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Re: ECKANKAR Is A Copy Of Other Lower Plane Religions

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, Christel, and All, When looking at Rev. Harold Klemp s former Church Z ion Evangelical Lutheran --Missouri Synod I saw that there were 2 other
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 11, 2008
      Hi Mish, Christel, and All,
      When looking at Rev. Harold Klemp's former
      Church 'Z'ion Evangelical Lutheran --Missouri
      Synod I saw that there were 2 other Klemp's
      listed as Past members/founders and a third
      is a Present-day member!

      Yes, it could be that this ZION connection is
      one subconscious source for Klemp choosing
      'Z' for his spiritual name. Although, when Klemp
      was almost finished writing "The Wind of Change"
      (circa Spring 1980) he was writing a Chapter on
      his family's farm cat named Zsa Zsa. Klemp wrote
      her name and 'Z' over 40 times in this chapter!

      This Chapter on Zsa Zsa was written around the
      time Darwin Gross asked Klemp to come up with
      his "spiritual name." Klemp, at first, just came up
      with 'Z.' Darwin (the Black Magician) suggested
      adding the "WAH" to make it "WAH-Z." [Soul Travelers
      of the Far Country, Ch. 7]

      Klemp's Spiritual Name was given to him by a
      [Past/Present/Future?] Black Magician and Wah-Z
      is still used today as a "Charged Word" for chanting
      during ECK Spiritual Exercises. However, other contributions
      etc. by Gross are forbidden for ECKists to see, read,
      or speak of. Darwin's name is forbidden to use
      and ECKists who speak his name at ECK functions
      are placed on a "watch list" by their H.I. Leaders,
      RESA and the ESC.

      Apparently Klemp still fears Darwin's influence over
      his chelas. One wonders WHY HK (the Mahanta) can't
      "protect" them from DG's spiritual influence?! Maybe
      the "WAH" needs to be dropped from Klemp's spiritual
      name since Darwin contributed it! Klemp needs to do
      more editing and rewrites to "Change" more ECK history!

      BTW-Maybe the influence of Luther & 'Z'wingli, also,
      Subconsciously influenced HK to choose 'Z' since
      he sees himself as a "reformer" of sorts. Klemp
      was definitely a crazed bridge jumping 'Z'ealot! : )


      mish wrote:
      Here's the link to the church Klemp grew up in:


      The Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church--
      Missouri Synod, located in Freemont WI.
      Ever wonder how Klemp got the "Z" in his
      spiritual name? LOL!
      Anyway, click on the links to learn about this
      branch of the Lutheran Church-very interesting! : )
      mish wrote:
      > >
      > >
      You're right, Christel, that chelas are taught
      that eckankar is the original religion and all
      other religions have copied it. Funny thing
      is how "twisted" HK has twisted eckankar into
      a somewhat spinoff from his early religion--
      Missouri Lutheran Synod. I was looking at the
      church he grew up in website, their rules and
      such, and gee, I could see how HK used some
      of that in his "new" eckankar. That's not being
      original for sure, but of course all religions
      including the Missouri Lutheran Synod, Eckankar,
      etc. all believe they have the inside track on
      truth. So silly really! LOL! I believe these man-
      made religions are only distractions with a lot
      of control and manipulation going on, interfering
      with people's lives. It's an inside track to delusion
      and confusion as chelas disappear into more and
      more of the cult trappings! : )
      > >
      > >
      Christel wrote:
      > > >
      'Eckankar is no copy' - when i said this.
      The answer was the information about the Akasha
      Chronic: there all are going to and get their text....
      and: it isn't god to read other books as Eckankars,
      so i was told! so surrender Eckists couldn't know
      about their origins! Have you forgotten this important
      sujets? lol, Christel
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