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Why is the Mahanta (HK) All Talk?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish and All, First, the Mahanta title wasn t even mentioned/ created by Twitchell until the Jan.1, 1969 EK Wisdom Notes. RT apparently never told PT that
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2008
      Hi Mish and All,
      First, the Mahanta title wasn't even mentioned/
      created by Twitchell until the Jan.1, 1969 EK
      Wisdom Notes. RT apparently never told PT that
      he was not a "fully" cooked Mahanta until then?
      Yeah... right! Plus, PT didn't have the awareness
      of the 14th "Full" position as a 12th & 13th EK

      Therefore, since the Mahanta is fictional his "powers"
      are as well!

      BTW- In order to try and discredit Darwin Gross
      Klemp states in his 2000 Autobiography (pg. 393)
      "The spiritual leader of ECK may be EITHER a Mahanta
      OR a Living ECK Master. What's really funny is what
      Klemp says next pertaining to the training for "the
      full title" and "a life of hardship and upheaval" beginning
      "as a child" with "tests, undertakings, and suffering."

      What "hardships" and "suffering" did Klemp go through
      on the family farm for his "Full Mahanta tests? Others
      have gone through Real "hardships" and "suffering" in
      this country and in other countries! Look at Africa!
      And, at age 13 Klemp CHOSE to follow his cousin, and
      got out of farm chores in order to go to an All Boys
      Private Lutheran school! This selfish act of Harold's
      created more work on the farm for the other Klemp
      family members! And, HK's parents had to pay for
      private school versus public school. Which is easier
      private school or public school? I'd say a Private
      All Boys Lutheran School should be much easier!
      See, this just goes to show the amount of delusional
      B.S. that Klemp is "FULL" of!

      Also, on page 384 of his Autobiography Klemp is talking
      about a dream, he had in the Summer of 1981, where the
      Inner Master (SRI DARWIN) introduced him (HK) as "SRI
      Harold Klemp." Klemp goes on to say, "that title (SRI)...
      In ECK, it is reserved for the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      Master." However, Klemp wasn't the LEM/Mahanta...
      he was a 9th Initiate at that time. SRI Darwin was both
      the Mahanta, AND the Living ECK Master.

      BTW- Will Joan be called "Sri Joan" after Oct. 22, 2008?

      Here's more of Klemp's delusional and arrogant B.S.!
      HK wrote, "the power of Jesus turned out to be largely
      an Emotional force." (Autobiography of a Modern Prophet,
      pg. 381)

      Yet, can Klemp even "Heal" the "effects" of his sick
      Higher Initiates or raise the dead ones? Of course not!
      Instead, Klemp Talks and talks but never delivers,
      except, via imagination and delusion and feel good
      emotions, religious beliefs and Leaps of Faith.

      Klemp talked of Sri Darwin Gross giving him the job
      of reading IROs (Initiate Reports Only) sent to the ESC.
      And, that one needed to be a "clear channel" for the
      ECK so that a "Spiritual Healing" would not be blocked.
      ("Autobiography," pg. 388)

      What are the physical "effects" of a "Spiritual Healing?"
      Has Klemp defined what a "spiritual healing" is and how
      the results of one can be shown/known? As Above So
      Below... so where are the physical, emotional, and
      mental results of Klemp doing a "Spiritual Healing"
      affecting the (DNA) "effects" of Past Life Karma?
      It's NOWHERE to be found!

      p.s. ECKists should reread Chapter 7 of HK's "Soul
      Travelers of the Far Country." HK leaves out the fact
      that he met with Darwin in a "Sound Proof" dark room
      in his Autobiography! No Sound or Light when they
      did the deal for Klemp to take over. And, Klemp
      suggested DG meet with him in the Sound Proof
      "Dark Room" even though Darwin, at first, "hesitated."
      [page 409 "Autobiography of a Modern Prophet"]

      What's interesting, too, are the Chapter TITLES and
      info in HK's 2000 Autobiography. The Introduction
      is, basically, the same as in the 1989 Copyright of
      "Child in the Wilderness" as well as Chapters 1, 3,
      10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, and 26. The
      last Chapters (41, 42, 43, and 44) come from the
      earlier 1987 Copyright of "Soul Travelers of the Far

      mish wrote:
      > >
      > Looks like the powerful mahanta can't even
      > keep the temperature safe for the area he
      > dwells and has establish his wonderful expensive
      > temple! Why is that? Obviously, just more proof
      > that Klemp can't do anything greater than any other
      > consciousness in this universe--he's not what he
      > claims to be! LOL!
      > >
      > Record cold for northern Minn.: 40 below
      > By JEFF BAENEN, Associated Press Writer
      > Mon Feb 11, 10:43 PM ET
      > It lived up to its name: The temperature in
      > International Falls fell to 40 below zero Monday,
      > just a few days after the northern Minnesota town
      > won a federal trademark making it officially the
      > "Icebox of the Nation."
      > >
      > It was so cold that resident Nick McDougall
      > couldn't get his car trunk to close after he
      > got out his charger to kick-start his dead battery.
      > By late morning, the temperature had risen
      > all the way to 18 — below zero.
      > >
      > "This is about as cold as it gets, this is bad.
      > There's no wind — it's just cold," said McDougall,
      > 48, a worker at The Fisherman, a convenience store
      > and gas station in the town on the Canadian
      > border. "People just don't go out, unless you have
      > to go to work."
      > >
      > Residents of the area use electric engine block
      > heaters to keep their cars from freezing.
      > >
      > "You plug in your car, for sure, and you put the
      > car in the garage if you can," McDougall said.
      > His garage is full of other things, so he had to
      > park outside — a "big mistake."
      > >
      > The previous record low for Feb. 11 in International
      > Falls was 37 below, set in 1967, said meteorologist
      > Mike Stewart at the weather service in Duluth.
      > >
      > The temperature also fell to 40 below in Embarrass,
      > 80 miles southeast of International Falls. That's just
      > one degree above the all-time record in Minneapolis,
      > 250 miles to the south, that was set in January 1888,
      > the weather service said.
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