became an ECKist in 1969 and became involved with Darwin at some point in time and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2008
      Hi Liz and All,
      Helen Vanderbilt Frye was an ECK Eighth Initiate!
      She became an ECKist in 1969 and became "involved"
      with Darwin at some point in time and later (1979)
      found out about PT's Plagiarisms.

      And yes, the "esoteric group" mentioned in the article
      is ECKANKAR!



      "Circumstances started to take a distinctive and ominous
      direction since Helen Vanderbilt Frye first desired to help
      the esoteric group financially. Smoke Trail Ranch and the
      House of Apache Fires, was offered to this esoteric organization
      with the specific stipulation it would be used for a spiritual
      retreat, and developed with respect for the natural and pristine
      state of the land and most importantly not sold. Helen learned
      that a sale was indeed being considered by the leaders of
      the group. They claimed insufficient funds in regard to the
      project, and indicated an intent to not follow through on their
      original agreement. It appears that Helen at this point again
      moved to repurchase the property. She was refused however,
      and a resolution was not reached.

      It is said, the group at this time was undergoing an internal
      melt-down at the Sedona location. Documents were submitted
      to the organization that indicated many sacred doctrines of
      the group were PLAGIARIZED and 'lifted, shall we say. (I have
      researched the origins of the group and feel there is validity
      to this claim). This caused controversy, and Helen was understandably
      alarmed, the Sedona group was said at that time to split off.

      At the same time, it is said by some close to Helen, but not
      validated, the leadership of the esoteric organization was
      trying to discredit and minimize Helen's "official" involvement
      with the group. This upset Helen deeply as she had become
      the "unofficial" den mother of the group at her ranch. Not to
      mention her unprecedented generosity with the group. A major
      rift developed at this time between the two parties. At this time
      Helen's business manager-companion was rumored to have
      split with the group as well. When Helen was in New Orleans
      she heard that the group desired to sell Wings of the Wind as
      well. Helen immediately notified the leadership of an intent
      to buy back her Wings of the Wind estate. She was refused
      abruptly and told they had no intention of selling. Per a neighbor,
      but undocumented, around this time Helen was thrown out
      of her home Wings of the Wind, by the organization, and for
      a time lived out in the Village of Oak Creek at her incompleted
      new showplace home called Sky Fires, as she had no where
      else to go."

      "Elizabeth" wrote:
      > My last email for the day, I promise! :-)
      > This one is for those that have not seen the web site of the Sedona Legend
      > Helen Frye, one time eckankar member. Scroll down to where it says
      > Intrigue and Heartbreak" Broken promises and opportunists.....
      > At one time the "esoteric group" referenced throughout, was actually listed
      > as Eckankar, but due to legal reasons (I will assume) they had to remove
      > the Eckankar reference!

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