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Re: The "Blue Star" Is Not Original To ECKANKAR

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  • prometheus_973
    It looks like Klemp (not PT) created the Mahanta s Blue Light & Blue Star! I looked at PT s ECKANKAR Dictionary and there is NO mention of these terms, but
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2008
      It looks like Klemp (not PT) created the "Mahanta's Blue
      Light" & "Blue Star!" I looked at PT's ECKANKAR Dictionary
      and there is NO mention of these terms, but Klemp lists
      them in his EK Lexicon!

      There is NO mention that the "Blue Star" and "Blue
      Light" [pg 22] is associated with the Mahanta. Neither
      terms are mentioned in the definition for the Mahanta!

      Actually, the "Blue Light" is supposed to be the color
      associated with the Mental Plane on the God Worlds
      Chart, but is not mentioned in the Lexicon as the
      Mental Plane Color!

      However, the "Blue Light" is mentioned as an "Astral Ray"
      Color in the EK Lexicon! [pg.14]

      Klemp created the "Blue Star of the Mahanta/Blue Light
      of the Mahanta" while, also, denoting a Blue Light or Blue
      Color to the Mental Plane while PT referred to the "Blue Light"
      as an Astral Ray color!

      And, the "RESA Star" looked like the "Mahanta Star" when
      it was first created circa 1985-87. BTW- It looks like Klemp
      "borrowed" this look from the six pointed Star of David!

      From PAGE 18 of Twitchell's "The Far Country:"

      [IMO- Rebazar Tarzs (RT) is Twitchell's alter ego]

      RT: "You pass through a fort like region which is the home
      of the ruler, Omkar, and halt, for Soul to become adorned
      with attributes of devotion and faith."

      "The Seeds of the traveler's Karma are Burned and Destroyed

      "The Color of this Region is that of a beautiful, Setting Sun."

      However, if you look at the God Worlds Chart on page 232
      of Klemp's EK Lexicon you will see that OMKAR is the ruler
      of the Mental Plane... where Rebazar states that the color
      of light is "that of a beautiful, Setting Sun" and, thus, NOT
      BLUE like Klemp has indicated! So, who's right... Klemp or
      Rebazar? And, is Omkar the ruler of the Mental or Causal
      Plane? Look at the Light!

      However, in all fairness to PT and HK, when one is creating
      another fictional religion it's hard to keep the myth/lies straight!

      In the Shariyat Books 1&2 on page 70 P.T. states:
      is the MANAS, or MENTAL SHARIR... It would appear to
      the eye as a BLUE GLOBE of LIGHT..."

      However, the "Manas" or "Mental Sharir" is supposed to
      be "a function of manifestation" or a "transformer" between
      the Mental and Causal. PT states this is "the other body
      enclosed within the Causal Body" when HK states it is
      part of the "Mental Body" in his EK Lexicon.

      Back to Rebazar's comments... RT is saying, basically,
      that the "Leap of Faith" occurs on the Mental Plane where
      Omkar is in charge (Not Klemp the Mahanta) and this is
      where all karmic "seeds" or effects "are burned or destroyed!"

      Apparently Klemp is taking credit for what others like
      Omkar do for Soul! Really, ECKists need to reread the
      ECKANKAR Dictionary and EK Lexicon, as well as, PT's
      "The Far Country!" Klemp is Not being very honest, at
      all, with ECKists! Check it out! The lies are there if one
      just looks!

      Prometheus (lila)

      prometheus wrote:
      > Twitchell borrowed (stole) from many sources to
      > create his scam. Blavatsky, Julian Johnson, etc., etc.
      > Here's a link that shows how PT could have stumbled
      > upon his "Blue Star" idea for his 1969 Mahanta creation
      > as he was doing research to introduce his new scam, and
      > shows other sources Twitchell likely used to create his
      > hodge-podge religion. The "Blue Star" predates PT's EK.
      > http://www.crystalinks.com/hopi2.html
      > Enjoy the read!
      > Prometheus
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