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Rebazar Corrects Klemp's Message of Fear

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp spreads the negativity and fear of being a free thinking individual in the 12/2007 ECK Wisdom Notes: HK: The mind is the counterpoint of Soul. The mind
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2008
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      Klemp spreads the negativity and fear of being
      a free thinking individual in the 12/2007 ECK
      Wisdom Notes:

      HK: "The mind is the counterpoint of Soul. The mind
      does its level best to run the life of a chela. When
      it gets the upper hand, though, it brings fear into
      the once tranquil world of the individual. It destroys
      confidence in oneself. It upsets the cart of well-being.
      The mind does all it can to quench the light of Soul,
      but in that it must fail, because Soul is eternal."

      ME: Why does Klemp write and sell all of those
      2nd rate books for the chelas' minds to decipher,
      analyze, and second guess? Could it be for the money?!
      Klemp is the one tearing down the confidence of chelas
      via the written mental plane guidelines, procedures,
      rules, contradictions, trainings, vahana work, initiation
      stress, etc. If the mind is Not to be used then Klemp
      should tear up all of those EK Guidelines, the Style
      Sheet and the New Workbook for the Masters 4 Discourse,

      From 40 years ago the 1968 "The Key to ECKANKAR"
      Rebazar Tarzs:

      "We can say that the father is the intellect,
      and the mother is the heart. It is always necessary
      that the father and mother be together before the
      children of reality are born; therefore, thought and
      heart should be together at all times in this world."

      "Therefore, the mind, or what we might call the father,
      is that which does the analyzing of all things manifesting
      in this world. It can do all those material things which
      our laws of science know and understand."

      "The mother of all good things then must be nurtured
      along with the father. Therefore, the mother, or the heart,
      must understand with compassion, with tenderness, and
      with love, all of the wisdom which is uncovered by the senses."

      Anyway... so says RT or PT or whoever it was that wrote
      the original text.

      However, if ECKists actually believe in the existence of
      Rebazar and that he is a great ECK Master over 500 years
      old, a former Mahanta and the Torchbearer of ECKANKAR
      then isn't he contradicting Klemp's negative opinion of
      the mind.

      It seems that "consciousness" is a result of the mind
      (the father) and that "love" is a result of the heart
      (the mother) and the two unite to create (the child)

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