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Soul's Personal Resurrection is Denied by Religion

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  • prometheus_973
    ECKists need the LEM s promises of a Mahanta (the highest Inner Master) to stimulate their imaginations and dogmatic beliefs. The masses of other religious
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2008
      ECKists need the LEM's promises of a Mahanta
      (the highest "Inner" Master) to stimulate their
      imaginations and dogmatic beliefs. The masses
      of other religious followers need their own
      structured imaginations and dogmatic beliefs
      via Catch-22 methods as well! The Religious
      Leaders of the World (including Eckankar's)
      have always taken an arrogant self-serving
      attitude and have looked down upon the
      consciousness of their ignorant, gullible,
      and fearful followers.

      And, like most other religious followers EK Chelas,
      also, need to have their Holy Scriptures explained
      and interpreted for them... regardless of initiation
      level! Still, HK's explanations are so generalized it
      requires most chelas to Second Guess their Mahanta
      and to put their own words into his mouth! Imagination
      (versus reality) is key within Eckankar.

      In Eckankar there used to be promises of Self and
      God-Realization (Self-Mastery & Spiritual Liberation)
      in THIS LIFETIME, however, Now this too has "Changed"
      and Not for the better! Now, the highest level an ECKist
      can reach is "Spiritual-Realization!" This is a New Stage/
      Level Klemp explained in the March 2008 H.I. Letter.
      However, Klemp earlier gave a veiled warning by stating,
      "Change is Change!"

      Therefore, now, it is impossible for 99.999% of EK Higher
      Initiates to reach God/Sugmad-Realization in this lifetime!

      [Not that those phony initiations helped anyone, especially,
      Klemp to reach a "Higher" Consciousness!]

      The 12th Initiation (for God-Realization) is just a delusional,
      arrogant, and meaningless hierarchical/organizational ranking.

      When Twitchell first created Eckankar around 1965
      he knew that people needed a Saviour, and that's
      what PT created via his own narcissism. Other, main
      stream, religions use a more indirect use of "divine"
      authority. Still, the results are basically the same as
      the original dogma and myth becomes edited and
      reinterpreted and dumbed down to fit the lower mass
      consciousness. However, even the upper level clerics
      in Eckankar have become like their Christian counter-
      parts as "glorified" sales people (missionaries).

      However, can a Truth Seeker or EK Vahana (missionary)
      have a clear conscience in telling others that Soul "can"
      achieve Self and God-Realization, as well as, Spiritual
      Freedom and Self-Mastery in this lifetime via Eckankar?!

      Isn't this being dishonest? Or, is the Catch-22 in the
      phrasing of the propaganda by saying Soul "can" achieve
      this... by becoming a 12th Initiate or LEM in "this" lifetime!
      This is the Catch-22 that Klemp has now implemented
      in order to keep his servants that have "surrendered"
      their common sense to him via their hopes & imaginations!

      I'm not a Christian, however, Jesus' original message
      (from what little has survived the editors) did seem to
      indicate that everyone could reach the Kingdom of
      Heaven (in their current lifetime) and have a personal/private
      relationship with the "I AM."

      People/Souls Did Not need an intermediary or middleman
      or Mahanta or whatever! This is what Jesus was showing
      them and (IMO) he was Not saying that it had to be through
      him or that they needed a "religious" dogmatic belief with
      rules and laws or that praying to him (for anything and
      everything) was going to help them any.

      God-Realization is something that an Advanced Soul can
      discover on their own. Most EK Higher Initiates have enough
      experience and enough spiritual tools in their tool box to
      cut the Strings of Attachment from their EK religion and the
      dogma and rules and guidelines. H.I.s have put in their time
      and coin and it's now time for them to move on to Self-Mastery
      and Spiritual Freedom.

      Those Souls (chelas) who still need their religion are simply
      Not ready... it's not that they are being martyrs and sacrificing
      through service and surrender and staying on to spread the
      word... well some are! They've done that for years and years!
      They just can't let go (out of fear and pride) to those superficial
      friendships, the power, and those initiation numbers... they're

      So, let me ask the ECKists:

      What was it that made you unhappy with your previous religion?

      How long did you think it would take to reach Self and God-
      Realization... in this lifetime?

      Did you consider yourself a rebel, a non-conformist, or a
      skeptic, and/or a Truth Seeker that wanted a "Spiritual Path"
      versus a religion?

      How has Eckankar changed?
      How have you changed?
      Is it time for another change... for you?

      Actually, one of Eckankar's attractions, for me, was that it
      had been first promoted as a "Spiritual Path" etc., etc. and
      Not as another fake religion! But, I had no idea (and there
      were no promises) of How Long it would take to reach God-
      Realization. Still, there were promises of having glimpses
      into God-Realization, until, one achieved it In This Lifetime!

      Then again, Klemp gave the downside to God-Realization
      with his public confession of jumping off a bridge and stripping
      at an airport and being locked-up in a mental institution until
      he learned how to 'play the game' so that ECKists would actually
      Fear even having even a Temporary God-Realization experience.
      Thereby, many ECKists consciously and unconsciously Do Not
      really want to have similar negative "God-Realization" experiences
      the way HK had.

      It all comes down to believing in what someone else is preaching.
      Why are they are preaching it, and by what "authority" (power &
      knowledge, earned or inherited) do they have in order to make
      their claims? For some reason most people like to worship and
      place their trust in certain other people, and to create and place
      these icons upon pedestals.

      Perhaps most people admire, in others, traits that they lack in
      themselves... such as; intellect, looks, power, wealth, bravery,
      or holiness (spirituality).

      How long does it take before these Long-time EK Higher
      Initiates can stand on their own spiritual feet? Most will
      never stand on their own... they are attached at the hip to
      the promises of the EK dogma, to the words and lies of Klemp,
      and to the Fear and Responsibilities of being Free... it's ego!

      Klemp (the LEM/Mahanta) has denied Soul's Personal Resurrection
      and Self-Mastery, as well as, Soul's greater hopes for this Lifetime
      by stating (basically) that 99.999% of ECKists can only hope for
      "Spiritual-Realization" versus God/Sugmad-Realization. ECKists
      have to be a 12th Initiate (according to Klemp in the March 2008
      H.I. Letter) to reach God-Realization.

      This is just more proof that Eckankar (and religion in general)
      is a KAL test for the Advanced Soul. If one can see through
      the lies and the distortions of truth (half-truths) Soul then
      has the knowledge to make life changing choices toward
      Truth and Freedom by becoming one with Soul and Spirit!
      There are some things that one (Soul) can learn from others,
      but this doesn't require one to join a group or to sign up for
      a required "annual" membership with others who will never
      be able to leave their security blankets or egos behind.
      Membership in Eckankar, or in any religion, is Not required
      of the Advanced Soul... this is a given that has been forgotten!

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