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Re: A matter of faith... or buying into another con

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello, I find your comments interesting and would like to respond with my views of Eckankar and other religions. abunjoroge wrote: Eckankar owes its origin
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2008
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      I find your comments interesting and would like to
      respond with my views of Eckankar and other religions.

      abunjoroge wrote:

      "Eckankar owes its origin largely to Surat Shabd Yoga. I am
      familiar with its teachings. It is the Yoga of the Audible Life
      Stream. I know God exists, and I strongly believe that He has
      unlimeted ways of manifesting itself to those who seek him."

      ME: Eckankar owes its origin to Twitchell copying "The Path of
      the Masters" which is based upon the religions of Radhasoami
      and Ruhani Satsang which also have the belief in Surat Shabd

      "I also believe that if the uninitiated met Anami Purusha, while
      still covered with the dross of this world, they would become
      mentally unbalanced. This is one reason many eastern paths
      claim when the seeker is ready the Guru/Master will appear."

      ME: A seeker or Soul doesn't need to be "initiated" by a fake
      Master or any Guru/Master to discover enlightenment or to
      maintain balance. These mini-masters like Klemp have no
      special powers in which to intercede with protection or
      anything else. Some do have more experience with "inner"
      experiences than the average person, but much of that
      experience is of a personal nature and is specific for that
      individual Soul and Its karma. It is not always to be shared
      as a generic/universal teaching (religion) and is never to
      become a lifelong codependent relationship.

      "I know thier are many athiests in the world. That is alright,
      because God loves all."

      ME: That is your belief, but isn't it second guessing God?!
      Your probably right, (to a degree) but when do people stop
      putting words into the mouth of God! See, this is one of the
      major things wrong with all religions. The faithful believers
      try to impose (sometimes with laws) their own personal
      beliefs and feelings onto others. BTW-Eckankar sees "God"
      as a 2nd or 4th Plane God which is Kal (Satan).

      "For those that dont believe, be free for choice is one
      of the greatest gifts in life. I have read Julian Johsons
      book The Path of the Masters. I also have read the
      Shariyat numerous times. I have also read the Gita,
      Koran, the Bible both King James and Catholic version."

      ME: I too have read these and the Srimad Bhagavatam
      and the Vedas. And, there are way more accurate Bibles
      than the King James Version.

      "Paul Twitchels unauthorized use of J. Johnsons book,
      did not effect my faith in God, Although it did effect my
      faith in man."

      ME: Yes, it affected my faith in Paul Twitchell, the conman, too!
      Especially, after I verified what Ford Johnson had said in
      "Confession of a God Seeker" with "The Path of the Masters."

      "Many religions outgrow thier usefulness."

      ME: True, except it is best when the seeker outgrows
      them all! Eckankar is just another religion to outgrow!

      "In the new Testament Jesus once said "The eye is the lamp
      of the body If thine eye be single, Thy whole body shall be
      full of light. He spoke of the third eye that looks within."

      ME: There are also references of reincarnation and many other
      things were taken out of the Bible around 500 A.D. at the Council
      of Naccal. Many Religious texts have been altered over time.
      The Shariyats of Eckankar had the word "Mahanta" replace
      the word "Master" and other references. Remember too, the
      Third-Eye is the 6th Astral Plane Chakra and Klemp states
      in his Autobiography (pg.385) that most religions are 4th
      Plane and some 2nd Plane. However, Eckankar has used an
      Astral Plane Chakra (Third-Eye) for 40 years to meet with
      their Mahanta via his "light body" on the inner Astral Plane.

      "No minister will touch this verse, because they dont understand
      it. Many times Jesus spoke of himself in the third person, as if
      he spoke of someone else."

      ME: If one sees himself being both Soul and man while going
      back and forth then I can see the third person reference. Out
      of Body experiences can also become very confusing and even
      pathogenic. Besides, the Catholic Church is very Mental Plane
      with its complex dogma and, thus, beyond the Third-Eye
      Astral Plane Chakra of Eckankar.

      "The bible says flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom
      of God. Yet many beleive the physical body gets resurrected.
      He never wanted to be worshiped either. He simply said follow
      me. Who am I? Am I Eckist, Unitarian,or Gnostic Christian?
      I am soul."

      ME: I wouldn't put too much belief in what any Bible has to
      say about anything. As Soul we can create our own personal
      Bible that is specific to Us as Soul. There is no need for a
      middleman Mahanta/Guru/Master when We who can truly
      see with our own eyes are all of this and more!

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