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"Mahanta" and other PT/HK nonsense:

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Etznab and All, It s obvious that the original Letters to Gail was edited and Mahanta was inserted in later editions. This is also the case with the
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      Hi Etznab and All,
      It's obvious that the original Letters to Gail
      was edited and "Mahanta" was inserted in
      later editions. This is also the case with the

      Therefore, nothing written by Twitchell
      prior to January 1, 1969 will have "Mahanta"
      mentioned... unless it was edited in a later

      In the 1968 booklet "The Key to ECKANKAR"
      Twitchell hadn't yet created the "Vairagi Adepts"
      or the "Mahanta!" These terms are never mentioned.

      On page 10 of that same 1968 booklet Twitchell's
      alter ego, Rebazar, states to himself, "Because you
      are an agent of God, a Master in the ECKANKAR Spiritual
      Order..." Notice, that "The Ancient Order of Vairagi
      Adepts" had not been created as yet. The Eckankar
      scam was for years, and is still, a work in progress.
      Klemp just inherited the scam from Gross who inherited
      it from Gail/Paul.

      Really, WHY wouldn't this "Vairagi Order" or the "Mahanta"
      and the "Mahanta Consciousness" have been mentioned
      to Paul, by 1968, if Rebazar, Yabul, Lao Tze, and the other
      EK Masters were real?! Paul just made it all up while updating
      and editing it as he went along.

      Liars always trip over the truth because they can't remember
      all of those lies. That's, also, why liars like to use half-truths
      to make it all seem more believable. And, it's easier to talk
      one's way out of or around a half-truth.

      The Mahanta, afterall, is the master of all masters, and of
      all paradoxes. HK uses the title as a Catch-22 ploy. Both
      PT and HK created a good scam because how can anyone
      "Know" what the Mahanta "Knows!"

      Other than SUGMAD (and the ECK) Twit made himself (as
      the Mahanta) a really high Top Dog! Well, why go half way!
      This way he's higher up than the Pope, Jesus, Mohammed,
      Allah, etc. and higher than his Master Kirpal Singh.

      Klemp continues and reenforces the lies. Twit, actually,
      never planned upon dying so soon. Eckankar was not really
      intended to last more than 20 years. It was supposed to be
      Paul's retirement plan! That's why there was no replacement,
      chosen by Paul, (the LEM) waiting in the wings. And since
      Paul was Dead and Not the "Living" ECK Master it should
      have been Rebazar that chose Paul's successor, except,
      RT (PT) too was dead!

      What's really interesting from looking, again, at these old
      out-of-print books of Twitchell's is that I can see where
      Klemp gets some of his information and ideas for books
      and talks. I'll bet HK's paraphrased and copied much of it
      over the years and, of course, never gave credit to Paul.

      What goes around comes around! Besides, Gail did sell
      it all to ECKANKAR so Klemp has access to it all! I can
      understand WHY Klemp doesn't want to make this material
      accessible to ECKists today. Paul stole, plagiarized,
      paraphrased (borrowed & compiled) via his research
      some really good stuff that gets you to think about the
      spiritual. It, of course, has much more depth than
      anything Klemp has ever written. Klemp's no Julian P.
      Johnson, Rumi or Mark Twain... not even close! WHY?


      etznab wrote:
      > Prometheus,
      > What is your take (or, anybody else) about the word MAHANTA
      > appearing on page 10 of Letters to Gail Vol. One, 5th printing 1983?
      > The date of that letter is December 6th, 1962. It was the first letter
      > to Gail (far as I can tell).
      > If the term did not appear until 1969, or thereabouts, then what do
      > you make of it appearing in a letter dated December 6, 1962?
      > Was it inserted after the fact? Along with the name Rebazar Tarzs?
      > What do you think, or what do you know about this? Have you seen
      > an earlier version of Letters to Gail where MAHANTA & Rebazar Tarzs
      > do NOT appear in that first letter? Has anybody else? (I didn't come in
      > to Eckankar until about 1987 and I haven't any early versions of those
      > books.)
      > I've seen a version of this letter (on the net) where the name Rebazar
      > Tarzs did not appear in that first letter. Also, I've seen it mentioned that
      > the name Kirpal Singh was replaced with Sudar Singh in some of the
      > letters to Gail.
      > The version I have says it was "Compiled by Gail A. Twitchell". And
      > her signature appears on another page (before the Forward page by
      > Paul) with a date of February 17, 1973.
      > Anybody can go to
      > http://www.littleknownpubs.com/Dialog_Ch_Five.htm
      > and do a page search for "Letters to Gail" to learn that revisions
      > (apparently) were made to the Letters to Gail books.
      > Etznab
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