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Questions for the Master #2 - Jan. 2008

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp s made a lot of assumptions as he mocks up his self-promotion as a Modern Prophet to Know things about this EK Youth. Yet, Klemp doesn t seem to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2008
      Klemp's made a lot of assumptions as he
      "mocks up" his self-promotion as a Modern
      Prophet to "Know" things about this EK Youth.
      Yet, Klemp doesn't seem to "Know" what his
      Higher Initiates are doing behind his back.

      ME by MY APPEARANCE before getting to know
      me? --Moses Olekanle, age 19 United Kingdom"

      HK: "Dear Moses, Unfortunately, human nature
      often has a self-protection factor built in that
      is sharply out of balance. This factor is a fear
      of the unknown. That sort of person is afraid
      of, and hostile to, anything outside of his

      ME: FIRST, I don't understand why Klemp didn't
      see Mo's exaggerated statement of: "EVERYONE
      ALWAYS JUDGES ME." Do other people of the
      same "COLOR" always judge Mo by his "appearance?"
      Maybe Mo's problem has more to do with himself
      and what he's projecting to others. Yet, Klemp
      doesn't go there, although, Mo's words indicate
      there is more to his question than what appears
      on the surface to Klemp. Harry's response shows:
      he too leaps to judgment; he lacks attention to
      details; he lacks a higher consciousness!

      SECOND, I'm seeing that Mo's "self-protection
      factor" is out of balance too. Klemp has a similar
      fear-factor problem and is in denial of this. Klemp
      was looking into the mirror when he saw the fear
      and imbalance.

      HK: "People like that exist everywhere. They are
      put off by strange customs and foods too. Persons
      of another color are prime targets. Bigots tend to
      GENERALIZE, lumping into one great heap every
      slight, failing, and negative act they know of, and
      then pinning them indiscriminately upon those
      they feel themselves superior to."

      ME: Don't most ECKists see themselves as 'Superior'
      or their "Path" as superior? Klemp once stated that
      ECKists are 'Superior Normal' (09/2003 H.I. Letter).
      I wonder, if Mo had signed his question with a different
      name, like Jimmy Jones, would Klemp have made
      the same assumptions? What Klemp has said is
      basically true but the Race card is an easy one to
      play. And, Klemp doesn't share any new revelations.
      Many ECKists could answer these questions better
      than Klemp!

      HK: "But let us stop and look behind the scenes.
      Hardships, YOU KNOW, purify and thus strengthen
      are learning that lesson by hard experience."

      ME: I don't know about that. WHY did Mo ask the
      question in the first place? And, Why did he write,
      "Everyone Always Judges Me" if he "knows" the truth?
      Isn't his "color" the result of Karmic (Past Life) "effects"
      (DNA)? Everyone has to overcome hardships and tests
      for purity, but much is also related to Present Life
      "effect." If one can't get beyond or deal with Past Life
      effect (karma) then how can they deal with Present Life
      Karmic effects?

      Besides, isn't Klemp supposed to be the "Holding Tank"
      for Karma?

      But once again, Klemp also seems to "jump to conclusions"
      and doesn't address more details or sees the Larger Picture
      just as Mo doesn't see it either. They are both in denial...
      except Klemp is supposed to be a 14th "Full" Mahanta.

      HK: "That is Not to say you Do Not have your own
      quirks of character in need of polishing. After all, is
      Not this Garden called Earth set up for that very purpose?"

      ME: Klemp is the Master of "quirks of character!" LOL!
      Also, How many ECKists refer to this Earth as a Garden?
      I haven't heard H.I.s make this reference! Where's that
      "Inner" communication?

      Anyway, Harry has a lot of nerve to find fault in others
      without ever taking ownership for his own limitations
      and flaws in character.

      HK: "Please remember, Moses, the Law of Life places
      us right in the middle of conditions that can help us
      the most spiritually."

      ME: So, is racism bad or good? Is anything in the
      worlds of Maya Good or Bad? Is it payback... Karmic
      DNA effect? It seems that it offers unique challenges
      for spiritual tests.

      Or, is there something else about Mo's "appearance"
      that makes him stand out more than his skin color?
      Does he dress weird? Is he unwashed or have unusual
      physical defects? Does he talk to himself or pick his nose?

      How do private illusions and world or universal illusions
      (Maya) come into play here? Who is in charge, or is giving
      Mo these lessons? Is it Klemp (Mo's Mahanta) or is the KAL
      in charge of his "lessons?" What is Klemp's influence over
      "The Law of Life" for his chelas versus that of Non-ECKists?
      What are the differences... that one can actually see,
      as results, in the Field of Action?

      ECKists can imagine whatever makes them feel good,
      but the truth is Eckankar is just another 4th Plane Religion
      claiming to be more than it is (on the inner especially).
      Klemp's approach to "truth" is always of the K.I.S.S. variety
      (Keep It Simple Stupid) as he presents a simple-minded
      and one dimensional message. This is designed for his
      benefit mostly, but also keeps the EK Group Consciousness
      lower in order for chelas to be more easily manipulated.

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