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Joan and the THIRD Temporary Postal Clerk

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  • prometheus_973
    Joan and The THIRD Temporary Postal Clerk 09/2003 H.I. Letter Klemp starts off his front page article by mentioning an ECK office survey, and adds several
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      Joan and The THIRD Temporary Postal Clerk
      09/2003 H.I. Letter

      Klemp starts off his front page article by mentioning
      "an ECK office survey," and adds several sentences
      before stating, "But I'd like to add some thoughts."

      Apparently Klemp could not contain himself any
      longer and allows his angry feelings to interrupt
      his train of thought. HK then goes into a rant about
      Joan's "difficult" experience at the Post Office and
      decides to give the Postal Clerk a tongue lashing
      behind his back, and uses an ECK publication as
      a means for his outrage! It seems that 9th Initiate
      Joan, while feeling very proud and all puffed-up
      with self-importance, felt that she had been
      disrespected by a lowly Temporary Postal Clerk!

      Joan must have been bent-out-of-shape and still
      fuming after returning home (to Eden Prairie) that
      day. She definitely held onto her frustrations by
      venting her angry feelings to Harold with her a
      distorted and one-sided version of her personal
      Postal experience!

      Apparently, both of these people (JK & HK) have
      little experience in dealing with normal everyday
      people and situations like the rest of us do. When
      they do come down from their ivory towers this
      is the result. And, it's probably just the tip of the
      iceberg! However, this gives some insight into the
      real people (HK & JK) running the Show at the ESC!

      It should, also, be noted (before reading the article)
      that Klemp had a number of days to cool down, to
      reconsider his choice of words, and to see the error
      of his ways via his daily contemplation.

      There was still plenty of time before this article went
      to print for deeper insights into the obvious (or spiritual)
      reasons for this to have happened to Joan. HK could
      have seen that Joan over-reacted and was wrong about
      the ID and package incident (Law of Economy). However,
      that wasn't done either! But Why Not? The Mahanta's
      knee-jerk reaction to this is just more proof that HK is
      Neither "Loving" or the "Master" that he claims to be!
      HK's so-called "Higher Consciousness" (14 or otherwise)
      Does Not Exist! Read it and see for yourself!

      [MY CAPS ADDED] 09/2003 H.I. Letter

      HK: "Joan went to the Post Office to conduct some
      business. The THREE regular Postal Clerks were on
      vacation, and THREE FILL-INS were in place.

      Joan asked one clerk, A SURLY MAN who'd SERVED
      Her SOME WEEKS EARLIER as a FILL-IN, to Please
      Check IF She Had A Package.

      He Threw Back a DARK LOOK.

      `I'll need to see some identification.'

      Joan Returned A PUZZLED LOOK. Show An ID
      For A Package That Might NOT Be There?

      With all the SELF-IMPORTANCE of an UNCIVIL

      That Explained Everything. It'd been a hard day
      all around.

      The Difference Between Them is that the CLERK
      Holds on to things he FEELS Are Out Of Order,
      while JOAN lets the SLIGHTS of Other People Go.
      with a person Who Behaves In A BOORISH MANNER.
      WISDOM Had Spoken In The Clerk's Own Words:
      `There Are No Normal People Here Today.'

      He'd then said He Couldn't Issue a Postal Money
      Order--A Basic Post-Office Service.

      JOAN, Of Course, Persisted. Another Clerk was
      happy to sell her a money order.

      Let the ECK, or the MAHANTA, help carry YOUR
      FRUSTRATIONS. It's the KEY to Happiness.

      BUT How to accomplish that? The DISCIPLINE
      of REMEMBERING to SURRENDER is part of
      One's Spiritual Discipline.

      YES, This sounds like No Answer At All, BUT
      Is For.

      Let's Add, Too, That the Postal Clerk's IDEA
      of SERVICE To People Goes BEGGING. It's
      Not an Example for an ECKist.

      Service in ECK Means Being an Agent for

      So How Could A Spiritually Alert Person do
      Less than Serve IT with Love and Humility?
      ... How could he ever serve the KAL, the
      Negative Force? Back to the ECK survey."

      [my caps, end of quote]


      ME: Ironic isn't it? HOW could a 9th Initiate (Joan)
      and a 14th Initiate and "FULL" MAHANTA (Harold)
      NOT SEE the LACK of Love and Humility in Their
      Own Thoughts, Words, and Actions?

      First off, IF I was still an ECKist and had gone
      into that Post Office and been told there were
      "THREE Fill-In" Postal Clerks, and `There are
      No Normal people here today' I would have
      thought to myself something like: "He's right!
      We aren't "normal" we're all Soul! And, isn't
      this interesting... there are THREE Fill-In Clerks...
      The Principle of the Threes!... I wonder what
      else the ECK has in store for me today?" But NO!
      Neither Joan or HK (later) connected the dots
      and saw the Spiritual Test! However, they both
      mentioned that there were THREE Fill-in Clerks!

      This was a test for the both of them... that
      they each, and together, (as a couple) Failed!
      Actually, Harold did worse than Joan! Harold
      wrote the nasty and venomous article and added
      insult upon insult while projecting the Mahanta's
      Power in a most Negative and Reckless Manner.
      Where's HK's Discrimination? What negative (KAL)
      effects did the LEM/Mahanta's powerful and
      emotional insults have upon this THIRD Clerk?
      This is what a Black Magician would do... Not
      an ECK Master/Mahanta!

      BTW: According to Klemp: "EVERY ARTICLE
      or Wisdom Note by the Mahanta, the Living
      ECK Master, is taken from the SHARIYAT that
      is in some inner city." [The Mystic World, Winter
      1985, The Wisdom Notes, 5th paragraph.]
      Therefore, the ECK SHARIYAT is All Lower
      Plane because all thoughts, words, and actions
      are! Klemp Never Takes Responsibility for
      his own Thoughts, Words, and Actions!

      Really though! EVERYONE has to show an ID
      BEFORE the Clerk goes to look for the Package.
      This is the LAW of ECONOMY... It's Common Sense,
      and it's more than likely the way the Clerks were
      trained. Really! What if the person doesn't have
      their ID with them? It's lost time spent looking for
      the package, for the Clerk, and for those other
      customers waiting in line! Duh! Why would this
      Clerk have remembered Joan's name from weeks
      before when he had "filled-in?" And, the rules are
      the rules... everyone (even people who think they
      should have special treatment) need to show the
      ID first!

      U.S. Postal Clerks have NOT bought into the
      EK Hierarchy as the ESC Staffers have who must
      come to attention, salute and smile when Joan
      walks by, asks a question, or barks orders!

      The problem with the Postal Money Order
      situation is easy to explain because these
      were FILL-IN Clerks! What do they NORMALLY
      do... sort, deliver mail, or sell stamps? It could
      be that Only ONE was Assigned to do the Money
      Orders! Or maybe Only ONE clerk was Trained
      to do Money Orders. Klemp know of Training
      Requirements and Guidelines!

      And, let me say that it's True that these THREE
      Clerks weren't "NORMAL" people. They were
      THREE Souls. And, it could be that these were
      THREE UNKNOWN EK MASTERS sent there to
      TEST both JOAN and HAROLD! This incident
      was NO ACCIDENT! Klemp MOCKS the ECK's
      Golden-Tongued Wisdom with his Negative
      KAL-like comments. This is more proof that
      HK had (2003) Fallen IF he was ever "High"
      to begin with! He had No Virgin Birth (HK
      had an older brother)!

      Or, maybe, Joan's Arrogant Attitude, Negative
      Demeanor, and Closed-Mindedness turned
      the one Clerk Off and she Reaped what she
      Sowed... simple Cause and Effect!

      I also find it interesting that Harold had his
      blinders on and saw only a portion of Joan's
      hearsay account of the event and, thus, became
      so incensed about it all. Why didn't HK;
      Contemplate on it all, or Count to Ten? WHY
      would a Real ECK Master Say such nasty things
      about a person (Soul) that he, himself, had
      never met?

      WHAT would (2nd Initiate) JESUS have said?
      HOW would (2nd Initiate) JESUS have acted?

      Is it, also, the EK belief that Klemp guides,
      influences, and whispers into the ear of
      G.W. Bush just like Rebazar and Fubbi did
      with Columbus?

      Maybe that's WHY ECKANKAR and the rest of the
      World is so Screwed-UP! Power Hungry, Vain and
      Insane Liars are in charge!

      The bottom line is that Klemp is still (from 1970)
      mentally and emotionally unstable. However, his
      lack of contact with everyday people and everyday
      life situations makes this easier for him to hide.

      These 09/2003 H.I. Letter comments of Klemp
      are a rare look inside at the Real "master of all
      of the universes and planes of the Sugmad." This
      insight into both Joan's and Harold's Lack of
      Spiritual Consciousness as 9th & 14th (Full Mahanta)
      ECKists proves that there are wolves in sheep's
      clothing in all religions. Besides, the PT-made
      religion of ECKANKAR is a Scam (like all others).
      This 09/2003 H.I. Letter article proves that Klemp
      is a False Prophet, Fake Master and a Hypocrite!

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