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Re: When your spouse is a new ager and you are not

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello, Well, there are a few things that I can suggest, although, I m not sure that your wife and her sisters are ready to see and hear the Truth. Perhaps you
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 27, 2008
      Well, there are a few things that I can suggest,
      although, I'm not sure that your wife and her
      sisters are ready to see and hear the Truth.

      Perhaps you could start by purchasing former
      RESA and ECK Spokesperson Ford Johnson's book
      "Confessions of a God Seeker." Read it yourself
      first and ask her if she's open to discuss questions
      you might have or what Ford has pointed out about
      Twitchell and ECKANKAR.

      Ask her to join HU-Chat. It's an ECK Members Only
      Site and a Yahoo Group.

      She'll see how these ECKists (many are H.I.s) treat
      one another... they're not very loving or respectful
      even with all of those initiations which are supposed
      to represent higher consciousness. Actually, their
      negative unloving behaviour is more proof that there
      is No inner communication with their Mahanta, and
      that the EK initiations are imaginary. Because, if HK
      did have knowledge of their negativity he would
      demote or censor them or take other action to end
      their Kal (Satan) like activities. Or, it could be that
      Klemp is an agent of the Kal and approves of their
      activities. In any case it proves that Klemp's Not what
      he claims to be (14th Plane Full Mahanta).

      The same goes for Klemp being unable to Heal his
      faithful H.I.s like Jesus Healed even strangers. Yet,
      Klemp talks about providing "healing" and "protection"
      for his loving and loyal chelas. But When does Klemp
      fulfill any promises in this Here and Now? It's obvious
      that it hasn't been with higher consciousness except
      with a "number" printed on an EK membership card.

      Why do 7th Initiates develop cancer and are Not being
      Healed by Klemp? One would think, from reading the
      ECK PR, that these long-time 40 years in ECK 7th Initiates
      are beyond Karmic effects! Why aren't they? What does
      Klemp do for the EK Higher Initiate that the mind's
      imagination can't? Nothing of course!

      Why do ECKists need to maintain the annual (outer) EK
      memberships, or lose both Outer and Inner Initiations?
      Why does one need to pay money for Inner Initiations?
      Initiations are in three stages with the third (confirmation)
      stage coming on the outer via a "pink slip." Yet, all are
      lost if the annual EK membership lapses (not renewed
      with coin).

      Anyway, read the archives here on this site and check
      out the LINKs page for more info too.

      I hope this may help. Be kind and gentle with your approach.
      Be tolerant, understanding and patient... until then... keep
      living It and showing her your love! No ECKist can do better!


      graham_cris wrote:
      > My wife is brainwashed. She (and her sisters) have been into eck for a
      > few decades. I am a Christian - and despite valid, rational, and
      > reliable proof of Christianity, and that eck is false - my wife will
      > not budge. The only thing I have left is to show her love by my example
      > as a Christian. But is there anything else that anyone might have as a
      > way to convice her that eckankar is bogus? Thank you.
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