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Did The Mahanta Help With His Mother's Translation?

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  • prometheus_973
    In ECKANKAR s March, 2008 The Mystic World Klemp talks of helping with the translation (death) of Shelia s mother (Mary). What about helping with his own
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2008
      In ECKANKAR's March, 2008 "The Mystic World" Klemp
      talks of helping with the translation (death) of "Shelia's"
      mother (Mary).

      What about helping with his own mother's translation
      (death)? What's the story there? Klemp's mother was a
      life-long member of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
      -Missouri Synod in Fremont, WI. and died in June of 2005
      at age 91.

      [See messages #3152 & #3160]


      HK: "Translation, death, is an initiation"

      ME: ECK 4th & 7th Initiates must be looking forward
      to their death and that next, 5th or 8th, Initiation!
      Maybe some ECKists will think Klemp is saying it's
      okay to speed up the initiation/translation process
      via alternative methods, or from a lack of medical

      HK: "A health practitioner, Shelia used energy medicine
      and acupuncture to assist healing."

      ME: It doesn't seem like these alternative methods have
      helped Klemp much. Look at his EMR problems, etc. And,
      what about Klemp's inability to heal his own chelas? Klemp
      takes credit for everything that can't be proven. However,
      Why can't HK (the Mahanta) rearrange chelas' DNA and
      these "effects" (cancer, etc.) due to the Past Life Karma?!
      HK's all talk... it's the smoke and mirrors of a Black Magician
      and KAL agent!

      HK: "During her weeklong stay in the hospital, Mary
      began to lapse into dementia. Sheila tried an energy
      technique on her, time permitting. This brought Mary
      back; the dementia disappeared. Then Mary was transferred
      to a nursing home, where the staff tried to rehabilitate her."

      ME: Well, for one thing when one is sick and is approaching
      the final stage of life one can go in and out of dementia.
      Nothing one can do will really help all that much. But, Why
      can't the Mahanta help with his Super Dooper "Healing Powers?"
      2nd Initiate Jesus did much better! Couldn't HK send healing
      rays via Mary's daughter, Shelia, since she is HK's chela.
      Wouldn't Shelia act as a clear conduit for the Healing Energy
      of the ECK (Mahanta)? Maybe Adam DreamHealer could
      have helped more than Klemp?! : )

      However, "nursing homes" don't, can't, and aren't designed
      to "rehabilitate" people! Klemp is out-of-touch with reality...
      as usual!

      HK: "Mary announced she wanted to go home, a relief for
      Shelia. She had often promised her mother she would
      not let her spend her last days in a nursing home."

      ME: Once again, Klemp is looking at this subject from
      a narrow, and one dimensional point-of-view. Almost
      every new patient in a nursing home wants to go home!
      Shelia is looking at this from a "promise-keeper" and
      guilt/fear perspective. Good Nursing Homes and Hospices
      are there for those people who can't give loved ones
      24/7 care. It can become too much for most working
      and even stay-at-home people to deal with. It doesn't
      mean that one doesn't love their father or mother by
      putting them in a nursing home or a hospice. Usually,
      it is done out of love and concern that they get the proper,
      necessary, and skilled care that these loved ones deserve!

      Another thing... sometimes relatives are not even recognized
      due to various physical/mental health conditions even
      when the dying person is at home. It seems that Klemp
      is promoting Only the way in which Shelia dealt with her
      mother and that situation. This is a very narrow and limiting
      perspective that depicts the reality of HK's lower/narrow
      minded consciousness and of his arrested development.

      How did Klemp deal with his mother's death and with
      his relatives? Was Harold at his mother's bed-side telling
      her to "Sing HU... Wah Z" or to "Look for the man in the
      Blue Suit," or to "Look for the Blue Light" of the "Mental

      HK: "Shelia knows that WAH Z, the INNER MASTER, is
      ALWAYS on hand TO HELP ECKists AND their DEAR ONES.
      So for days on end, she would sing , 'HU... Wah Z.' And
      into her mother's ear, she would whisper, 'LOOK for the
      man in the BLUE SUIT,' or, 'LOOK for the BLUE LIGHT.'
      ... Do you see WAH Z?"

      ME: Funny, that Darwin Gross came up with the "WAH"
      for Klemp's spiritual name! Funny, too, that Klemp claims
      that WAH Z, the "INNER MASTER," is "ALWAYS" on hand
      (24/7) to Not Only Help ECKists, but to also "help" their
      "dear ones."

      BTW- Klemp didn't even go to his own father's funeral
      (Oct. 1971) in order to be with and to console his mother
      with the "Blue Light." And, What about Klemp's father?
      Did HK show his father "the man" in the "Blue Suit" or
      the "Blue Light?" Did HK have his father chant "Dap Ren?"
      Nope! He's never mentioned anything about their translations!

      HK: "A second dream showed both of them on the Mental

      ME: So, a non-ECKist (Mary) sees the BLUE MAHANTA and
      gets to go to the Mental Plane after her translation (death).
      Actually it was Shelia, her daughter, that imagined this via
      a dream that she needed in order to feel good about her
      mother and about her religion. It seems that this as "high"
      as all ECKists and Non-ECKists end up according to the
      reality of ALL Lower Plane Religions like Eckankar.

      Really, Klemp is sort of good (not!) at telling other people's
      stories in order to create "filler" for another book to sell.
      HK sucks at telling the Truth because he doesn't know the
      Truth! Where does he put anything he promotes into practice
      for himself, and for his sick and dying Higher Initiates?
      "Restrooms Are Unisex! Change is Change" It's illusion!
      Jesus did it better!

      Yes, what a load of crap Klemp sells! This just goes to
      show that Klemp, the so-called Mahanta & "Modern Prophet,"
      is "full" of it... (B.S.) and NOT that of a Higher Mahanta
      Consciousness! Klemp is more of an Astral Plane guru
      and small town preacher. HK doesn't fulfill the Shariyat
      criteria for: "Mahanta, birth of." : )

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