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Re: "As Above So Below" or B.S. Rolls Downhill!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish and All, Actually, it s an Ego thing with Stever. This is Why he travels to EK Seminars. He likes to feel important as the EK Internet Public Info
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 4, 2008
      Hi Mish and All,
      Actually, it's an Ego thing with Stever. This is Why
      he travels to EK Seminars. He likes to feel important
      as the EK Internet Public Info Guru! SR likes to be in
      the "spotlight" like so many other high profile H.I.s
      do. Plus, it's a lonely hearts search. Stever is looking
      for that female EK Soul/mate, but others are looking
      for mates too. There really should be an EK Singles
      gathering at Regional and Major EK Seminars. Or,
      one could always look for someone more normal,
      more balanced, and more spiritual outside of Eckankar.
      One would have a much better selection!

      Some Eckists attend EK Seminars because they have
      been pointed out or mentioned by Harry both at the
      Seminar and in his books. It's like an Awards Show
      just waiting to see if your name is called! Wow! It's
      so funny, afterwards, watching these celebs acting
      "as if" they are humble when their fans approach them.

      Most to many ECKists were Non-Conformists prior
      to joining Eckankar (some still are), but the EK rules,
      guidelines, and expectations for "normal" conforming
      "Church" behaviour have beat most into submission.
      This is Why it's so difficult for many to give-in, fit-in,
      and surrender their unique identities.

      Religions and their local little church communities
      are okay when a person has nothing else and is lonely
      and is looking for a place to feel safe and needed and
      appreciated. Religions give answers for questions...
      although those answers need a "Leap of Faith" and
      only fit the limited dogma and the opinions of those
      in power who have added their own touch over the years.

      All one really needs is to seek out, find, and take the
      Original untainted dogma, quotes or info (from different
      sources much like Twitchell originally did) that fits you.
      Then personalize this for your own Private Use Without
      creating another religion or another Pope/Mahanta.

      It sounds easy, but only the strong and experienced
      Soul can find true Spiritual Freedom without the need
      of following anyone who has placed themselves or been
      placed above them with phony unattainable initiations
      and titles. But, such is the way of the world and of the
      KAL (illusion).


      mishmisha wrote:

      Additionally, Steve R has stated that he attends
      seminars to see HK in the flesh so that it will
      confirm the 90% experiences he has on the inner
      with the scrawny mahanta! Interesting that Steve R.
      does admit to some doubt about his 90% inner
      experiences and needs to travel the long highway
      in the physical to meet up with old HK! LOL! Why
      the doubt? Maybe, Steve R still has a chance to get
      out before it is too late?

      Also, by stating that the eck teachings are
      really on the inner, I guess that 10% amount
      on the outer is really nothing. I mean those outer
      initiations are meaningless, especially, if you are
      a lower initiate and are being given higher initiations
      on the inner. Of course, if the spiritual exercises
      aren't working for a chela and there is little inner
      experience, I guess the chela is really left out in
      the cold but for spending all that money on membership
      dues, books and other eck materials, and junk,
      plus working their arse off to get recognized--
      being go-fors!

      I wonder if those lonely, single eckists have
      figured out why they do not have relationships
      with significant others, why it is so hard to find
      someone to enjoy life with? Well, it could be all
      those ugly pics of HK strung all over their homes,
      their cars, their wallets, etc. Plus, I doubt if anyone
      outside of eckankar would find going to a seminar
      in Minneapolis as a fun vacation thing to do. All that
      eck babble certainly would put a "normal" critical
      thinking individual off! : )

      Just a little heads up for someone like Steve R
      who is looking for a relationship and hoping that
      nice guys do finish first! Get out of eckankar and
      see what opportunities will evolve! I think Sword
      (Paul) had a significant and positive life change when
      he did!

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