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Re: ShadowMan lives on...

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Liz! I read this post about ShadowMan several days ago, but didn t have the chance to respond until now. I m a cat person too--Mishmisha was the name of
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      Hi, Liz!

      I read this post about ShadowMan several days ago, but didn't have
      the chance to respond until now. I'm a cat person too--Mishmisha was
      the name of one of my beloved cats. I don't have any cats now, but I
      have had the good fortune to be friends with several through the
      years. It seems that you have sensitively helped your children deal
      with the traumatic loss of their dear pet. I like your story very
      much, and can well imagine you all must miss ShadowMan. I like his
      name, too!

      I do agree that ShadowMan lives on in many ways.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Greg and Liz
      <whitefeatherliz@y...> wrote:
      > Just to share an update, forwarding to my favorite groups in one e-
      mail. :-D
      > I have always been a cat person, and have lost many since my
      childhood. With each, their love lingered on for several days after
      their passing.
      > It can be difficult to comfort someone, even if it is a beloved
      pet that passes. Although our family thoughts on life, spirituality
      are still intact, our own way of living a spiritual life for the
      most part is still the same, minus the eckcult dogma and control.
      > I tried to share with my daughter Kim that ShadowMan's essence
      lives on. Yet to comfort her when she blames herself I had to be a
      little creative, yet I believed it to be true. I don't want her
      guilting herself.... and so I tried to explain that he was an
      outdoor cat, with an adventuresome spirit. We got him as a barn
      kitten, and tried to bring him indoors which he wouldn't have
      anything to do with. He only lived 10 months, yet I very much
      believe all souls pick their experiences and time of passing here on
      > He could have been hit by a car while we were camping for 10 days,
      and we never would have known what happened to him. (We do leave a
      large food and water dispenser out for him, just in case someone
      here might wonder) He picked a couple days after we came home, so
      when the time did come, he was still able to communicate his love
      for our family and to focus on Kim and her love as he ran across the
      street, being hit and died instantly.
      > Sounds corny but, it was if he was running into that next space in
      life..... as he focused on Kim's voice and as the sun was
      setting. His name ShadowMan was a very appropriate name for him.
      He loved playing with his own shadow, and as he left this life, his
      shadow remains!
      > Yesterday, out of the corner of my eye I saw him walk across our
      porch and peek into our front room window. I was sitting there
      doing bills, house was quiet due to everyone still sleeping..... I
      actually got up and looked outside to see if maybe a neighborhood
      cat was out there. Nope, no cat in sight ;-). Later that
      afternoon my soon to be 4 yr old daughter out of the blue
      said, "mom I hear ShadowMan crying, he misses us." I
      acknowledged that we miss him too but he is okay, happy playing in
      the woods somewhere with his shadow (that made sense to her, since
      he always spent most days in the woods behind our home).... what
      else can you say to a 4 yr old? :-)))
      > Hugs
      > Liz
      > PS/ Thought I would share a quote this morning, not to promote
      any one person or group, just a quote to express a perfect way to
      view spirituality:
      > You are accustomed to authority which you think will lead you to
      spirituality. You think and hope that another can create, by his
      extraordinary powers - a miracle - transport you to this realm of
      eternal freedom which is Happiness. Your whole outlook on life is
      based in that authority. You are depending for your spirituality on
      someone else, for your happiness on someone else, for your
      enlightenment on someone else... When I say look within yourselves
      for the glory, for the purification, and for the incorruptibility of
      the self, not one of you is willing to do it.
      > J. Krishnamurti
      > You are spiritual, totally and completely. It cannot be
      otherwise. Only your ideas of what spirituality is keep you from
      consciously experiencing The Truth.
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