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HK: All love is Given or Experienced Via Him (HK)

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  • prometheus_973
    Of course, all of this love is for the price of the annually required EK membership card. In his EK Mystic World stories Klemp is attempting to tie up and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 23, 2008
      Of course, all of this "love" is for the price
      of the annually required EK membership card.

      In his EK Mystic World stories Klemp is
      attempting to tie up and bind ECKists and
      make them even more dependent upon
      him the (middleman) Mahanta. All of these
      stories selected for print have the same
      theme and purpose. The chela must use
      and look to Klemp, the ECK/Mahanta, for
      even the most mundane of purposes.

      When did guidance towards Spiritual Freedom
      lose out to instructions leading toward spiritual

      Klemp needs to maintain his hold on all ECKists,
      especially, the older long-timers. He needs to
      have his volunteer army to go out and recruit
      more people to pay that annual membership and
      to buy those books! Just look at all of the books,
      etc. that are publicized in the 12/2007 EK Mystic

      Here are the things HK is pushing and/or mentioning
      for both new and long-time ECKists to buy for their
      own use, as well as, to buy and distribute at their
      expense (he needs the cash flow):

      The Art of Spiritual Dreaming
      ECKANKAR--The Key to Secret Worlds
      HU CD
      Be the HU
      Workbook for Be the HU
      Handbook for ECK Leaders
      Membership Guidebook
      The Master Talks in the Year of Giving
      The ECKANKAR Lexicon
      The Little HU Song (EK Choir Book)
      Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc-Mark Twain
      Rumi's Poetry

      What's funny here is that ECKists will now feel
      compelled to buy this Mark Twain book... most
      already have Rumi's poetry... which is like reading
      the Psalms. Mentioning Rumi keeps Marman happy
      and that's good for Klemp!

      BTW here are the EK Book, etc. recommendations
      in the 12/2007 H.I. Letter:

      Workbook for The Master 4 Discourses
      Spiritual Wisdom on Health & Healing

      Odd! That a Workbook was made for this
      old M4 Discourse instead of a New Discourse
      being written?! It seems that Klemp believes
      in recycling!

      WHY was this put in the H.I. Letter Only and
      Not, also, in the 12/2007 The Mystic World?
      It's not a discourse for H.I.s Only! There are
      4th Initiates that even Teach this one in Satsang

      Klemp is really falling down on the job...
      and he can't get up! Actually, he should
      have stepped down for some new blood
      to take over in 1995! He's like an old Pope!

      And, I really doubt that HK has ANY Wisdom
      on Health & Healing since he can't even apply
      it to himself, let along, heal his own Chelas!
      It's all talk with no real substance... just like
      it is with other religions. And, any real "miracles"
      happen more often outside of Eckankar than
      they do inside of Eckankar. Just look for and
      read the stories!


      p.s. A RESA, many years ago, used to greet people,
      sometimes strangers, with a hug and would say,
      "I love you." Many people were taken aback and placed
      off-guard by this powerful statement. Afterall, it was
      being used without discrimination and actually as a
      "tool" for a black magician because one eventually
      learned there were strings attached to this love. And,
      she would usually say this to men while ignoring the
      women standing near by. Remember, too, Where Klemp
      made his plans, with his Black Magician mentor, to
      take over as LEM. It was in a Sound Proof Dark Room!
      [Soul Travelers of the Far Country, CH. 7, by H.K.]

      prometheus wrote:
      > Yes, it's True! EK Chelas must Serve in order to Receive
      > love. The Mahanta's Love is Conditional upon Serving him!
      > In the second and last part of Klemp's 12/2007 Mystic
      > World article (pg.2) Klemp talks about "Jodie's" short-
      > comings of "Fear," "Ego," "Weakness," "Need," Lack of
      > "Discipline," and of "Not Serving the Mahanta Fully."
      > Jodie's RESA gave her a daily programming affirmation:
      > "Mahanta, make me a greater vehicle to serve SUGMAD,
      > the ECK, and you." Jodie's RESA said, "she had felt the
      > same FEAR... of NOT SERVING the [Full] Mahanta MORE
      > FULLY." In ECKANKAR, "SERVING" is imagined as "being"
      > and "giving" love.
      > Jodie gets a ride to an EK Writers Group and shares
      > her problems (does some talk therapy) with a couple
      > of other EK Chelas. Interesting, that the "meeting" only
      > went "well."
      > Anyway, on the way home they all do some positive
      > reenforcement with one another by "sharing" and their
      > emotions are swelling and egos are feeling all puffed-up
      > about being good Eckists and making spiritual growth
      > via sacrifice of time and money (service). They are feeling
      > the "love."
      > [The EK yardstick of "spiritual growth" (the Mahanta's
      > love) are the EK "Settler" and "Explorer" Positions and
      > the EK Initiations!]
      > The result of all this is that Jodie, who seems somewhat
      > Lonely and Needy, got very emotional because two fellow
      > ECKists were kind to her! Jodie attributed this kindness
      > to the "Mahanta's love for her." It's interesting, isn't it?
      > Deluded people will "read" or "imagine" magical happenings
      > into normal everyday feelings and events for random acts of
      > kindness. Does one need to "serve" a Mahanta to have the
      > Love of the Creator of All That Is, or the love of other people?!
      > No! Of course Not... Divine Love is Unconditional! One doesn't
      > even need to be an ECKist to get or experience Divine Love!
      > HK: "Jodie's heart melted. She had received a gift as well."
      > But, this was a "GIFT" with Strings Attached! It was Not
      > a gift of Unconditional Love!
      > One thing that is interesting here is that Klemp is implying
      > that Feelings and Emotions are okay. "Jodie's Heart Melted"
      > and "she had received a gift..." . Where's that passive,
      > unfeeling, cold-heartedness, and detachment that ECKists
      > are known for? It seems many ECKists need to "change"
      > their "past" ways of behaviour (consciousness).
      > HK goes on to say this about Jodie's feelings and about her
      > "gift" (the "reassurance" of the Mahanta's love):
      > "It was the awareness to remind herself that no matter
      > how small the act of kindness to another may be, it can
      > have a profound effect."
      > "A Profound Effect!" That's a joke! Will that "effect" cause
      > Future Karma in another lifetime? Actually, it does sound
      > like Klemp is hinting that ECKists need to be, or to act nicer
      > to their fellow ECKists! Many chelas will have to act "as if"
      > they are being loving due to their passivity. What's that Bible
      > quote from Jesus? "What you do for the lesser of those you
      > do for me," or something like that? This is what Klemp is
      > basically implying. Jesus already taught this!
      > Klemp's not saying anything that hasn't been said before
      > by other Religious Leaders (preachers). He talks and talks
      > but doesn't deliver (except in the imaginations of his needy
      > believers)! What cancer or disease has he healed, and who
      > has he risen from the dead?! ECKists are on their own. This
      > is just another Feel Good Religion of dreams, visitations,
      > and other imaginings! All other Religions have the same!
      > Prometheus
      > p.s. Klemp also gives ECKists another hint, again.
      > "They needed to leave as soon as possible to be on
      > time for the meeting..." Apparently, the ESC and RESAs
      > are getting a lot of complaints for HK to mention this.
      > Maybe ECKists need to Wake-Up to the Reality of Life
      > and Timelines... it's also about Responsibility which HK
      > avoids. Is it any wonder, then, that ECKists are also
      > irresponsible... As Above So Below!
      > > prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > HK: "Past Lives" are "Hard-Wired into DNA
      > >
      > > > In Klemp's "Abbie's" story (12/2007 EK Mystic World,
      > > > pgs. 1-2) Guru Harry's new borrowed opinion is that
      > > > The Negative "Effects" (Karma) of "Past Lives" are "Hard-
      > > > Wired" into one's "Genetic Code" (DNA). It's interesting,
      > > > too, that Klemp never mentions the terms Negative or
      > > > Karma, or How this works and How it can be eradicated.
      > > > Klemp's story is that a long time ago in another past life
      > > > Abbie worked as an assistant to the village medical guru
      > > > (conman).
      > > >
      > > > Klemp's analysis is that Abbie was lazy, selfish,
      > > > and vain and states she was, therefore, under the
      > > > affects of the Mental Passions (The Passions of the Mind).
      > > > Anyway, Abbie took shortcuts when making up potions
      > > > for the local healer and these supposedly affected the
      > > > health of the villagers treated by the local "medical guru."
      > > > HK states these "effects" (karma) affect her now via "hard-
      > > > wiring" onto her DNA which causes her poor health today
      > > > even though she "imagined" these Mental Passions were
      > > > long gone. "Abbie" must be a H.I.!
      > > >
      > > > I wonder why the "medical guru" didn't check the potions?
      > > > This was just a small village. Doesn't the Guru have a
      > > > responsibility? Not in Klemp's world!
      > > >
      > > > It seems that the negative choices and attitudes of
      > > > people made and demonstrated in Past Lives from
      > > > even "a long time ago" CARRIED OVER to become the
      > > > Karmic "effects" which "are Hard-Wired into... Genetic
      > > > Code" (DNA) today!
      > > >
      > > > But, what about the Positive Mental Virtures? What
      > > > is the result of these "effects?" Consciousness? Klemp's
      > > > focus is on the the Negative it seems. If Klemp is the
      > > > HOLDING TANK FOR KARMA Why do ECK H.I.s get cancer?
      > > > Is finding Eckankar a positive? Why then the other negatives
      > > > of poor health. Why can't the Mahanta HEAL like Jesus?
      > > >
      > > > Also, ECKists can now see a Negative Impact from
      > > > using their "imagination." But, why have ECKists been
      > > > encouraged to use their "imaginations" without discrimination?
      > > > What about those "MENTAL PASSIONS that she (Abbie)
      > > > IMAGINED were long gone?"
      > > >
      > > > Klemp even mentions Rebazar in his "Abbie"
      > > > story. RT gives her some "insight" into a "past life"
      > > > so that she can address her "old shortcomings" and
      > > > "remodel herself" with the aid of "health practitioners."
      > > > Nice, as to how Klemp threw Rebazar in for good measure.
      > > > BTW- "Abbie" came up with this insight: "Soul can Turn
      > > > Over a New Leaf, even IF The Body is Permanently Wired."
      > > > This "Turning Over a New LEAF" sounds familiar and is
      > > > something a H.I. would say. Actually, this old saying
      > > > has been revised to become a Vahana SLOGAN! WHY
      > > > does any Soul need a Mahanta when it can come up
      > > > with It's own new and current insights. And, after all,
      > > > RT is imaginary!
      > > >
      > > > Klemp then does a hard-sell about Vahana Teams,
      > > > speaking at the EWS, and SERVING out of love, and
      > > > Not Selfishness... "And so she is helping herself too."
      > > >
      > > > Klemp should know about the negative "effects"
      > > > of selfishness. He just needs to look into a mirror!
      > > > Except, HK can't recognize his own true image! Perhaps,
      > > > it would be too much reality for him and an "unnerving
      > > > insight" for this unbalanced narcissist!
      > > >
      > > > Okay, let's get back to this HARD-WIRED DNA
      > > > thing with the Negative Effects of Bad Choices
      > > > from Past Lives of Long Ago.
      > > >
      > > > I guess that Klemp had to come up with something
      > > > to explain away the fact that ECKists have the same
      > > > ills as everyone else, but Why do they? Don't ECKists
      > > > have the "protection" and "healing" powers of their LEM/
      > > > Mahanta to rely upon?! How does the DNA thing work
      > > > with Selfishness, or when one was a different race
      > > > when the Karma (that "effected" DNA) occurred?
      > > >
      > > > And, isn't it these DNA "effects" that prevents us from
      > > > living Forever... like with Rebazar! Klemp can't even
      > > > HEAL HIMSELF!
      > > >
      > > > Also, just look at every Past Life. Isn't that a lot of
      > > > Negative Encoding onto DNA. Where does Soul fit into
      > > > this equation? How is it that Soul, also, takes on the
      > > > physical, emotional, and mental characteristics and
      > > > inherited diseases (karma) of family members? Isn't Soul
      > > > an Individual Spark? Klemp is saying this "nature" (DNA)
      > > > is a Hard-Wired result of "nurture" (effect) that is
      > > > accumulated in Past Lives and derived via negative
      > > > choices or attitudes, but does Not look at a family's DNA.
      > > >
      > > > And, how can the kind of "health practitioner" that Klemp
      > > > suggests using ever cure a person of cancer, diabetes, or
      > > > of Bi-Polar disorder? HK tried to get his (late) older brother
      > > > to go to Mexico for Latril treatments for his cancer back in
      > > > the early 1980s. And, Klemp wouldn't even accept the help
      > > > from the psychiatrist at the Mental Institution he was sent to
      > > > in 1970. Instead, he claims to have "played the game" to be
      > > > released.
      > > >
      > > > So, are Klemp's Shortcomings from a Past Life or from this
      > > > one? Maybe it's a combination with some Family Karma thrown
      > > > in for good measure!
      > > >
      > > > BTW- Here are some Internet Sites where I found info on
      > > > Karma & DNA. It looks like Klemp has been doing some
      > > > Internet surfing too!
      > > >
      > > http://www.kryon.com/k_chanelbreck.html
      > > Could this Kryon guy be PT? He signs off "And so it is."
      > > >
      > > http://www.pureinsight.org/pi/index.php?news=158
      > > This is what ECKists need: Pure Insight and Spiritual Freedom!
      > > >
      > > http://www.crystalinks.com/wheelofkarma.html
      > > Once again, why doesn't Klemp mention Karma instead
      > > of "effects?"
      > >
      > > http://www.cyprusspirit.com/ezine_2_akarma.html
      > > >
      > > > Maybe HK could contact the "Eradicator" in Toronto
      > > > to help him with his EMF problem & for Geopathic Stress
      > > > Relief & DNA Testing.
      > > >
      > > http://www.dnaperfection.com/karmaremoval.html
      > > Here's one that can Remove Your Karmic "Hardwired"
      > > (DNA) Contract for only $100! What does Klemp offer?
      > > I guess it doesn't work too well for the Mahanta's H.I.s!
      > http://www.alignandheal.com/dna_activations.html
      > This one costs $111 for DNA Activation!
      > > >
      > > http://www.energymedicinedna.com/dna_activation.htm
      > > Wow! This one has "DNA Activation" for only $25! And,
      > > it works over the phone! How does Eckankar's work?
      > > >
      > > http://www.selftransform.net/DNA.htm
      > > This site gives info on DNA/Chakra (Third Eye)
      > > Activation to prepare for the "2012-2017 Ascension Wave!"
      > > >
      > > > Basically, Klemp sounds like every other New Age Guru!
      > > > This is, also, Why his teachings sound so familiar and
      > > > Why EK fits in so well at Psychic Fairs, Body, Mind, and
      > > > Spirit Expos, Whole Life Expos, etc.
      > > >
      > > > Just Pay the Conmen the Money and they will sell you
      > > > via your "imagination" what you desire... just like Klemp!
      > > >
      > > > Prometheus
      > >
      > > p.s. WHY doesn't Klemp, as the LEM/Mahanta, offer DNA
      > > Activation for his Chelas in order to REMOVE HARD-WIRED
      > > KARMA?!
      > >
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