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Klemp Trips Over His Own Words & Logic Again!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, In the 09/1998 EK Wisdom Notes Klemp gets into the semantics of inherits versus appointed to distinguish between a 14th Circle Mahanta and a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2008
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      Hello All,
      In the 09/1998 EK Wisdom Notes Klemp
      gets into the semantics of "inherits" versus
      "appointed" to distinguish between a 14th
      Circle Mahanta and a 12th Circle LEM.

      HK states that a Mahanta of the 14th Circle
      "inherits" the position while a LEM of the 12th
      Circle is only "appointed."

      However, HK was also "appointed" just as Darwin
      was "appointed." Twitchell was self-appointed.

      Gail Twitchell was the only ECKist who legally
      "inherited" anything! Gail "inherited" everything
      ECKANKAR from her late husband's estate.

      Paul Twitchell was the original creator and owner
      of ECKANKAR. This is why Gail was able to sell
      ECKANKAR and all of Paul's Copyrighted materials
      (including the ECK Holy Scriptures the "Shariyat-
      Ki-Sugmad Books 1&2") to the EK Corporation.

      Gail sold ECKANKAR when she divorced Gross,
      and was paid $500,000 for ALL of the copyrighted
      materials which included the Holy Shariyats!
      The ECKANKAR religion is based upon Twitchell's
      writings and the Holy Scriptures that he wrote!

      If the EK org had been set up differently there
      could have been a "selection" among the H.I.s
      (8th & 9th initiates) as to whom would be "elected"
      or "appointed" to take over. Or, it could have been
      set up so that the Highest Ranking Male H.I. would
      have automatically "inherited" the LEM/Mahanta
      position. The reason this was Not done is Twitchell
      was planning to use ECKANKAR as a source of
      retirement income for 20 years as the Mahanta.
      Later perhaps, when he turned 70 (1978), PT might
      have considered naming a successor. PT never
      planned on dying young at 63!

      Anyway, Gail's (convenient) Dream showed that
      Darwin (her lover) was "appointed" by Paul with
      Rebazar's obvious APPROVAL or else Klemp would
      stated otherwise!

      HK can't say that Rebazar didn't go along with
      the selection of DG as an EK Master (LEM) since
      Darwin (Not Rebazar) is the Direct Source of HK's
      Higher Outer/Inner EK Initiations and current
      position! [Catch-22?]

      Once again, Klemp is twisting words and doing
      a slight-of-hand while he rewrites EK History.
      He's trying to make himself a 14th and Darwin a
      12th by, basically, saying that he "inherited" the
      position just like PT did. But HOW?

      HK says that PT "inherited" (the 14th Mahanta
      position), supposedly, due to the untimely death
      of Sudar Singh (a 12th LEM only). However, this
      is also a distortion of truth because Sudar Singh
      was really Kirpal Singh who, BTW, out-lived

      HK mentions Kirpal's name 15 times and Sudar's
      name 3 times and that Kirpal had PT's Tiger's Fang
      Manuscript in the PT info on ECKANKAR.org. Still,
      how does "inheriting" pertain to Klemp? The scenario
      of "inheriting" to replace a dead Master fits Darwin
      Not Klemp!

      Of course, PT's fall-out with Kirpal over PT's
      embellishments in The Tiger's Fang manuscript
      is one reason why PT broke with his Master,
      Kirpal, and created and used 500 year old Rebazar
      (the Torchbearer) as a mock-up EK Master. PT
      created RT in order to give credibility (a lineage
      of Masters from the Highest Order) for his newly
      made-up religion and his own title as LEM...
      the "Mahanta" title was first (created) mentioned
      in print on Jan. 1, 1969 in The (Monthly) Wisdom

      When one stops paying attention, Klemp can
      get away with his lies and distortions of truth
      much like Twitchell has. After all, the EK scam
      worked for Twitchell so why Not for Klemp too!
      Actually, both Gross and Klemp "inherited" the
      scam from Paul and Gail!

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