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A Star Trembles for the New Master (Oct. 22, 1971)

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  • mishmisha9
    In his Autobiography of a Modern Prophet, Klemp wrote about how the new Living Eck Master Darwin Gross was chosen/announced at the Fifth Eckankar World Wide
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2008
      In his Autobiography of a Modern Prophet, Klemp wrote about
      how the new Living Eck Master Darwin Gross was chosen/announced
      at the Fifth Eckankar World Wide Seminar, Oct. 22, 1971. Chapter 32,
      A Star Trembles for the New Master:

      So who was the Living ECK Master during the month after Paul
      Twitchell left his body and his successor took on the Mantle of
      ECK Mastership?

      On October 8, 1971, my dream notebook records a visit by the
      great Tibetan ECK Master, Rebazar Tarzs. I was itching to ask,
      Who's the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master now? But Rebazar kept
      me too occupied with several other matters about Eckankar.

      He left again in the Soul body before I remembered to ask the
      vital question.

      Several weeks later I was in Las Vegas for the Fifth Eckankar World
      Wide Seminar that Paul had called "Consciousness Five." This meant
      the high awareness from the Fifth Plane, far beyond the realms of
      cosmic consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, and the Christ
      Consciousness of the orthodox religions. This seminar promised
      an upliftment for the entire movement of Eckankar.

      I walked along a Las Vegas side street about half an hour before
      the evening seminar session when the new Living ECK Master was
      to be announced in the Flamingo Hotel.

      At that moment, a marvelous spectacle in the evening sky caught
      my eye. A dazzling shower of brilliant light bathed the western
      heavens. It washed the heavens with a breathtaking, sparkling spray.
      The spray of light trailed from a brilliant star rising from just above
      the horizon. Slowly the starlike object climbed to its apex high above
      the earth, spewing out the swath of light particles behind it, a
      celestial memory of the passing star's flight.

      The stunningly beautiful star rose higher and higher until it seemed
      impossible to go any higher. My mind recalled the words from "The
      Trembling of a Star" from Paul Twitchell's Stranger by the River. I
      knew that this star in the heavens marked the new Living ECK
      Master who be announced within minutes at the Flamingo Hotel.

      The star faded, but a twinkling pathway of light remained behind
      to witness its passage.

      I hurried along to the hotel, unwilling to be late for one of the most
      significant events in the twentieth century. Quickly, I walked through
      the casino where the center of everyone's attention gravitated to the
      roll of the dice and the turn of the wheel. Moving along the corridor,
      I entered the large auditorium. Hundreds of people were already
      seated. They also knew the importance of the moment for the individual
      concerned about his own Self-Realization and God-Realization.

      Before entering the auditorium, I noticed a bulletin board in the hall.
      On a sheet of paper tacked to it was a list of ECK Higher Initiates slated
      for the next initiation. The name of Darwin Gross was crossed off.

      The other thing I noticed was a man ready to enter the auditorium
      to hear the announcement of who was the new Living ECK Master.
      He carefully straightened his tie while his wife brushed lint from his
      suit coat. She readjusted his tie to make sure it was just right. The
      two were prepared for any unexpected honor. Would the husband be
      the next Master? The man, however, was not to be the next Master.

      Here are notes from my book of dreams and spiritual events: "All
      day long we eagerly awaited the announcement of who would be the
      present Living ECK Master. Tonight (Friday, October 22), Gail Twitchell,
      Paul's widow, read one of Paul's poems, then she presented the Living
      ECK Master, Darwin Gross."

      As I remember it, Darwin was seated in the audience to the left side of
      the stage, several rows back. When Gail announced his name, he stood
      up and made his way out to the aisle, then quickly walked up to the

      At this point, someone in the audience stood up ans shouted above
      the applause, "I knew it!" the audience applauded the new leader of

      The notebook continues: "Darwin was dressed in sky blue shirt and
      trousers. He removed a navy blue blazer before sitting on a swivel
      chair to begin his address."

      There are, of course, many details not in the notes. For instance,
      when Gail Twitchell presented a blue carnation to him as he came
      on stage, every camera and tape recorder in the room ceased to
      function for that brief interval. There is no record for that moment
      other than the verbal and written ones like my own.

      Outside the auditorium in the casino, gamblers' hopes continued
      to rise and fall with the turn of a card, the roll of dice, and the
      spinning wheel. For many people October 22, 1971, held no special
      significance. But for many ECKists, they watched the new Living
      ECK Master of the age step out of the obscurity of the crowd into
      the swirling pace of the twentieth century. Darwin Gross was now
      the caretaker of the spiritual works of ECK, so that all who felt
      read to study the unique ways of Spirit could do so.

      I returned to my room and reread "The Trembling of a Star" with
      a better understanding. For tonight marked the beginning of a new
      chapter in my own life. (end of excerpt)


      Okay, so this is Klemp's account of how Darwin became the new
      L.E.M. A couple things are interesting about Klemp's account.

      First, I am recalling that Klemp's own father had just died earlier
      in the month. Klemp didn't return to his family home in Wisconsin
      to attend his father's funeral, to comfort and support his grieving
      mother and to grieve with his siblings. I thought, perhaps, Klemp
      couldn't afford the cost of the trip, but I'm sure arrangements
      could have been made? I mean we all have been confronted with
      similar circumstances.

      But we can see in Klemp's writing of how Darwin became the new
      master that Klemp was much more interested and concerned with
      who that person would be than in the loss of his father who was
      only 60 years old when he died.

      Secondly, Klemp mentions his encounters with RT on the inner and
      wanting to ask RT who the next Master would be, but he wasn't
      able to do so--yet, when Darwin is announced in the auditorium,
      an eckist in the audience cried out "I knew it!" Now why didn't
      Klemp know this too???

      Thirdly, though, there are no pictures recording Gail Twitchell
      giving a blue carnation to Darwin when he came on stage, Klemp
      is saying it happened. This has been debated, but I guess if
      Klemp says it was so, it had to have happened. The blue flowers
      symbolize the Mahanta.

      I thought it would be a good idea to re-visit Klemp's written
      version of what took place on Oct. 22, 1971, when Darwin Gross
      took charge of eckankar! : )

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