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What Happened to PT's "Consciousness Five" (Oct./71) Plans?

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  • prometheus_973
    On Paul Twitchell s CONSCIOUSNESS FIVE (1971) Plans: In Chapter 32, page 323 of Klemp s Autobiography For A Modern Prophet HK mentions that in 1971 the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2008
      On Paul Twitchell's "CONSCIOUSNESS FIVE" (1971) Plans:

      In Chapter 32, page 323 of Klemp's "Autobiography
      For A Modern Prophet" HK mentions that in 1971 the
      Fifth ECK World Wide Seminar's theme was....

      At first, I though this theme was only the result
      of this being the 5th EK World Wide Seminar (EWWS).
      However, Klemp states that this is Not the case!

      Klemp states, "This seminar PROMISED an UPLIFTMENT
      the realms of cosmic consciousness, Buddha Consciousness,
      and the Christ Consciousness of the orthodox religions."

      So, for October 1971 Twitchell was promising "Consciousness
      Five" and "the High Awareness from the Fifth Plane...
      for the Entire Movement of ECKANKAR." What happened?
      Well, for one thing, Twitchell died (translated) about
      a month prior to the seminar.

      Klemp can blame Sri Darwin Gross (1971-1981) for
      10 years of Not doing his job, although, DG gave out
      a lot more Higher Initiations than Klemp ever did! And,
      Darwin did initiate Klemp with at least a 7th, 8th, 9th,
      and 12th Initiation! But WHEN did Darwin FALL from GRACE...
      1981, '82, '83?

      Klemp was never specific on this, and never even gave a
      ballpark year! So, when was it?! When did DG Fall?

      I do recall something, at a seminar, about Klemp once saying
      that the World (as a whole) maybe approaching Consciousness
      Three. Or, was that ECKANKAR approaching Con Three?

      Anyway, What happened to PT's "CON Five (or more)?" Klemp
      has been in-charge for over 25 YEARS with his mini-mastership!
      Maybe that's the problem! Klemp is a mini-master because
      he doesn't fullfil the SHARIYAT criteria for that of a "real"
      LEM/Mahanta (see "Mahanta, birth of" in the Shariyat's index)!

      WHEN does Klemp take responsibility 'for those in
      his charge'... for his Higher Initiates... or for anything?
      WHERE is the Inner Communication? According to EK
      Dogma Higher Initiations are EARNED... aren't they?
      Therefore, these H.I.s were tested on the Inner Planes
      by their Mahanta and demonstrated their greater spiritual
      awareness and spiritual abilities (powers, etc.) which
      includes being a clear (enough) channel to communicate
      on the "INNER" with Klemp.

      Except, it doesn't happen does it!! Unless, one imagines
      it like other believers in other religions do as a Leap of Faith.
      This is where the "Catch-22" ploy comes into play! But,
      it's as much the chela's fault as Klemp's fault... for being
      suckered (conned)!

      EK Chela's really should look at this possibility. WHY does
      Klemp always blame the Chela even WHEN the chela is a
      Higher Initiate? Catch-22 again! HK's the Top Dog in the
      EK Religious Hierarchy and, therefore, it can't be his fault,
      unless, he too (like DG) has Fallen From Grace. The reality
      is that No Person was ever at that highly of an exulted
      "spiritual" position in the first place! It's all talk! There is
      no "proof" via dreams, visualizations, or anything else than
      what other religious followers/believers experience! The
      Mahanta's powers are non-existent... it's mental and
      emotional effect (self-hyptnosis) derived from one's
      desires and needs.

      However, HK was never a highly evolved or "spiritual"
      individual... he is a Poser! He has the "ethics" of a
      con-man and of a delusional person! That's where
      the "act, as if" delusional philosophy of the con-man
      or the "play the game" and distorted thinking of a
      mentally unstable and unethical person comes into
      play. True, HK (as did PT and DG) is giving hope to
      people who seem to be social misfits via unorthodox
      religious promises to alleviate their fears... This is
      because these widely borrowed EK teachings fit in
      with the unorthodox personalities of most ECKists.

      So, What happened to EK's "Consciousness Five?"

      Perception is Reality...

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