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Re: Is the EK Missionary Circus worth the effort?! :-)

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  • prometheus_973
    I just wanted to add a few more comments. It s not easy for the Klempster to have his rules of behaviour followed since ECKists are supposed to be both free
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 15, 2008
      I just wanted to add a few more comments.
      It's not easy for the Klempster to have his rules
      of behaviour followed since ECKists are "supposed"
      to be both free thinking individuals and Soul.

      How then does Klemp get Chelas to worship
      and follow "him" without question? Or, does HK
      get obedience Via the Fear of Questioning him or
      his Guidelines, Teachings, Reasons & Methods?
      Why are some things done or seen as they are,
      (over Soul's Insights) and Why can't an ECK Leader
      be truthful... the Law of Silence?

      After all, in Satsang, ECKists are allowed to have or
      share different, but Valid experiences and views.
      However, these views and insights Do Not always fit-in,
      or comply, in context to EK dogma, outside of Satsang!
      The real world of the Eckankar Org., on this Physical
      Plane, has its limitations with thoughts, words, actions,
      matter, and time (the Past and Future). This "time" factor
      (and its relevance to higher consciousness) is a Hinderance
      with the Lower Planes ECK Religion and with the "spiritual"
      publications of Eckankar's!

      Chelas' CURRENT Spiritual Insights (regardless of
      content) should be more relevant to higher consciousness
      (for them) than Lower Mental Plane: Guidelines; Zoas;
      Past Seminar Talks; Books and Articles; Past Discourses!

      Only those stories from chelas having Generic experiences
      and insights within the Limited EK Context (and weighing
      their "suck-up status" within the org) are approved and
      printed by Klemp.

      HK often reenforces and reminds ECKists of the
      EK Spiritual Hierarchy (SUGMAD, ECK, Mahanta, ECK
      Masters, RESAs, etc.) AND that HK is even the Same
      As or One with the "ECK," as well as, being the Mahanta!

      Yet, Klemp will often gloss over details and leave out
      specifics in his stories and articles. This, of course, leads
      to a lot of Assumptions and Second Guessing being made...
      which leads to more Confusion. And, this, also, leads to a
      lot of "busy work" being done via Trainings and/or Meetings
      to clean up the mess (confusion) Harry's made!

      But, this is good! It distracts ECKists and sorts out those
      who want to become EK Leaders! However, it also discourages
      people and has EK chelas doing their own "thing" outside
      of the RESA Hierarchy and Guidelines! But, this can be good
      in that chelas will spend more of their own money to take
      out Newspaper Ads and to rent those ECK Booths at the
      Psychic Fairs, etc. instead of relying on Satsang Society
      Funding. But, this can be bad because "qualified" chelas
      might be hard to find to work the Booth! Chelas should
      have updated and current Arahata/Vahana Training, unless,
      the RESA is passive or disorganized and has a loosely run
      Satsang Society. This is usually the case, unless, the RESA
      is very "hands on" and is highly organized, and has the time
      to dedicate. Even then, everything will eventually get screwed-
      up in one way or another. Another proof.. that Klemp isn't what
      he claims to be! There is neither outer or inner communication
      or higher consciousness involved. Eckankar is a disorganized
      mess and always has been!

      BTW- Isn't it a strange phenomena that many ECKists are
      LATE for EK trainings, Satsangs, intros, book discussions,
      the EWS, etc., etc.? It's Especially strange when H.I.s are
      usually listening to ECK Music, or to HK's talks, the HU-CD,
      or are HUing themselves while driving to these events!
      Why are ECKists STILL, and so often late?! Where's that
      "higher" Mahanta Connection? This is just more proof
      that it's Not there! It's imaginary! A delusion! ECKists
      Need to Wake Up and Smell the Green Tea!

      p.s. I was thinking of another strange phenomena with
      ECKists. Aren't these seekers usually non-conformists?!
      Sure, I still am! Why then is a chela (SOUL) beaten down
      and placed in fear and forced to CONFORM with the Rules
      and Religious Dogma presented by an imaginary "spiritual"
      hierarchy? What ever happened to Spiritual Freedom? It's
      all talk and promises as one is brainwashed to value
      "initiations" over Truth!

      prometheus wrote:
      > Hi Liz, Ingrid, and All,
      > These HU-Chat ECKists are talking about having a
      > Vahana (missionary) booth at the MN. State Fair this
      > Summer and of the Missionary benefit of having the
      > Republican National Convention in the Minneapolis area.
      > However, Eckankar fits in better at Psychic "Wholistic" Fairs
      > and with that sort of mindset with individuals.
      > Still, the money spent on the EK booth and for the free
      > EK materials (books, booklets, posters, etc.) and the problem
      > with scheduling people for the booth (along with set-up
      > and tear-down) really isn't worth the effort. When one looks
      > at the numbers of new members brought in as a direct
      > result of the EK booth it's not worth the cost!
      > After all, ECKists have to realize that the Local Money used
      > for these Vahana efforts isn't really theirs... it belongs to the
      > Satsang Society and that money belongs to ECKANKAR.
      > This is Why most State Satsang Societies will "donate"
      > "excess" money (thousands of ($) dollars) back to the ESC
      > instead of having a Regional Seminar etc. The results aren't
      > worth it! This is, also, one reason Why Eckankar stopped traveling
      > to other cities to have Major EK Seminars. Klemp wanted
      > to create a bigger Circus Tent Show without the travel.
      > This way ECKists can come to him and he doesn't have to
      > show up or prepare (make the effort) as he once did.
      > HK's like the Pope! And, he's there for life!
      > Prometheus
      > Elizabeth wrote:
      > "with love in eck"
      > LOL what a crock..... The eck circus will invade
      > the political party, calling it vahana work for the jester.....
      > I mean klempster.
      > -------Original Message-------
      > From: ctecvie
      > Subject: Real nice vahana work! :-)
      > Hello all,
      > I found this on huchat (you have to read from
      > the bottom up to get the order right). They really
      > are into vahana work now, aren't they! I think they
      > need members badly!! :-) And how arrogant they are!
      > Ingrid
      > ********************************
      > Yes we go and give them a little wisdom. May be
      > they will save Themselves. Do we have a stand on
      > the State Fair.
      > With love in ECK
      > <name 4 removed>
      > HU-Chat@yahoogroups .com
      > Re: [HU-Chat] Political invasion
      > What are you saying <name 4 removed> ?
      > You think we might get them saved?
      > ----- Original Message ----
      > From: <name 4 removed>
      > To: HU-Chat@yahoogroups .com
      > Subject: RE: [HU-Chat] Political invasion
      > Wonderful Vahana opportunities.
      > With love in ECK
      > <name 4 removed>
      > HU-Chat@yahoogroups .com
      > [HU-Chat] Political invasion
      > I was just thinking about the "invasion"
      > we are going to have late this summer.
      > Besides the MN State Fair happening at
      > that time (and causing no end of traffic
      > problems, because the area I work in is
      > essentially walking distance to the fair),
      > St. Paul, MN, is going to be hosting the
      > Republican National Convention.
      > Can't remember where the Democrats are
      > going to meet, but that town will be invaded,
      > too... After Labor Day, the silence will be
      > so loud we will have to cover our ears. LOL
      > Love, <name 3 removed>
      > --- In HU-Chat@yahoogroups .
      > <name 2 removed>wrote:
      > I just checked and then double checked.
      > The professional, non-lay persons terminology
      > would be "circus" as in the circus has come to
      > town...<laughing>
      > --- In HU-Chat@yahoogroups .com
      > <name1 removed> wrote:
      > Know what <name removed>... Charleston SC
      > (where I live) is invaded today but I stayed at home.
      > O.K., what would a new word be for political invasion?
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