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HK's The Wisdom Notes 03/2008-Part 2 (revisited)

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  • prometheus_973
    Eckankar seeks out the lowly and ignorant for membership into their religion. The Shariyat Two states in Ch. 4: One of the most provocative of all things in
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 15, 2008
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      Eckankar seeks out the lowly and ignorant for
      membership into their religion. The Shariyat
      Two states in Ch. 4:

      "One of the most provocative of all things in the
      works of the ECK is the gathering of the lowly and
      the ignorant at the feet of the Mahanta, the Living
      ECK Master. It's puzzling to realize that they find
      him, when millions of the BEST people in the world
      have failed to find him.

      Whatever moves them to seek spiritual liberation
      when they can scarcely know more to eat, sleep,
      breed and work?

      But it is doubtful that many know what they are
      seeking, or what urge has brought them to this
      strange quest."

      ME: Even after many years in Eckankar the truth
      behind the dogma is intentionally misrepresented
      and distorted. The lies and the scam must continue!

      Excerts from The Wisdom Notes 03/2008 (Part 2):

      HK: "From heaven we came, and to heaven WE do
      return. There is no doubt that WE will gather experiences.
      That goes with the turf. The question is, How much
      will WE gain from them?

      Do WE have More Understanding? How about More
      Compassion and Love?

      NO MATTER, for WE get sent back here until WE get
      our lessons right. There is no hurry. It is up to US to
      decide how quickly WE wish to progress. Heaven certainly
      Does Not care. WE each determine OUR own timetable.
      That is the whole of it, in spite of what other religions
      teach. You are the letter; your body, the envelope."

      ME: Klemp is saying that Having More Understanding
      and Learning of Compassion and Love via experiences
      is Not Important, and is of "No Matter" because Heaven
      is in "No Hurry" and neither should Soul be in a hurry.
      What does he care he's a 14th and he's a fraud!

      However, Klemp seems to omit a Shariyat tidbit about
      "experiences." In Eckankar the Negative Experiences are
      those that are sought out because this is how Soul grows.
      Yet, ECKists are taught the opposite and are told Not to
      be Negative, Astral or KAL like.

      In the Shariyat 2 Chapter 1:

      "The ECK language is always confused with factual
      language... according to the liberation [of Soul]
      experience there is so much said of what it is not,
      and little or nothing said of what it is... This is the
      Negation of the experience, but it must be considered,
      for Without Negation the Experience is Not of Importance
      to the Individual... The filling up is needed in order to
      understand the fulfillment. This Is Why The ECK Teachings
      Concentrate Quite Frequently On The Negativeness of
      Self, on liberation of It from the so-called concepts of
      truth... Soul is Total Consciousness."

      So, what's the purpose of Klemp (the Mahanta) again?

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